Amazing Video Shows Obama & Romney Are EXACTLY The Same On Every Important Issue – Watch & Learn For Yourself!

Listen carefully and you can hear a low chant rise slowly across the nation as socialists, liberals, collectivists, cronycapitalists and union members come together in unison to bring you the following message…

  • WE select, you elect
  • WE select, you elect
  • WE select, you elect

And who are you? You’re just a rat in a cage.

Check out the video below and be educated on how Obama & Romney have taken the exact same positions, in their own words, on all the major issues. The only difference is that one loves Big Labor, the other loves Big Business, but both love BIG GOVERNMENT!

The coming election is between a great orator and a great debater, nothing more.

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  1. The time has come to support Candidate John Pistone for U.S.Congress. The only pro-life Candidate in the race for the 5th District of Connecticut.

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