Today’s Obama Lesson: Syria. How to Wag the Dog

wag-the-dog-long-tailIf you have not seen the movie, I suggest you watch the blockbuster 1998 comedy/drama film, “Wag the Dog” with Dustin Hoffman and Robert DeNiro. The current discussion involving Syria is a classic example of Wagging the Dog, where a politician who is suffering from low polling numbers or is being assaulted from all sides with scandals and public policy challenges (or like Obama, who has all of the above), simply trumps up a false military conflict in order to distract easily distractable Americans away from the real issues to focus on a non-issue.

I just watched the trailer again (below). Damn that is funny, and scarily accurate.

Wag the Dog as a political policy is an attempt to focus on something that Obama can control and away from things Obama can’t control. Like a magician, Obama is performing a magic trick on you with his left hand while drawing your attention away to his rapidly moving right hand so you don’t notice what he’s doing. This is politics. This is Government. This is your Government. This is your President. Is this how you want your Government and your President to treat you? Like a moron?

By Wagging the Dog, Obama and Congress have re-taken control of the narrative by changing what everyone was talking about which included the Prizm scandel, the NSA spying on Americans, capturing Snowden, the Benghazi lies, the IRS targeting conservative groups, our failing economic policy, rising unemployment, rising inflation, rising interest rates, the coming housing bubble crash, Trayvon as Obama’s son, the debt ceiling, the increasing animosity against Obamacare and instead re-focus Americans on Syria, on whether to bomb Syria, on pictures of kids in Syria, on what countries are going to help us attack Syria, how to spell Syria, what rhymes with Syria. Syria, Syria, Syria.

Obama was in Sweden giving a press conference the other day continuing the Syria narrative and keeping up the distraction…

“We have to act. Because if we don’t, we are effectively saying that even though we may condemn it and issue resolutions, so forth and so on, somebody who is not shamed by resolutions can continue to act with impunity and those international norms continue to erode, and other despots and authoritarian regimes start looking at that and saying, this is something we can get away with.”

Right off the bat, let me interpret what that long winded bit means. It means that America is proclaiming to the whole world, that if we don’t like what you are doing, inside your own borders, which is your own private business, we are going to drop bombs on you from afar until you do what we want you to do, the way we want you to do it. That is a two-sided coin. The world will also interpret that to mean, that if America is doing something that they don’t like, they can come attack us inside our own borders. What’s good for the goose, right?

And why Syria? Why now? African nations have been slaughtering their own people for decades with machetes. There are oppressive nations all around the world that are raping their women and slaughtering their children, but now, only in Syria, we suddenly care? Obama doesn’t care. He just needed a distraction, and Syria is as good as any other.

Meanwhile, Obama is trying to convince the American people, who overwhelmingly demand that Congress approve of any intervention, and the majority of which don’t want to intervene at all, that we need to intervene. I thought this was a representative Government? Exactly who is Obama representing when nobody wants it? Most Americans didn’t want Obamacare either, but Obama made that happen too. Our Congress is rogue. Obama is rogue. They are ignoring The People and doing whatever is in their own self interests.

I’m not surprised Americans don’t want another war.

First, we are tired of wars. Twenty-two years of constant war will do that to you. You know that a war’s been going on for too long when a generation of war weary veterans is asked to send their own kids off to the battlefield to replace them. The Liberal Media, desperate to defend Darth Obama against disinterest in the war by Americans used their typical fallback points by blaming Bush and racism. Ed Schultz on MSNBC said that Americans don’t want to fight in Syria because they were bitten by Bush’s lie about WMD’s in Iraq. If only Bush hadn’t lied, he said, America would approve of bomb dropping in Syria. Then Schultz went on to say that Congress won’t support the President against Syria because they are all racist against a black President. I mean, you can’t make this shit up. This is how the Liberal Media defends their Demigod. Rather than address the pro’s (which they can’t because there aren’t any) and cons, of going to war in Syria, they just use the same tired, lame, ignorant, racist, cowardly excuses of blaming Bush and Republican racism, yet again, for the 54th time. America should be laughing Ed Schultz off television after making comments like that.

Second, who is going to pay for another war? We already borrow $2T a year from China to pay for our current wars, our free cellphones to poor people, our HARP program to save careless people’s homes, so we want to borrow another $1T from China every year for another war? And who and when and how are we going to pay all this borrowing back? If we are busy sending our kids off to get shot, who is going to stay here and pay off this debt?

