Female Bartender Attacks A 250 Pound Man

Please view the video and then read the following post.

Warning: The video may be uncomfortable for some viewers.

To be honest, I don’t know what is more disturbing…the beating, or the other men standing around doing nothing.

So you’ve just seen a 5-foot-3, 115-pound, very sober female bartender savagely attack a very drunk, 6-foot-1 man of 250-pounds.  Or did you? According to the “victim” Anthony Abbate, that’s what you just saw.

In his own words…

“She grabbed me and threw me against the wall,” the 250-pound Abbate said of the 115-pound bartender.  According to Abbate, he only fought back to, “get her off of me.” He also complained that, “he hit his head” and said that in the video, he was simply “trying to get away from her.”

What video was he watching?

This incident occurred in Chicago, on February 19, 2007. His sentence was handed down on June 24, 2009. The judge showed no mercy. Anthony was ordered to attend some anger management classes and two years of probation.

No jail time. Not a single day.

If I had beat the stuffing out of a female bartender I would have been sent to the deepest, darkest hole they could find to put me in. And rightly so. This was an unprovoked attack by a drunk man on a girl half his size.

So how did he not serve a single day in jail?

He’s a cop.

The code of silence among the “brotherhood” is a problem for the rest of us. This subgroup of the new government employee elite class comes with guns.

After the beating, a “brother” was suspected of bribing and threatening the bartender to not report the incident to the police. When Anthony went to court, the “brothers” blocked and threatened reporters and cameramen, ticketed cars and hastily swept Anthony out a back door.

The cops who reported to the scene were uninterested in the incident, as reported here by the blog site Blue Must Be True.

I understand most police officers are not like Anthony Abbate. He is a representative minority. I also believe many police officers believe they would do the right thing, whether it was ticketing a fellow off-duty officer for a DUI or not agreeing to sandbag an investigation into a fellow member of the force.

My fear comes from the peer pressure that waits in the wings, to be applied in full measure then the time comes and the rubber meets the road.  How many officers, under this strain from peer pressure, could stand up to it? I believe that number of officers is much smaller than we would like to think.

If police are willing to hinder an investigation into a brutal beating even when it’s caught on tape, you can imagine how easy it is for them to cover up other above-the-law cop crimes like officers driving drunk, speeding, reckless driving, battering a suspect, coercion, illegal searches, etc…

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