The Federal Government Handbook – How to Destroy The United States of America

i-believe-that-all-government-is-evilWhat is the true nature of Government?

Government is…Platonian, subversive, insidious, tenacious, violent, deceitful, suspicious, coercive, expansive, abusive, methodical, omnipotent, omnipresent, an agitator and most importantly, predictable. Predictable. Predictable.

The purpose of Government is predictable…it is to create more Government. No action is taken, no goal is pursued, no position is stated, no claims are made, that do not work towards this objective.

The following memo is an instruction manual that I have written as the ‘secret’ Government handbook that politicians and activist judges can use when creating or considering any given piece of legislation or responding to proletariat pleas to hurry up and, “do something!” regarding whatever national crisis of the minute is trending on Google, whatever’s bothering Ben Affleck or Anna Wintour, or whichever fashionable cause celebre or narcissistic herd mentality is circulating on Facebook.

What is shocking, is that this handbook highlights all of the actions our Government has already taken. I am not suggesting anything that they have not already done, or continue to do.

What I have written is not based on anything new either. It is an instruction manual that goes back thousands of years. While the execution of this manual may have changed as times and technology have changed, the concepts have remained the same. The power within this post is by simply applying this instruction manual to everything the Government does and says. From “Obamacare,” government attacks on voucher programs, Treyvon Martin being Obama’s son, trisodium phosphate, the “Prizm” program, CFL’s, etc… are all the means to an end as outlined in this instruction manual. There is nothing that anyone in our Government has said or done for decades now, that does not fall under one of the objectives or tools listed below. So when you hear the Government or The President say or do something, you can be sure that it falls into one of the categories in this instruction manual…as a means…to an end…on how to destroy America and rebuild it with a new vision, their vision, of how this country should be.

You won’t like it when you see it, and it’s already here.

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Memo Dated: August 31, 2013

To: President Barack Obama, Honorable Members of Congress, The Supreme Court & all Federal Agencies, Departments and Personnel

From: The Angrywoodchuck (you already know who I am)

Re: The deconstruction, devolution and re-birth of the United States of America

There are three truisms that must be accepted:

  1. The antithesis of wealth and power consolidation is freedom and individualism.
  2. Government has no wealth, unless it takes it from The People.
  3. Government has no power, unless The People grant it power.

Therefore, in order to increase your wealth and consolidate power, then freedom and individualism must be destroyed, which takes money and power, which must be taken, and granted, respectively, from and by The People.

The objectives I present here in this memo, when implemented using the tools I recommend, will allow the destruction of freedom and individualism by taking wealth from The People and convincing them to grant you the power to do so. When the implementation is complete, every American will be no more than a tooth on one of the many gears that fuel the expansion of the American Government.

To correctly use this handbook, simply consider any existing law or pending legislation and ask yourself if it achieves any of the goals in the bullet list below. Avoid legislation that does not further these goals unless the legislation is laying a foundation for future deconstructive laws. At no time is legislation to be passed that would work in opposition of deconstruction. It is acceptable to publicly claim support for such laws in order to have the appearance of believing in less Government if this is necessary to remain elected, but it is unacceptable to support these laws unless an exchange is made, in private, based on alternate legislation that, on net, increases the size of Government.

Unfortunately, your task is made more difficult by the current Republic. As you yourself Mr. Obama have stated, “Our Founders designed a system that makes it more difficult to bring about change than I would like sometimes.” Machiavelli agrees with you, and made his agreement quite clear in his book, The Prince, where he states that a Republic is the one form of Government, among all the possible forms, that requires its complete destruction prior to its rebirth because once a People have tasted freedom, they will defend it with their lives. This whimsical notion of freedom and constitutional limitations on Government put in place by the Founders must be put down and the Republic destroyed before we can proceed.

