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Posts regarding the current housing market, how the bubble formed, how it burst and where it’s going from here.

Safe Mortgages Collapsing

After reading this L.A. times article from Saturday, I have to ask myself, why is the government surprised that conforming loans, the “safe bet investment” 30 year fixed rate loans that have been the bread and butter of mortgage loans for generations,… Read More ›

Where’s my foreclosure notice?

People all over America are reporting that they’ve stopped paying their mortgage…and it’s been months…and they haven’t heard anything from the bank. The banks are letting them live in their homes, mortgage free, for months…years. “Eight months after my last… Read More ›

Our Sub-Prime Government

The only thing missing from this cartoon is you, the taxpayer, driving the truck. Tax credits for home purchases are just re-distributions of wealth taken from all of us and given to first-time home buyers.  Unfortunately for the rest of… Read More ›

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