Freedom From Choice Documentary – We’re Getting What We Wished For

The Government says we’re smart enough to vote, but when it comes to deciding whether to wear a helmet or a seat belt, buy a house or rent, use this broker or that broker, smoke cigarettes or not smoke…all of these choices are made for us by the government, so somehow we’re smart enough to vote, but too dumb to do just about anything else.

From ‘100th Monkey Films’ that brought us the excellent End of the Road documentary, please watch Freedom from Choice as soon as it’s completed, and support them by purchasing the video. The trailer video is below with some transcripted quotes. You can also subscribe to be updated when the documentary is complete by going here.

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When the Government violently kicks down your door, comes onto your property with guns drawn to try and stop you from a certain behavior that is hurting nobody else…that is a social injustice.

People think we live in a free market society, and we don’t.

There is little done by the Federal Government that is not influenced by a choice to favor one special interest over another.

The corporations have taken over. Banks got in trouble. They bring out Henry Paulson, U.S Treasury secretary, former CEO of Goldman Sachs…says we have to bail out the banks..they’re too big to fail.

The idea that Government should make our choices for us, is one that a lot of people prefer…but there is nothing more profound for an individual, then when they are denied something they very much need because they made the decision earlier on, to part with their freedom.

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Interestingly, in finding links for this post I came across what is known as the hundredth monkey effect, “a studied phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea is claimed to spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea.”

On the film producers website, it says “critical mass through film.” I believe the name of their company is quite appropriate.

Don’t be afraid of your freedom.

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