Penn State Students Riot in Support of Child Molestation – Finally! Now I understand the OWS Movement.

We are the 99%! We are the 99%! We are...

In an earlier post I explained what created the OWS movement, a combination of fear, ignorance and lost opportunity. Apparently that is all it takes to start lighting cars on fire and blaming all your problems on someone else, like the rich, especially when you are young and think you have it all figured out. Since this is how the children of America react to tough times, we shouldn’t be surprised when the great youth of this great nation start flipping cars over to protect a child molester.

The collective world looks on in horror as our children defend child molestation if it means better football games.

This morning on SkyGrid I was bombarded with a raft of articles about thousands of Penn State students rioting in the streets to protest the termination of their football coach Joe Paterno, who admitted that he did nothing to stop it, when he was made aware of former Penn State Assistance Coach Jerry Sandusky being inappropriate with a young boy in the showers. This happened years ago and now there are several people coming forward with similar charges against Sandusky.

And what does our proud upstanding youth of America do? Riot against police and turn cars over to protect the man who could have stopped a child molester because he was a good football coach.

Need we ever ask again why the OWS is as ignorant as it is and acts the way it does?

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