Anti-Government Facebook Post Leads to Arrest & Detention – Guilty Until Proven Innocent, the New American Way

Brandon J. Raub, a former marine, posted several anti-Government comments on his Facebook page and was summarily rounded up by police and the FBI and detained in a mental hospital.

Critics complain he was arrested without a warrant but the Feds deny this claim because he, “has not committed any crime.”

Do you understand what I just said? You can be detained, apparently for a month or more according to what is happening to Brandon, without committing an actual crime and without a warrant and without any criminal charges. You can be detained just because the Government says you can be detained. Got that Comrades?

All you have to do is say something against the Government, all you have to do is exercise your rights to free speech, and you will be whisked away in a police cruiser and required to undergo mental evaluation for at least a month before you are released…maybe.

No warrant.

No charges.

No crime.

No arrest.

If this doesn’t scare the shit out of you, I don’t know what will.

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  1. scares the shit out of me

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