Democrats Consider Ban on Corporate Profits

Peter Schiff, using his relative anonymity, took a walk through the Democratic National Convention this week to interview loyal party Democrats and has pulled the curtain back on how far Democrats are willing to go to destroy the free market and terminate Capitalism in exchange for Socialism.

He decided to ask a simple question of these Democrats, “Should there be a ban on corporate profits?” As you will see from the video below, almost all of those interviewed agreed to banning corporate profits, while a minority decided a cap on corporate profits would be enough.

The beauty of Schiff’s anonymity is that all of these Democrats thought they were talking to a typical liberal media outlet, which Peter perpetuated by pretending to also support a ban on corporate profits. They would have been less likely to be honest, or not talked to him at all, had they thought they were talking to Fox News, for example.

One young woman proposed we should go beyond banning corporate profits and enforce corporate losses instead. Such is an example of the depth of thought we can expect from the great young minds of Americans…our future leaders. You could overlook her misguided opinion as the bliss of youthful ignorance I suppose.

But then Schiff proposed to a different, much older Democrat, that it would be possible for Corporations to simply fire workers so they could increase their profits, to which this individual said that they could not. He would prefer the Government regulate the firing of workers since he is, “part of a Labor Union.” Sound familiar? It should. The new Socialist President of France, Francois Hollande, (and I mean an actual self-proclaimed Socialist) proposed the exact same thing as soon as he was elected this year when he said he would “block” all companies in France from firing anyone. It should be no surprise why Obama and the Democrats have a love affair with Labor Unions and always pass legislation in the Unions favor so that they too, can eventually “block” businesses from firing people, just like the Socialist Francois Hollande.

Think that can’t happen here? It already has. As reported in Marketplace: Business, “Federal Agency sues Boeing on behalf of Unionized Workers.” Only Socialists would try to prevent a private company from moving their manufacturing operations to another state because it might lead to job losses somewhere else, union jobs only of course. Francois Hollande would be so proud.

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. Democrats are in fact, just Socialists. They want to compel all private business interests in the free market to cap or surrender their profits to the State for redistribution to the collective. As Karl Marx so famously said, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

A vote for a Democrat is really a vote for Socialism and a vote for a Republican is really a vote for Liberalism. So who do we vote for if we want freedom, liberty, personal accountability, fiscal conservatism and capitalism?

There is no one.

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