Mr. President, Congressmen and Gentlemen, for the sake of the rebirth of America where fairness and equality are paramount and superior to freedom and individualism, you must, at all costs, establish or ensure the continuation of the following objectives (as you know, all of these are already being done):

  • Maintain a perpetual state of war to saturate the population with fear and weariness (Since 1991 – 22 years of constant warfare).
  • Destroy State Sovereignty (17th Amendment).
  • Exploit, ‘Government by Division,’ by fanning the flames of racism (Obama said Trayvon could have been his son, but no mention of Christopher Lane or if HIS shooters could be Obama’s son).
  • Exploit, ‘Classism,’ by pitting the ‘haves’ against the ‘have-nots and the ‘wanna-haves’ (The 99%).
  • Manipulate the ‘official’ statistical economic numbers so they are always in Government’s favor (The CPI, the GDP, the U3 – all manipulated lies).
  • Collect as much private and personal information as possible on every citizen (Prizm, Drones, NSA Wiretaps, NDAA, The Patriot Act…on and on and on).
  • Enlarge the aristocracy with loyal, well-paid, well-benefited Government employees.
  • Establish a bloated and entitled underclass of social welfare recipients.
  • Disarm any opposition.
  • Panem et circenses. Occasionally provide The Mob with one-time tax reimbursement checks, tax credits or waivers. Legalize gambling (Lotto). Limit controls and enforcement against alcohol and drugs (but appear to take a hardline position against them).
  • Liberalize The Supreme Court by appointing activist judges that will not test the constitutionality of a law, but rather rule in favor of socialist policies ignoring constitutionality.
  • Exponentially expand regulations and oversight to the point that every company is afoul of the law in one way or another.
  • Establish and maintain a complex myriad of tax laws, credits and deductions so that every American, unknowingly or not, is afoul of the tax code in one way or another.
  • Legally establish innocuous, innocent Government agencies and departments, but grant them unlimited power.
  • Circumvent constitutional approval by The People for key Government positions that influence the laws The People are accountable to by appointing ‘Czars.’
  • Leverage popular causes like the environment, poverty and homelessness to expand the reach, scope and control authority of regulatory agencies.
  • Leverage problems that Government laws, programs and actions have created to establish more Government laws, programs and actions.
  • Leverage all spontaneous events in the population that further the agenda (gun shooting, black person beating, oil spill, wealthy person tax evasion case).
  • Absolutely ignore all spontaneous events in the population that do not further the agenda.
  • Never let a crisis go to waste. Use them to expand Government.
  • Take control of the educational system (Public School System).
  • Take control of as much of the economy as possible (Obamacare).
  • Take control of the information by controlling the media (and the internet) (MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, etc..).
  • Take control of the money supply (The Federal Reserve).
  • Assassinate the character and reputation of all opponents in the eyes of the Public, regardless of their legitimacy. Target the messenger, not the message.
  • Destroy private property rights (Property Taxes).
  • Dissolve borders (Mexican Border).
  • Dissolve national pride, national unity and the family unit.
  • Saturate the Public with the notion that all solutions to all problems, both public and private, come best from the Government.
  • Flank citizens’ constitutional protections by creating an entity that legislates ‘global laws’ and commit Americans to be held to those laws (The United Nations).
  • Time is on your side, achieve sweeping control not with one bold oppressive law, but with dozens of smaller innocent laws that only in conjunction with each other achieve the oppressive law’s boldness.
  • Abuse the ‘Executive Order’ to decree new laws which circumvent Congress, The People, The Supreme Court and the Constitution.
  • When faced with a fact, deny it.
  • When faced with the truth, lie.
  • When asked a question you don’t want to deny or lie, feign ignorance.
  • Create false legitimacy by leveraging one Government agency to prepare, ‘unbiased’ and ‘independent’ reviews, reports or studies that support another department or agency’s statements, actions or laws.
  • Create false legitimacy by bestowing false honors and accolades (Awarding Nobel Peace Prize to Obama, for example).
  • Create false legitimacy by partnering with academia to sell theoretical ideas that support the expansion of Government even if the ideas have been proven wrong (Keynesian Economists/Scholars).
  • When too much attention is drawn to Government evil, distract The People…go to war. Any war, anywhere, for any reason (Afghanistan, Iran…Syria).

