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The Federal Government Handbook – How to Destroy The United States of America

What is the true nature of Government? Government is…Platonian, subversive, insidious, tenacious, violent, deceitful, suspicious, coercive, expansive, abusive, methodical, omnipotent, omnipresent, an agitator and most importantly, predictable. Predictable. Predictable. The purpose of Government is predictable…it is to create more Government…. Read More ›

Obama’s Big Government Crushes Green Business Owners Out of Existence – Poster Boy for Obama’s 2008 Campaign in Ashes Due to Obama’s New Law

As Obama continues to create and expand Big Government through increasing regulatory oversight, bureaucratic management of the market place and increasing compliance enforcement, the pulse of America’s economy slowly gets weaker and weaker… As just one of a thousand examples… Read More ›

Alexis de Tocqueville explained 150 years ago how Big Government simply “gets in the way” reducing us to “timid and industrious animals” where everyone is responsible for everyone else, and individual freedom disappears.

I started reading a new book a few days ago and I came across this passage quoted from Alexis de Tocqueville. The relevance of this 150 year old passage to our current economic and political condition is frightening. Tocqueville describes… Read More ›

New California Law Regulates Babysitting – Requires you provide mandatory rest and meal breaks & Workers’ Compensation – Lawsuit for Non-Compliance – Welcome to BIG GOVERNMENT – You voted for it, now you get to live with it.

Do you see the quote by Thomas Jefferson at the top of my website under the blog name? The one that says, “by slow operations…perverts into tyranny.” Remember that. Since MOST of what I write about are those “slow operations”… Read More ›

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