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We Are All Children of the State

“People always agree that power corrupts but then in the same breath defend government power.” A brief moment passed…”I know…I was one of them,” he said flatly. I was struck. That thought had not occurred to me, but he could… Read More ›

Alexis de Tocqueville explained 150 years ago how Big Government simply “gets in the way” reducing us to “timid and industrious animals” where everyone is responsible for everyone else, and individual freedom disappears.

I started reading a new book a few days ago and I came across this passage quoted from Alexis de Tocqueville. The relevance of this 150 year old passage to our current economic and political condition is frightening. Tocqueville describes… Read More ›

New California Law Regulates Babysitting – Requires you provide mandatory rest and meal breaks & Workers’ Compensation – Lawsuit for Non-Compliance – Welcome to BIG GOVERNMENT – You voted for it, now you get to live with it.

Do you see the quote by Thomas Jefferson at the top of my website under the blog name? The one that says, “by slow operations…perverts into tyranny.” Remember that. Since MOST of what I write about are those “slow operations”… Read More ›

Uncertainty, The Storm That Never Ends

Nothing makes a recession last longer than market uncertainty. Contrary to what the government would have you believe, the “market” is fairly predictable.  There are thousands of leading and lagging indicators that move in certain directions of varying amounts and can… Read More ›

Tea Party As A Third Party?

My faith in the American people has somewhat recovered recently in the light of their reaction to the out-of-control spending in Washington and the Healthcare Reform Bill which culminated in the peaceful revolution that occurred in Massachusetts. Still, it was… Read More ›

Triple-Taxation in California

California gasoline is comprised of the following taxes… Federal Excise Tax 18¢ State Excise Tax 18.3¢ Underground Gas Tank Tax (Federal) 1¢ Underground Gas Tank Tax (State) 1.4¢ Misc State, County and Local Taxes approximately 26.1¢ Total California Gasoline Tax:… Read More ›


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