End Of The Road Documentary – How Money Became Worthless

Dear Fellow Blog Reader & Patriot,

I cannot stress enough how important it is that every American citizen watch the 55 minute, End of The Road documentary. You can preview the movie, rent it, or buy it by clicking here. I have watched it, and it is an excellently done documentary.

I have been educating myself on economics, monetary and fiscal policy and politics since 2005. Previously, I only understood my own Government and my own Economy from what was taught to me by our Government-run educational infrastructure, just like most of you, which is to say, I understood the mechanics of the country I live in very poorly.

This documentary is a straight-forward, no nonsense, “let me be honest with you” type of documentary that will show you exactly how our current economic crisis began and why an even greater one is on the horizon. I don’t mean the 10 year or even 5 year horizon, I mean the coming-to-your-town-very-soon horizon and time is almost up.

Let me also say that I don’t really care about other people. I’ve met too many who are lazy, or ignorant, or materialistic, or those who feel entitled or victimized. It is not often I meet someone who is self-sufficient, living outside of the government-nanny-state grid, has ambition and desire and just wants to succeed. So as a result, I care only about my family, the few people I consider friends…and that’s about it. I have no agenda, I have nothing to gain, I have never made a single penny from anything related to this blog, however, I do care about America and I care about people who are willing to do what it takes to save it because I recognize that people who want to save this country are those most likely to want to be free from the nanny-grid, to be ambitious and want to succeed. People that read this blog, are more likely to be this type of person as well.

So this is a personal message from the Angrywoodchuck to all my readers and anyone who accidentally finds this blog and finds it useful, to please watch End of The Road. I don’t care about the parasites in our society, the greedy and the power-hungry politicians and their corporate lap-dogs, I only care about everyday Americans struggling to stay working, keeping the bills paid and the family fed while the rest of the country starts to collapse, slowly – ever so slowly, but oh so noticeably, around them. I want to make sure that I did what I could to warn those around me (and believe me, my family is being warned) so they can take steps to protect themselves from the coming economic disaster. If you ignore me (and the many other people sounding the warning bells)…well…ultimately only you will suffer from your decision, but if even just a few people hear what I am saying, watch this movie, take a few precautions, then hey…this blog was worth my time.

There are dozens of books and hundreds of blogs and websites where you can learn all about our economic collapse, what it was caused by, and why it continues to suffer from, our own Government’s actions – but all of those things require hours, days, weeks of reading and verifying and researching. I am only asking you to watch a 55 minute documentary and get everything you need to know in less time than it takes to finish one bowl of popcorn.

End Of The Road will open your eyes to what our Government has done to us and why the real crash, the one that is really going to hurt, is still in front of us – and we are right on its heels.

Your Friend in Freedom,


P.S. I could have made a commission by embedding the movie in my blog (as stated on their website) to try and promote the film, but I want to promote it without receiving any money at all, so all my links take you to their website instead so I get nothing for it. I really need everyone to watch this movie and it is important that nobody thinks I have anything financial to gain from it. All I have to gain is your understanding of America’s problem, and your help, in your own way, in fixing it.

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  1. I, too, am telling as many people as possible about this documentary. I was born 4 1/2 months before Nixon’s announcement that the Bretton Woods system was being abandoned, which means that our currency has been continually weakening for the entirety of my life. I have not always been as educated – as you mention about yourself – as to the (true) workings of our government & financial system, but I somehow always new something was amiss and have never trusted what ‘They’ tell us. This documentary validated, in less than 1 hour, all of those intuitions. Thank you for doing your part in helping pull the proverbial wool back from the collective eyes of our citizens – may you prosper well in the aftermath of what is soon to pass!!

    • Thank you for the support. It’s all about getting the word out and about educating people so they can see what is happening around them.

      It’s amazing how it’s not about changing what people think by telling them what to think (our Government does plenty of that on its own), but providing the information that everyone so desperately needs and is yet in such short supply (especially from our schools) so they can think for themselves.

      When someone is provided all of the information, it is amazing how quickly they are able to draw their own conclusions and how those conclusions are always in line with freedom, liberty, individual responsibility and the new awareness of an over-reaching, all encompassing, freedom destroying, infinitely expanding Big Government and its welfare state.