Remember that your goal is clear. Never forget you have only one goal. More Government. With more Government you will increase your power, your wealth, your legacy and your control. You will redesign America with your idealism. This is your only objective. To achieve this objective you will have to deconstruct the constitution and systematically dismantle the defenses it has established to limit the production of more Government. In a Republic, citizens will recognize a frontal assault on the constitution so you are to establish or maintain the objectives outlined above using the following tools to outflank the constitutional limitations on government power and dissolve them from within. The tools available to you include the following:

  1. Time
  2. Centralized Wealth & Power
  3. Expansion
  4. Regulation
  5. Taxation
  6. Reeducation
  7. Misinformation
  8. Distraction
  9. Coercion
  10. Redistribution
  11. Privacy Invasion
  12. Sovereignty Negation
  13. Family Unit Dissolution
  14. Global Integration
  15. Socialization
  16. Social Engineering
  17. Censorship
  18. Classism
  19. Sentimentalism
  20. Public Ignorance & Apathy
  21. Racism
  22. Fear
  23. Violence
  24. Hate

Lastly, it is imperative that The President stays above the party politics and the demands of the proletariat. The President can achieve this by maintaining his distance from the issues by blaming any lack of action or resolution demanded by The People on any particular issue as the fault of previous administrations, the fault of partisan Congressional politics, the fault of a misguided Supreme Court or the fault of constitutional limitations. This holds the President absolutely faultless…for everything. By acting like a referee and not as a player on a particular team, The President will be untouchable and will appear to The People as someone who wants to help, who wishes he could help, but is one who simply can’t help, because of a prior President, or Congress, the Court or the Constitution.

On the other hand, any achievement for any reason even if the achievement was not due to The President, he should take credit for, especially one that is popular with The People. By shifting the problems of The People onto others, while publicly taking credit for solutions achieved by others, The President will maintain his untarnished, pristine, Saint-like image in the minds of The People who will blame everyone and everything else for all that ails them but be thankful and in awe of the President’s achievements, even if they were not his own.

In summary, I have a vision, and it is your vision too. A nation where Americans live simple, basic lives. Where all of their needs are met from cradle to grave. Where Government provides their education, their healthcare, their student loans, their home loans and their retirement. Freedom only causes fear from an unknown future. Individualism only creates the abrasiveness of class distinctions. In our shared vision, everyone is equal (although some are more equal than others) and everything is fair. By following the objectives and tools outlined in this memo, Our Vision is well on its way.

Our Vision. Where Americans, like small content hamsters running happily in their wheels, will produce only for the Government. Their production will be collected and redistributed…fairly. They will be housed, fed and taken care of. Just enough of what they produce will be returned to them so they are strong enough to keep turning their wheels, but weak enough that they must stay dependent on Government for all that they need. Without freedom, without individualism, without the ability to save the resources they have produced, they will be unable to pay for their own schooling, their own healthcare, their own retirement and thus be dependent on Government’s benevolence forever. Complete dependence on the Government, without freedom, will guarantee that it never becomes necessary, or rather possible, for the people to dissolve the political bands which connect them and it will be impossible for them to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature entitle them. 1

That is Our Vision, and we can be proud that it’s happening right now, all around us, every day.

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6 replies

  1. The first one was hard to get until I read it 3 times over the course of an; the antithesis of wealth and power.Perhaps this is meant for a more advanced audience.I simply thought of it more indepth then thought I got it. For us new ons, say things twice, in different ways…one of the ways well get it.

    • I always run into that problem. If I keep it too short, I risk not explaining something enough to be quickly digestible. Few people will go back and read something for comprehension. On the other hand, if I write too much, I bore my audience and some will not read just based on how long the post is. So I am trying to get better at keeping the posts shorter, while still defined enough to be understandable.

  2. You thought every thing and nothing has changed.

  3. You are right. Nothing HAS changed. The American people are still sleeping, and those who do engage in thought assume they are the majority opinion, because the real majority opinion fails to speak up. It is vital that those with dissenting opinions speak their mind to friends and family. They currently believe their opinion is the right one primarily because they believe it is the only one. Forcing others to realize there are OTHER opinions, forces them to scramble and find support for theirs, instead of the support being only that it seems to be everyone’s opinion. It forces people to THINK about the words coming out of their mouths, and perhaps, to consider the possibility that they really don’t know enough about what they are talking about to continue their stance, which may, in time, lead them to actually CONSIDERING the words coming out of YOUR MOUTH, instead.


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