WIC Recipients Pull Up to WIC Office in Mercedes, Lexus and Hummer…then Leave with Your Money.

All Government Social Programs are corrupt. They are all fraudulently abused to the tune of billions of your dollars. Politicians continue to expand them because you agree to continue to pay for them and it gets them votes from the people they give your money to.

In the following video, watch how you don’t need an ID or Social Security number to apply for WIC, there is no background check, that it doesn’t matter that you pull into the WIC parking lot in a Hummer wearing a Coach bag or that you can walk down the street and sell your WIC vouchers for cash.

WIC is simply, free money. Your money.

Government is corrupt. People are corrupt. Social welfare programs are corrupt. The leaches of the world are living off of you and your family and your future and they will continue to do so for as long as you continue to allow it to happen.

That is the Greek Tragedy in all of this…WE are the problem because we are ignorant of it, and we allow it to continue…all so the politicians can get votes from all the people they give OUR money to.

We are all just stupid suckers.

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