    • hello, I’m a bit late to the game. I just saw it on amazon last night. It is 2018, but I know the new crisis is coming.
      thank you

  2. I also found this documentary incredibly interesting. I too have been trying to learn more about the global economic system over the last several years and this film had a relatively simple approach to explaining it. My only cause for concern was when I tried to look into who actually produced and / or was featured in the film. It seems like many individuals in the film run businesses that profit from individuals looking to buy gold/silver. Additionally, I couldn’t seem to find any information on who actually produced the film and what their interests might be. while informative, my fear is their may have been an underlying motive for the films’ production. just trying to learn more and as you seem knowledgeable on this front, I was wondering if you knew how truthful these doom and gloom messages from this group of folks was. thank you and loved your post.

    • I can only speak intelligently regarding Peter Schiff who was featured in this film. As you read my comment, consider that I know that Schiff would not participate in a film by or with anyone that would in some way conflict with his own belief and message. Because Peter Schiff was in this film, and because of my conviction in him, I took the film at face value despite the fact I did not know the other indivdiuals. Their position is the same as his, so I accepted all premises offered.

      I have read his books; ‘Crashproof,’ ‘Crashproof 2.0,’ ‘How An Economy Grows And Why It Crashes’ and ‘The Real Crash.’ I also began watching his YouTube channel, ‘The Schiff Report’ in 2010 and then became a premium member of ‘Schiff Radio’ found at SchiffRadio.com, going on two years now, which he started because of significant demand on his YouTube Channel. Both the YouTube Channel and SchiffRadio are free (premium has certain advantages like playing previous recordings). I also went to see him speak when he was in Southern California (it was $20 a ticket but you got one of his books for free in exhange which made it a wash). He often touts his new book on Audible.com which allows one free book purchased. It is therefore possible to learn everything you need to know without a penny invested using nothing but Schiff materials and protect yourself based on nothing more than what you learned without investing with Peter Schiff at all. I will explain further as we go…

      I advise you of all of this because I have been following this man for several years now and everything else I have ever read or researched from others collaborates his theories. I also believe him because the truth is in the pudding, and I have already adopted some of his concepts and they have served me well.

      As one example, I believed him so much that I took my entire downpayment for my future house, many years of savings, and bought gold bullion based on his predictions on gold when it was just under $1,000 an ounce. And you know how that story ended.

      I am an analytical and critical thinking type of person who does not suffer from analysis paralysis but also does not take leaps of blind faith, which serves me well in the type of work I do. I would not have taken such a huge gamble with my family’s future if I had not complete faith in this man from listening to him, reading his books, and collaborating his theories with others.

      I want to stop short of sounding like a groupie so I’ll leave it at that. If you want to watch an interesting video that will help you understand Mr. Schiff, Google, “Peter Schiff Was Right” and watch the YouTube videos. You will cringe at how brutally he was berated, belittled, mocked and laughed at…all to be proven right in the end.

      As to the concept that Peter Shiff (and theoretically others like him) have a conflict of interest in the direction of their prognostications I can say a few things in regards to Mr. Schiff.

      The first, which Schiff has made clear on his show and YouTube Channel many times, is that what he teaches us about The Fed and the Government, about monetary and fiscal policy…IF…IF…the Government or the Politicians were actually to institute any of the concepts or actions that he is constantly calling for both when he ran for Senate in Connecticut and his financial support of campaigning “small-government” libertarian-type conservatives were actually to be adopted and implemented, his entire investment stratagy for all of his clients at his investment firm, Euro Pacific Capital, would collapse.

      You have to ask yourself why a man would financially support individuals, attempt to become a Senator to promote change from within, changes in Government and regulatory affairs and actively campaign for the dismantling of The Fed when all of these things would actually cause his investments, both personally and with his clients at EuroPac to lose money.

      In other words, if the Government did the right thing, if it cut spending, lowered taxes, reduced regulation, got off the internet and out of people’s homes, the economy would actually recover and Schiff’s short and long-term investment strategy for all his clients would fail miserably. So when Schiff promotes the purchase of gold and silver, or foreign dividend yielding bonds, or currency exchange trading for stronger currencies, he is betting that the Government will continue to destroy itself, our currency and our country.

      He wants and works for and YouTube’s about and does his radio show and writes his books about everything that we need to do that would make gold a poor investment, make bonds in foreign countries unattractive and currency exchange unnecessary but he ADVISES his clients and manages his brokers in such a way, this is his bread and butter, to manage investments as if the Government will do the exact opposite of what he wants and works for.

