Nancy Pelosi Goes Crazy on Reporter for Exposing Her Hypocrisy on Unpaid Interns & Minimum Wage

hypocriteNancy Pelosi, who asked us to pass Obamacare without reading it so we could just, “find out what’s in it,” and now supports lobbing bombs into Syria probably just to see what happens, was irate with the reporter in the video below for cornering her on unpaid interns and minimum wage making her look like an absolute, complete, mind-numbing, fool…aka, all that she truly is.

Nancy “Cra-Cra” Pelosi believes in the minimum wage, which destroys jobs. This is a basic, irrefutable cornerstone of economics, something Nancy’s never studied. She has however studied politics (they sound similar), and nothing taps the narcissistic energies on Facebook, the sentimental liberals of America and the lazy entitlement-mentality victicrats like free money.  And Cra Cra knows free money means votes. Oh yeah baby…Cra Cra knows.

So watch the video below and enjoy the scene where Cra Cra is forced to admit that Congress has unpaid interns, which she supports, but then says that’s not the same thing as unpaid interns that don’t work for Congress, which she doesn’t support. If you are trying to think of the word that we use for this phenomenon, almost entirely found in Government, that word would be hypocrite.

It would appear that what is good for Government and young people (free labor in exchange for on-the-job-training, networking, building a resume) is not good for private companies and young people (free labor in exchange for on-the-job training, networking, building a resume).  See? Government is GOOD. Private is BAD. Thanks Cra Cra! Let the brainwashing continue!

Cra Cra is also asked what the precise minimum wage value should be. Considering the complexities of our economy with millions of employees across thousands of industries at infinite levels of expertise, education, ambition, etc… while taking into account the various standards of living and calculating the personal thoughts and desires of each individual American worker, all 300 million of them, Cra Cra’s precise mathematical, statistical analyses of this complex data set was….”Umm, $10.”

Well there ya have it. The world will right itself on its axis for 10 bucks, and we owe it all to Cra Cra. Who needs the invisible hand of the free market to make such complicated calculations and has been doing it successfully for 200 years when you can just let Cra Cra the political science major tell you how much it should be.

Lastly, watch as Cra Cra actualy goes Cra Cra and calls the security guard to make the interview stop. Watch her accuse the reporter of bringing her onto the interview under false pretenses (the pretense being that this would be a fake interview, just like all the others). As soon as she realizes that he was asking her real questions, not the sanitized, softball, let’s-promote-the-politician questions that is 99.9% of what we see on TV, she went nuts. She realized, like a rat in a cage, that she could not answer his questions without exposing her hypocritical fraudulent self, and that is when the whole interview went to hell in a Cra-Cra hand basket.

Pelosi is merely a taste, a sample, of what most of our Government politicians are like but she is a fair representation of most of our Congress. They will lie to you. They are hypocrites. They will do anything and everything to consolidate money and power and freedom away from you, and towards them. Hearing Nancy get rattled like a ferocious rat smashing itself against the bars of a tin cage in a desperate attempt to escape or attack is a keyhole view into our entire Government.

Take a closer look at what rules us. At what owns us.



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