Omaba Lovers, Here’s Your Post – The Tea Party Test

I see Obama fan bumper stickers from time to time and I really wish I could talk to these individuals.

I want to know why they believe that more government, is better government?

I want to ask them what country in the world would they use as an example to show that more government is better by naming which country has proven to be more advanced, more wealthy,  where its citizens enjoy an outstanding standard of living, and is more economically powerful than the United States through that country’s use of more government?

There must be at least one, right? We are only 234 years old, while there are countries out there that have had thousands of years to perfect themselves? So which country?

I want to ask them, where does the money come from to pay for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Health Care Reform, government union workers pensions and health care and all the other social programs they love to love?  Where will all the money come from for the programs they want but don’t have yet?

I want to ask them if they would be willing to pay twice their current federal and state income taxes if that meant they could keep all of these social programs? What about three times or four times as much in taxes? How much in taxes really is “enough?” Tell me. Give me a percentage of income that is “enough.”

Then I’d like to ask them, if they would in fact be willing to pay more in taxes, then do they feel they have the right to force others that don’t want to pay more, and don’t want the social service programs either, to do so? And if so, why do they feel they have that right to make them pay?

The simple truth is, either you believe in the power of the individual and that they are responsible for their actions, enjoying the benefits of their hard work or enduring the pain from their laziness or you believe everyone should be equal, neither enjoying the benefits or enduring the pain. In such a world where working hard or being lazy pays the same, who exactly do Obama lovers think would do any of the work?

Here is a simple test to determine if you are one with the Tea Party or one of “them.”

The Tea Party requires only three things:

  1. Fiscally conservative government (no debt, no deficits, balanced budget)
  2. A Constitutional government (power lies with the states and the people)
  3. Free markets and limited government intervention (if you work hard, you get to keep what you worked for)

If you don’t want those three things too, then you don’t agree with the principles this country was founded on. I’m dead serious. If you can not muster up enough guts to agree that those three bullet points are the key to a free nation then you are not part of the Tea Party, nor would you be part of the founding fathers of this country.

If you can not agree on those three things, you are clearly and decisively in the Obama camp. Which also means, you support the deconstruction of the Constitution, government debt and government control of the free market. These are just the inverse of the bullet points.

So that means you must be one of two things…

You are either a Socialist and are fully aware of how important those three bullet points are to a free country, but purposely and willfully are attempting to change the United States into a socialist state.


You are not a socialist, and by that I simply mean you don’t want to be called one, but you do want something from the government. Whether that something is a job, or money (welfare), or health care, or subsidies, or preferential treatment, or amnesty, or whatever…you want something and you don’t want to earn it or work for it yourself. You want it given to you.

The problem is the government can not give you anything. The government can only take from someone else who earned it, and then give it to you

Think about my list above about what you want the government to give you…”a job, money, health care,” etc… Can you think of one item in that list that would not require the government to take something from someone else in order to give it to you?

Amnesty just takes away a chance for citizenship from someone who legally applied for it, preferential treatment in college admissions just takes away a seat in a classroom from someone who worked harder to earn the grades for it, subsidies and health care and welfare just takes income from others that have gone to work and earned every day and puts it in your pocket instead, for doing nothing.

There are those who work, and those who take…and for those who take, this is not your form of government and this is not your country.

For those who work and believe in the three principles, you are part of the Tea Party, whether you believe it, or voice it, or not.

For my part, I will continue to wear my Tea Party t-shirts and let others see me and know that though they may believe in the founding principles quietly and have yet to engage in the battle, they are not alone.

We are everywhere.

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