      Consider also why his investment strategy is so different from Fidelity or Merrill Lynch or any of the other large firms. There is a law in the U.S. that protects investment firms if there is a collapse in the economy from being sued by their investors for the losses if they can show that the investments they were advising were considered “reasonable” at the time. Well, what is reasonable? Reasonable is investing the way everyone else is investing. That is why all the firms that most of us have our 401(k)’s with all invest in the same things, which look nothing like what Peter Schiff invests in. They are all hiding behind the “reasonable investment guidance” clause that will allow them to avoid a lawsuit by their investors if, and when, it all goes south. Peter is taking on additional liability by not hiding among the herd, exposing himself to additional lawsuits if he is wrong. But he believes that the Government can not, will not, change course. It is like a train on a track. It is politically and economically impossible for them to do anything but drive the entire economy into the ground. Anything else would be admitting they made a mistake, and what politician or Fed Manager would ever sign up to admit that?

      There is no way for someone like me to have absorbed an education from Schiff, that has been steady and consistent for more than five years now (with me, he also predicted the dot.com crash but that was before my time following him), proven right over and over and over again for more than a decade now, collaborate it with so many other intellectuals, economists, and libertarian politicians and then think that all I have learned and fact-checked was a ruse to convince me to follow his investment strategies. If a ruse, then he has an incredible number of collaborators on his payroll such as The Mises Institute, The Heritage Foundation, The Cato Institute, Thomas Sowell, Jim DeMint, Andrew Napolitano, Dinesh D’Souza, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul…Rand Paul for that matter and so many more. All sending the same consistent message, the same message Peter is sending.

      Additionally, he has been giving advice on how and where to invest for free for years, and his advice is for the common man. He pushed gold and silver long before he had his own subsidiary to sell it. After listening to his logic and rationale for over a year, I had to Google search someplace to buy gold because nobody was selling it, including Schiff, it was very uncommon. When I told people what I was buying they thought I was crazy…because that was early on in the revolution, and I had been an early adopter of the concept so I was a little bit in front of it. Now you see it everywhere, CASH FOR GOLD is on a sign on every other store in every other strip mall, soon after that ads were on the TV all the time to send in your jewelry for cash. Forward thinking entrepreneurs and shucksters alike had already bought into and believed the message of impending USD self-destruction via the Government and were ahead of the curve in their stockpiling of gold from people who had no idea what was coming and were happy to get anything for their old gold jewelry.

      Also, Schiff’s EuroPac is a big dollar firm. He has said it many times himself. For his best strategies you need a $25,000 buy-in minimum. Schiff has said many times that he is angry at Government for making investments so complicated through over-regulation that he can not afford to help the average person in America because the Government has simply made it too expensive to service them. We can only buy into our 401(k)’s because we are pooled with so many others in our company and other companies, but to invest independantly means bringing a lot of money to the table. We see this in our health care insurance as well. Try to buy it on your own…good luck…it is much too expensive because the Government has regulated it into oblivion, so we are forced to pool with others through our employers. Government is the problem in both instances.

      I can tell you that most people watching his videos and listening to his radio show don’t have that kind of money lying around. That is why he tries to advise how the average guy can protect himself from the coming crash. In other words, most of the money that people will make, or prevent from loss, will not be because they invested with EuroPac (because they could not afford it), it will be on adopting his view on fiscal conservatism and each of us, on our own, armed with a basic understanding of how the Government’s own self-destructive policy will impact stocks, bonds, commodities, home prices, inflation and the dollar. Armed with these basics, we can protect ourselves without EuroPac, but not without Peter Schiff’s (and others) advice, education and warning.

      Consider also that Peter Schiff has spoken out against those like Glenn Beck that began pushing Gold Line, a company that Peter speaks out often against as pushing numismatics instead of bullion. By pushing coin collectibles, they are able to charge significant “collectible” premiums while Schiff only advises us to buy bullion so we only pay a few points over spot price. He does not like, and speaks out against, any company or spokesperson, regardless of who they are, that twists the “buy gold” message to increase profits. He has said more than once that he doesn’t care where we buy gold, as long as know that we should only be paying a few points over spot and that it needs to be .999 bullion, not numismatic coins. He could have taken the low road and pushed coins too, if he had wanted.

