A Message From The Children: Enough Already!

When I was a child, politicians often said that this or that was “for the children.”  Taxes are being raised to add firefighters or police “for the children.”  Teachers unions get better health care, secure higher salaries, increase early retirement benefits, all in the name of “the children.”  Some new environmental regulations or monopoly busting was being done, “for the children.”  Rent control, invasion of privacy and wars have been started to protect the future of “the children.”  We need to change the paint color on the manhole covers from black to blue.  For who?  For the children, of course!  Rules, regulations, mandates, pork barrel projects and surcharges are done for “the children.”  I was the children then.

I’m not a child anymore but I still hear politicians foist more taxes upon us, more invasions of or privacy, more controls over our lives and it’s still sold as something crucial “for the children.”  Well, from someone who was “the children” and isn’t anymore, I can say with a clear conscience: STOP! Enough already!

I spend my life now working to pay the debts government assumed for my sake decades ago and I really wish they hadn’t tried to help me so much.  I wish I could go back and remove my binky and say, “Sir…thank you but no thanks.  Please don’t do me any more favors.  With friends like you I don’t need enemies.”

So I am speaking for the current children of this nation when I say, “Do not do it for us.  Do it for some other reason, a logical  one if you think you can come up with one.  Don’t help us by adding trillions in debt we’ll just have to pay off in the future by working harder and being taxed more.  We appreciate your kind thoughts, and that is truly noble of you, however we can see how your “help” in the past has destroyed the last few generations in an effort to secure your Utopian world.  We’d just like to say that we’re over it, and we’ll take a pass. Thanks.”

You know what to do now, “Do it for the adults.”

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