Congress Raises Debt Ceiling…AGAIN…now up to $16.4 TRILLION…Three Minute Video Explains Our Nightmare, it’s a MUST SEE!

Two days ago, so quietly that you may not have heard about it, our criminal representatives in Congress, with Obama’s blessing, raised the debt limit again, to $16.4 Trillion dollars.

Remember last year when the government almost shutdown because of the battle over raising the debt ceiling? Remember the PROMISE made to us to cut over $2 Trillion in Government spending IN EXCHANGE for raising the debt ceiling? That was the deal, right? That was the compromise! That was the promise made to us!

LIES! ALL LIES! NONE of it happened!

No cuts came. No compromise happened. And now stabbing us in the back again, a quiet lifting of the debt ceiling to more than $16 Trillion two days ago. Where are the cuts? Where was the compromise? Where is the anger from Americans?

Thanks to Mr. Kent for sending me this video that should both shock and sadden you. The dollar amounts used in the video are in proportion to our actual national debt, spending and cuts, so the pain you should feel watching this video, is our reality, just with larger numbers.

This video explains how bad the deficit problem is, using shots of whiskey to explain it.

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