Orlando Airport TSA – I Watched A Hundred Americans Surrender Today

I am sitting at a charging station in the Orlando International Airport right now typing this.

Every time I approach the security line, my hate and loathing for our King and his Political Aristocracy starts seeping through me. I hate staring at the Department of Homeland Security stickers on the podiums where they check your ID. I hate looking at the signs reminding me to put my liquids in a bag. I hate the rent-a-cop uniforms with the gigantic TSA badges they wear while they walk like Stormtroopers among us proles. Yesterday they were unemployed McDonald’s employees…today they are powerful Government agents of security. And they act like it.

I can feel my blood pressure rising. My forehead getting warm. I shuffle forward in line with the rest of the sheep.

Then I look over at the full body scanner and a man walks in. He’s about 6 foot, a little overweight, sandy brown hair, blue t-shirt and jeans. He stands in the center of the machine, raises his hands above his head, and surrenders.

The Government accepts his surrender, and allows him to pass through to his Gate and his plane, so he can leave the Happiest Place on Earth. As I watch women, children…the old and young, all raise their hands above their heads, it just makes me sad. My blood pressure drops and I feel my head cool down. Nobody is opting out. Everyone is surrendering. As I watch hundreds of people raising their hands to surrender in a long line of scanners, my mental drift is shocked away…

“Sir, do you have a belt on?”


“Please proceed to the scanner.”

“I’m not going to surrender today.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m opting out.”

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  1. Well I opted out just last week, but I had that nasty cold and was sweating a bit more than most. So when they dragged the little white towel across my hands, it set off a loud beeping noise like a failed the test. So I was escorted to a closed door room with two other former MacDonald employees, except they had guns. After some idle chitchat, I was hacking up another lung while they fondled my body. Then I wondered if I had to tip them. But alas I was let go out of their choke hold and sent on my way.

  2. I have very fond memories of being able to go to the gate to both greet and say farewell to my relatives from out of the country. A simple security check got me through so we could all be together until boarding time. When I flew back to Georgia from a Christmas in Connecticut back in ’99, my boyfriend greeted me right at the gate as I exited the plane. Even when I flew in ’02, the biggest inconvenience I encountered was having to remove my belt when I went through the metal detector.
    One of the many reasons I have yet to get back on a plane and deal with the current security measures is that I don’t know how I’ll react to it, but I can almost guarantee I won’t react nicely. I’m almost offended by how invasive things have become and I’ll be damned if my scanned, basically naked body gets shown to random idiots at a security checkpoint.

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