We Are All Children of the State

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the State, and to the Democratic Socialism for which it stands, one nation, under fraud, inescapable, with surveillance and redistribution for all.

I pledge subservience to the flag of the State, and to the Democratic Socialism for which it stands, one fascism, under fraud, inescapable, with surveillance and redistribution for all. ~AWC

“People always agree that power corrupts but then in the same breath defend government power.”

A brief moment passed…”I know…I was one of them,” he said flatly.

I was struck. That thought had not occurred to me, but he could not have been more accurate. I thought for a moment…

“I agree. I think we all were at some point in time. But that’s how the State raised us.”

Free to speak his mind, his thoughts raced forward, “I woke up, so I know others will too, and have been. Addicts that go to meetings have sponsors for a reason. They need guidance in their transformation. They need someone there to help them on their quest. Someone to be there for them, teaching and mentoring them…teaching and mentoring without judgement because we’ve all been there. You’re like my sponsor and I appreciate all you’ve done for me. Seriously. Since I’ve been off the drugs of the State, now I know how to help others and I will at least point people in the right direction and have them look for themselves. That’s what I do now. I always say, ‘Don’t take my word for it, look it up and research it.’ It’s like when you go on a glass bottom boat; you can describe what it looks like, but until you see it for yourself you can’t enjoy the view.”

break2Quotation-Benjamin-Disraeli-tyranny-education-obedience-best-government-Meetville-Quotes-37011The way to lose the battle against State oppression is to be silent. A single voice may fail to arrest the power of the State, but like the voices of a choir, each one adds to the resonance of the whole until in unison they abrogate the oppressive powers that seek to silence them while drawing others to the sound.

Be that voice not for yourself, but for others, so that their voice may join yours.



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