Why targeting Libertarians is a good thing…and the MLK sex tape

My posting has dried up because I am working back east for almost two months. I’ll return to posting as I can, and definitely when I get back.

However, as I sat here at the hotel drinking my coffee getting ready to head out, I had a thought about the IRS targeting conservative non-profit groups and Dinesh D’Souza for daring to speak a bad word about our King.

We should really look at all of this hatred and targeting of those who want freedom as a good thing. The entire Government and the NSA and the Democratic Socialists with their billions of dollars and thousands of loyal Stormtroopers have spent years checking emails, texts, phone calls, backgrounds, internet searches, school records, criminal records, tax records of every dissident that speaks out against them…and if all they have been able to do is slow down some non-profit applications and ding one guy for donating too much money to a politician he supported despite all of that firepower they brought to bear against their enemies…us…then that is something that I am proud of, and is something we should fly up the flag pole and wear with honor.

We also know beyond any doubt whatsoever that if anything, anything at all, no matter how small were discovered, we would be bludgeoned with it by the corporate fascist sympathizing State run media outlets until our ears bled…but we hear nary a word.

Don’t forget that when the Government determined that MLK was a threat to the United States Government (he was an instigator of black resistance (a good thing) and a confirmed Socialist (ah, the irony)), the FBI filmed an adulterous sexual encounter he had and put it anonymously in his mailbox for his wife. That is how our Government deals with people they don’t like, among other more violent ways.

But the only sex tapes I’ve heard about are from the Kardashians….so that’s a good thing.

I can’t help but wonder if that high-powered magnifying glass from those billions of dollars and legions of Stormtroopers was just as intensely focused on liberal groups and Democrat politicians and supporters…if the results would be just as boring and rare……I think not…..

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