Tea Party As A Third Party?

My faith in the American people has somewhat recovered recently in the light of their reaction to the out-of-control spending in Washington and the Healthcare Reform Bill which culminated in the peaceful revolution that occurred in Massachusetts.

Still, it was the American people who allowed everything to get as bad as it is. Myself included. We have to accept the fact that ultimately, we elect our representatives and we allow them to run roughshod with our money pandering to every imperialistic whim, government union and social re-engineering pet project their ideology ever wanted.

In the end…we let it happen.

There has been some speculation that the Tea Party should become a third-party and run against the Republicans and the Democrats. I’ve considered the pros and cons of that for some time now and I’ve decided that doing so is not in America’s best interest.

It’s not that a Tea Party President would not be the hope and dream that I think they would be, it’s that a Tea Party candidate would never win. As many people claim, splitting the ticket just creates two losers. I disagree with this in theory because I have never liked the Republican or the Democrat candidate. To me, they are two sides of the same kumbaya, socialistic, tax-and-spend, big government, social re-engineering coin with two different game plans that lead to the same result.

So what happens?

The Democrats aren’t really happy with the Democrat candidate and the Republicans aren’t really happy with the Republican candidate but everyone begrudgingly stomps into their polling location and yanks all the blue handles or yanks all the red handles, ” ’cause we’ll be damned if those Republican war-mongers will win or we’ll be damned if those bleeding heart Democrats get one more dime of my money.”

In the end, everyone loses except the Politicians.

I am not chained to one political ideology and don’t feel compelled to walk into a voting booth and just pull all the blue handles, or all the red handles.

Come November, a significant amount of Blue Politicians are going to join the ranks of the unemployed and be replaced by equally unworthy Red Politicians. The difference is, the Red ones coming in realize they are only there because the Blue ones didn’t do what we asked of them. The Red ones know this and they know that they can be just as easily replaced by some new Blue ones should they get out of line.

Politicians have short memories. A couple of days, at most, if we’re lucky. Because of this, they will immediately return to their Republicrat mentality and shove forward with their ideology in the face of our opposition if we are not diligent about reminding them why they are there.

So my personal opinion at this point is that we can mold our elected officials to the will of the people by voting them in and out of office when they do not perform as desired. Whether they be blue or red is of less consequence as to what their actions are while in office. However, this requires significant diligence on our part…and that is what makes me nervous.

Are we up to the task?

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  1. Let me help you, if i may? Power corrupts (an amorally degenerative and perverted) “corruption,” and that’s not embellishment. That better expresses how disgusted I am with politics. Let me repeat that…power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. You can’t change this at the ballot box…you can only moderate it. Democrats…politicians…have had the most experience at politicking, therefore they are the most corrupted. And by the way, the liberals are calling the shots.

    What they haven’t learned on their own, the “King of Perversion,” Bill Clinton, taught and expanded on for them. What started in 1930 has come to fruition. When a politician states (in public no less) that, “…the ends justify the means,” he is not talking about a tea party, he is talking about creating a need for the compassionate and understanding, “I feel your pain” kinda government that will alleviate all the decision making stress for you, and will care for all your needs from cradle to grave. And while we’re at it, let’s get rid of this Constitution since it’s not as progressively thinking (as the liberals are).

    And i agree, a vote for a third party is a vote for the Democrats. You have to expand your perception. It’s not “two parties” that will lose, it’s millions of people. Expand a little more to consider who is going to stop the WMD’s that will most definitely come?

    The United nations? Or maybe, “The Peacekeepers?” The same peacekeepers that rape and slaughter the very people they pretend to save. Or maybe the French! They will step up when we are in need? It’s crunch time…the answer you seek grasshopper is to balance the power in Washington. Their is no other way out! “Liberalism” is a religion, a religion within the state and that religion must be separated from the state just like any separation of church and state. It’s in the Constitution. The Democrats have been waving that banner for 50 years. They are a contradiction. Don’t split your vote, split the party in DC. Vote for guns and religion. You don’t have to like it. As the Democrats like to say, “It’s the right thing to do.” PSSSST! The red handle!

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