Third, this is a Civil War in a sovereign nation. We have no right to stick our noses into their business any more than they do into ours. If Connecticut declared war on New Jersey, I don’t see how that is any of Syria’s business, or France’s, or anyone else’s. I know why Obama is willing to involve us though, because Obama doesn’t recognize sovereignty anywhere. He tramples all over the Constitution, ignoring the sovereignty of the individual States and the sovereignty of individual Americans, so it makes perfect sense that if he believes States’ rights and individual rights are irrelevant, then clearly the rights of another nation are just as useless.

Fourth, he is trying to claim that somehow Syria is a threat to our national security. What threat? Where? They have no Navy, they have no ICBM’s. When Obama says this it sounds like if France in the 1800’s claimed that Native Americans, in America, were a threat to France and they need to be bombed. Obama also said, in the same speech, that we need to bomb Syria in our national interest, “for the future.” How does he know that? How does he know the future? I joke about his omniscience, but does he think he really is? How does he know if the regime that remains in power after we bomb the other regime is the better regime? It was just back in the 80’s when we armed and funded and trained the Al Qaeda regime to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan and 12 years later that same Al Qaeda regime was flying planes into the twin towers in Manhattan. So he can’t know what will happen, he has no idea. It’s just shit he has to say to convince gullible, ignorant Americans to sign up for another conflict with more dead Americans and more dead <insert nation we want to occupy for awhile here> civilians. And of course, Obama never says exactly how Syria is a national threat. They never say how. They just say. Obama should at least be more honest when making statements like that by saying something like, “Let me be clear…Syria is a national threat to America so we should bomb ’em. I’m just sayin’.”

Yes, you are just sayin’, that’s all you ever do. Everything Obama’s been promising and, “just sayin’,” since 2008 has either been a lie, or never happened.

Fifth, Obama lies about the treaty that, according to him, “92% of the world’s population agreed to which says not to use chemical weapons.” Yes, it does say that, but it says not to use chemical weapons…in times of waron each other. It is silent on Civil War, and this is a Civil War. It is precisely the sovereignty of individual nations that would prevent a treaty from being drafted in the first place that told countries what they can and can’t do inside their own borders. Call me crazy, but just like I don’t like being told what to do by my neighbor, and Mississippi doesn’t like being told what to do by Florida, and the U.S. doesn’t like being told what to do by France, Syria doesn’t like being told what to do by anyone except Syrians, and I don’t blame them. But Obama can’t spell sovereignty, much less respect it.

Now, again, this makes sense for someone like Obama, who wants us to sign up for all kinds of U.N. treaties that override the Constitution and hold Americans legally accountable to global anti-gun laws, and global pro-environment laws and global labor union laws, etc., all cobbled together by wealthy professional bureaucrats from around the world only interested in consolidating money and power to themselves. By using legislation in Congress to commit Americans to U.N. resolutions is precisely how Obama and Congress try to get around the Constitution, so clearly, if there was a treaty that said not to use chemical weapons on each other during war, we should just assume that means even inside your own country because we don’t recognize borders in a New World Order with a One World Nation, right? Right!

Obama is clearly wagging the dog with Syria. The list I mentioned above of all the scandals that were plaguing his administration have been wiped off the screens of MSNBC, CBS, ABC and CNN and off all the websites across the internet, and most importantly, off the minds of all Americans.

One last word. Obama says he, “retains the authority to act,” unilaterally in the event Congress will not support him. He must feel like a God when he says that. Wouldn’t you? To be able to just pick up a phone and call in an airstrike or toss off a few Tomahawks and wipe a village off the face of the planet anywhere in the world. There are very few men that could resist that kind of power going to their heads, and Obama isn’t one of them. The Constitution requires an official declaration of war passed by Congress for America to go to war. The President is allowed to initiate limited engagements which require Congressional approval after a limited time, but these limits are always ignored and undereducated Americans don’t notice so the practice continues, which is why we have not declared war since WWII, why we’re still in the Middle East 22 years later, and why President’s now strut around talking about dropping bombs on people like they were picking which flavor of Doritos they want. The Founders wanted the authority to declare war to be with The People, not the President, which means Congress, because it is The People that are going to die in that war, to be mutilated in that war, and lose husbands and wives and sons and daughters in that war, and pay the massive debt for that war. The President only decrees the war, then retires and goes marlin fishing off the coast of Cabo, or in this President’s case, goes to play…yet another…round of golf.

The fact that Obama even makes statements about unilaterally declaring war shows you his contempt for your life, the worthlessness of it to him, and the self-righteousness he has of his own worth.

Need I repeat it? Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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