Newtown Shooting Massacre A Government Operation? 20 Disturbing Questions That Make Me Think….Yes.

FEBRUARY 5, 2013 UPDATE: Please see my post, Sandy Hook Conspiracy Debunked for additional information.

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I never bought into the 9/11 conspiracy theory. Not because I didn’t think the Government was not willing to sacrifice American lives and assets for a political agenda, but because I didn’t think our Government was capable of committing such a large-scale act without detection. One of our greatest protections from Government is its incompetence.

So although I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories, it is impossible, and naive, to believe that all conspiracy theories must be false, therefore some must be more than just theories.

I watched the following video a skeptic. There are more than enough people out there running around coming up with crazy ideas about everything. Even now we have people who say Elvis is alive and that there was more than one shooter on the grassy knoll. However, the number of unanswered questions on this video, the sheer volume of audio and video recordings that don’t make sense in the context of this event, are simply overwhelming. I have listed most of my concerns below that I believe this video adequately proves. If anyone wishes to argue with me, or this video (and the many just like it now), it is only a matter of proving that at least some of them are not true. I believe in facts. So far the facts are terrifying.

Consider what it means about our Government if this video is in fact true. Consider what it means about the value of our lives when it comes to our politicians. It is for this reason that I hope this video is NOT true. But until someone convinces me otherwise, I think we all need to be terrified.

  • Why are their ties between many of the interviewees and the ‘Crisis Actors Guild’ that provides actors for crisis videos?
  • Why did the couple of one of the children killed smile and laugh during an interview before the cameras were recording?
  • How come the “nurse” that was interviewed explaining the mom of the shooter was a teacher at the school no longer exists?
  • Why does the dad of one of the children killed laugh before going on camera for the TV news, then “get into character,” and then pretend to be upset for the cameras?
  • Why did the father of one of the children killed setup a Facebook memorial donation page hours before the shooting?
  • What happened to the second and third “shooter?”
  • Who was the guy sitting in the front seat of the police car in handcuffs if the shooter had killed himself?
  • Why was he in the front seat, not the back seat?
  • Who was the guy in the woods, wearing military fatigues, the helicopter video shows being handcuffed?
  • Why did a bus mysteriously drop six kids off at an old guys house who was interviewed on TV about his “tragic story” and happens to also be part of the Screen Actors Guild?
  • Why did the medical examiner laugh and make jokes on video?
  • Why did he say that the assault rifle caused all the wounds, when that rifle was never taken out of the shooter’s trunk?
  • Why did he act like he knew what caliber the bullet was, but refused to answer?
  • Why were so many Facebook posts by “family” made prior to the event itself with one memorial website set up days before?
  • Why is one of the dead children in a photo-op with Obama after the shooting, in the same dress she was wearing in a family photo taken before the shooting?
  • Why is there only one photo, and no video of any of the kids at the school?
  • Why was there only one ambulance on scene at a massacre and why was it parked so far away from the school?
  • Why were the roads to and from the school building blocked so that emergency services could not enter or exit?
  • Why were none of the kids wounded, only killed?
  • Why did FEMA have an exercise scheduled for the same day as the shooting, at the same time in the morning as the shooting, only miles from the shooting, for “Children in Crisis Situations?”

If the video does not load below try clicking here, or go to YouTube and search, “The Sandy Hook Shooting Exposed (Did Sandy Hook Really Happen?)

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3 replies

  1. “One of our greatest protections from Government is its incompetence.” ….. I love this line 🙂 Barely started reading, but I had to stop and say that!

  2. I have goosebumps.

  3. The day of the shooting I remember you saying this action hit close to home, I mean you grew up in the town over from the shooting. Does anyone from your family o friends know if the shooting happened or was involved with any of the immediate need to assist?

    I read your questions twice and will watch the video later. But if the video is true, we the people of this great country should be more than afraid.

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