CEO says Government is Lying – Government gives him a talkin’ to

left-or-right-illusion-only-tyranny-or-freedom1To my fellow over-regulated, over-taxed, debt enslaved and NSA-surveilled American brothers and sisters…a few observations from over the long weekend….

CEO of Gallup (yes, the polling company) says Government is Lying

Jim Clifton, Gallup’s CEO wrote a piece that says the Government unemployment number is a lie and is completely misleading. Shortly after he released that article, he was forced to recant his statements, as he says, “I need to make that very, very clear so that I don’t suddenly disappear. I need to make it home tonight…” Clearly he received a “recommendation” through some Government channel to not rock the boat. Message received.

The Government really hates anyone making any attempt to fire off a shotgun from within the American herd of taxpaying slave-bots and starting a stampede away from their cages toward freedom. When S&P lowered the ratings on American debt (a warning to Americans to protect their savings), the Government sued them for $5 billion, with the Government winning $1.3 billion. Message received. FYI – All ratings agencies are now useless because of this bullying, since they are not allowed to tell the truth, we can never believe their ratings.

When Dinesh D’Souza produced a movie (Obama’s America:2016) exposing Obama’s aspirations to hobble America and move us further to Democratic Socialism, the IRS dragged him to court. Message received.

When the Tea Party started gaining ground prior to the 2012 election threatening the re-election of Obama in key States, the IRS sandbagged applications from conservative non-profits, including Tea Party groups, and requested personal information about the donors to such groups creating a chilling effect on donations which reduced the funds available for the Tea Party to impact those swing states more effectively, right up until just after Obama’s successful re-election, when suddenly those applications were approved en masse. How convenient. Message received.

Breitbart news, a constant dissident against Government power, finally got their message when they were pursued by; surprise surprise, the IRS – the Government’s favorite retaliation weapon.

What is keenly absent from the past decade? Any headlines about the suing, fining or jailing of anyone or any company that supports Government socialism and power expansion. But that’s just a coincidence, right? Nothing to see here, return to your cages.

P.S. Thank you Mr. Clifton for having the courage to speak out. We need more dissidents. We need more.

Stockholm Syndrome

I recently heard a video suggesting that most Americans suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, where they identify with their assailant and actually view reduced punishment from them as benevolence. I have to say it is an interesting concept. The 2001 stock market crash that wiped out billions from people’s savings, the housing bubble crash that evicted or bankrupted countless families, destroyed whole cities (Detroit) and caused the deepest and longest ongoing recession in our history were all caused by our Government, and yet, around every corner is a new Government proposal to “help” us and Americans gobble it up like chocolate covered, cocaine filled strawberries. If that isn’t being hopelessly enamored to your abuser, I don’t know what is.

Working Poor

Remember the goal of Democratic Socialism is to remove the middle class and convert them to what we call the “working poor.” They get by. They have “enough.” But their options are limited, they have significant debts with flat or declining incomes so they have not a penny to set aside for their kid’s college, their healthcare needs in old age, or retirement – and therefore become hopelessly dependent on the benevolence of their Government that impoverished them in the first place by stealing 50% of their income, taking 66% of that for itself, and returning the remaining $0.17 cents of every dollar they stole from you in the first place in the form of overpriced college tuition subsidies (or debt forgiveness), poor healthcare and poverty in retirement. And what do we do? Why, we ask for more Government of course!

Government Doesn’t Provide you with Anything

After the Government pays the interest on the debt, and all of its social welfare programs, there is nothing left to actually run the Government. All your collected tax money is spent. Gone. Poof. So all of those services you think the Government is providing you from your tax money, the same ones the pro-Government statist Liberals insist on citing as reasons why we need Government, are really all being brought to you paid for with loans from China that your children and grandchildren will have to pay off. Your children, born and unborn, are already indentured servants to the Chinese because Americans can’t stop asking Government to pay for everything and fix every little petty whining problem that Americans have. So you are actually not getting anything from the taxes you pay – except more Government.

Retirees Getting Robbed Again

In the 1990’s, the Government changed the formula for how social security tax payments are calculated by lowering the cost of living adjustment. As one Democrat politician said, “The money is sitting there, asking to be picked up,” in other words, it’s free money the Government can steal back from seniors. Ironically, the original proposal for this was a Republican one, which was quickly attacked by Democrats, who later adopted it for themselves and passed it. In Obama’s recent budget proposal, there is another request to adjust the index which will, not shockingly, take still more money from seniors and give it to the Government. This is how you fund an out of control debt-fueled Government and attempt to slow the hemorrhaging of a dying welfare state retirement system. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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