Jimmy Fallon mocks Obamacare enrollment, “It’s amazing what you can achieve when you make something mandatory…”

Pointing out the obvious, which is something that must be done in order for most Americans to spend any time actually thinking about anything, Jimmy Fallon reminds Americans that when the Government makes something mandatory, with fines or jail as a punishment for noncompliance…whudayaknow, people do it.

To watch Obama take a victory lap on TV and smile for the cameras because a few million people that felt the cold steel of the gun muzzle he pressed against their temple had decided to do what they were told to do or face the consequences is beyond sick.

Why doesn’t he take credit for the 50% of Americans who “voluntarily” pay “their fair share” in Federal income taxes, as if come January 1st every year, millions of Americans are tripping all over themselves to send in thousands of their hard earned dollars to the Federal Government? People pay taxes out of fear. Period. Fear of an audit, fear of Government attention, fear of fines, fear of bankruptcy, fear of being put in jail. Any program that people wanted would never have to be mandatory. If a program was a good program, people would support it without having a gun pointed at them. That is why, and the only reason why, when the Government wants to do something, it has to bring a gun to the table, because it knows you won’t do what it wants otherwise.

When will Americans wake up and realize they live in a country governed by individuals who have no problem passing laws with a smile, and telling you how great the law will be, all the while pointing a gun at your head to make sure you love the law too?

Clicking image below will take you to the Jimmy Fallon video.

Click on image to watch video

Click on image to watch video

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