      Lastly I will say this. Another reason that Peter’s message rings true, is that it strikes a cord with our common sense and our feeling of freedom that we are born with, freedom to be free from each other. Liberals and what Ayn Rand liked to call “altruists” are all about helping others, saving the planet, creating protected classes but at the cost of enslavement of the rest of us. To do all of these things, the money must be taken from someone else, which means for an altruist to help one person, they must enslave someone else to pay for it. An altruist feels better about themselves, enjoys a loftier ego from their cloud covered perch because they perceive the “good” in what they are doing, and ignore, in fact reject, the concept that anyone is enslaved on the other side of the transaction. It is not enough to save others with their own checkbook, they support laws to force you to write checks as well. As you learn more about the libertarian belief, the same one Thomas Jefferson fought so hard to educate others on, you begin to understand that what Peter says is all about personal accountability, of responsiblity, of taking care of yourself so you can live free and not enslave others to support yourself, that smaller government and lower taxes and a stronger currency and a weaker or nonexistent Fed are the cornerstones to freedom as we understand it from birth…to be free from being enslaved by others. To not work hard, achieve our goals and exist only to support others that did not feel like putting in any effort.

      That is the battle that is going on today. Will we all be slaves to each other with the majority voting themselves larger pieces of the pie that the minority worked so hard to bake, or will we agree that each person is responsible for themselves and that we are free to help others or not. That we are FREE men and women. Schiff and his attacks on Big Government and his investment concepts to protect yourself from Big Government are a branch of the same tree that is based on this principle of freedom, from each other.

    • I am buying multiple copies of this DVD to share with family and friends. I agree with the comment about not being able to find any info about who really produced the documentary, however I completely trust Peter Schiff and believe his perspective is correct. He and the other experts interviewed DO have a financial interest in selling precious metals, but I don’t think that clouds their judgement. I believe that they are educated individuals who understand the coming crash, and have taken steps to secure their own futures. We should all do the same.

      • Thanks for your comment. I trust Peter Schiff as well and believe in his perspective. I can appreciate the concern others may have about the motivations of those on the video but I have a few thoughts on that. I would ask those people, who and in what sectors of the economy, would be the most likely to sound the alarm in the first place and that you would most likely believe? Veternarians? Construction workers? Marketing Directors? There are a million fields of employment we know it would NEVER come from. It makes the most sense that a warning will come from some area in the financial sector, and most likely someone who runs a business who may profit from the warning. I mean, if it came from a vet, a carpenter, or a marketer, wouldn’t that be even LESS believable? People would immediately write them off, “How could YOU know what’s going on in such a complicated field of the economy?!” I propose that the best source of this warning, is the source it came from – like those on this video.

        Other leaders of this warning like Thomas Sowell have written excellent books on the coming collapse, the housing bubble, the evils of Obamacare, historical parallels, etc… Should we discount everything they say or have written because it may all be lies only to motivate their book sale profits?

        Then we have the, “Peter Schiff Was Right” video on YouTube. This man was calling the housing bubble and economic collapse years before it happened all over TV. They ridiculed him on the TV talk shows. When he turned out to be right, none of those shows invited him back. I guess since they weren’t able to use him as their punching bag and court jester, they decided he had no usefulness. Now the shows that ask him to appear all the time are in China, Europe, Singapore. International citizens WANT to hear from him because they saw he was right about everything. Only in America do we bury thee truth seekers. The whistle blowers. When the truth and the whistle are about our own Government.

        Lastly, Peter Schiff comes from a family of governmeent dissenters. His father Irwin is an income tax protestor and is sitting in prison because of it. Although I just learned on Peter’s show that his Dad refused to collect sales tax for the State of CT on his book and CT investigated him and left him alone, and he refused to withhold taxes from his employees and the Feds investigated him and left him alone. Why? Because he was able to defend himself with the Constitution and the argument he used to make them go away was perfect. At any rate, this is a family that stands on principal, on history, on the Constitution, on sound mooney, on a belief in freedom as The Founders designed this nation. They take risks by dissenting against the Government, but they speak their convictions and those convictions are nothing more than common sense based on facts, math, and history.

    • If you go to IMDB.com it will give you all cast and crew names.There were two producers and a director,etc.

  3. Way to get the word out, this is a great movie I have seen it twice on the documentary channel.

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