Converting America from Capitalism to Socialism – THAT WAS EASY!

Some of you may not have heard of Saul Alinsky. Let me introduce the two of you since is he is the new founding father, replacing George, of the future of our country.

He was the mentor and teacher to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on how to use “community organizing” to force political change from within a system without using direct confrontation, such as a war or coup. To be blunt, if a group of socialists called themselves socialists, ran on the election ticket as socialists and admitted that everything they wanted to do would be to support socialism, Americans would emphatically resist, denounce and reject all such efforts. So to even the dumbest American citizen it should be crystal clear that if you are in fact a socialist and do in fact want socialism, you can neither call yourself a socialist nor directly promote or call your ideas socialism.

So where are the socialists now? They are within our own government and have been working for decades to slowly, quietly, methodically, innocently, plot and strategize the eventual political conversion of capitalism to socialism from within our very own system, using our very own rules and our very own laws. These are exactly the methods that Saul Alinsky taught to Hillary and Barack and many others.

This is not a conspiracy theory. Many of them do not even consider themselves socialist and would deny it. The truth is, that which socialists want is also that which power hungry and greedy politicians want. The means are differently motivated, but the ends are the same. This is why it does not take many actual socialists in our government to manipulate the game plan, nudge others in the right direction by supporting their need for power and for greed. And if in fact any of our non-socialist politicians do realize the true direction they are enabling real socialists to take us, why would they want to be on the losing side? If they play along, they stand to gain in the riches as all the wealth, control and power is centralized up to the top, within Big Government, and away from the peons…err…people.

I mean seriously, take a look around you. Most Americans are too busy worried about what the Kardashians are doing, if Snooki is drinking while she’s pregnant, who the next American Idol will be, what’s the next App they should get for their iPhone, which Orange County Housewife is the most obnoxious, if they should upgrade their car on their next lease, and if they feel like a Starbucks mocha or a Coffee Bean latte. If you had to choose sides in this silent war for our future and our freedom, which side do you think seems to be paying attention and will ultimately reach its goals? I mean hell, even the non-Socialists want to come down feet first on the winning side of this game.

Remember too that Politicians are people too…barely. They have families, they have bills to pay and a mortgage. This is their career. If they fail to side with the winner in this war for our future, they will quickly be out of a job. Most politicians are career political machines. They never had a day job like you and me, this is all they’ve ever known and all they can do. This is why politicians should always come from the private sector; businessmen, entrepreneurs, the working class, inventors…men and women that have been on this side of the front line. Alas, that is not what we have. We have lawyers, over-educated theoretical professional ivy league students, and career politicians, so that is what we must consider. And believe me…when they are home at night thinking quietly to themselves over a drink after their kids have gone to bed, they are making decisions about which side of this line in the sand to be on and they are motivated to protect their families just like the rest of us. It is important that we don’t discount this when we consider why Congress seems to have stopped listening to the people, why they have decoupled from “representative government” and are off doing their own thing which is most often the opposite of how we have asked them to represent us.

So what is the game, exactly? Saul Alinksy’s goal was to slowly convert our current political system into socialism using what we euphemistically know as the “boiling frog” theory. If you put a citizen, err….I mean a frog, in a pot of boiling water, the frog will immediately realize the danger and jump out. Put the same frog in a pot of cold water and slowly bring up the heat instead, and the frog will boil to death, none the wiser as to why.

The idea was for socialists to work their way up politically from within the system, quietly corrupting both political parties, pretending to believe what they did not, creating a decades-long strategy of implementing innocuous laws that seemed harmless enough to the average citizen, only taking away a little freedom here, a little freedom there, a bit of regulation here and a bit of regulation there. Can you feel the water around you slowly heating up? Once these laws were weaved together into one gigantic net of systemic controls after decades of methodical and calculating implementation, they would provide the Big Government Socialists all the power and money and control in all the right places that they would need to cinch the net up nice and tight around all of us using our very own laws and regulations that we had all unknowingly, stupidly, apathetically,  allowed to pass.

This is why I get agitated by those that get argumentative with me over seemingly little laws. Look at the laws already in place, or constantly being brought up to vote in Congress; Scanners at the airport, for your safety, controls over the internet, to protect the children, recording devices in your car, for your protection, warrantless searches, to find terrorists, aerial drones over residential neighborhoods, to look for criminals, outlaw firearms, to prevent crime, install cameras everywhere, to deter criminal activity. Big Government isn’t stupid. The Government is never going to create a law that is followed by, to control you, to keep an eye on you, to take away your freedoms, to know where you are, to know what you are writing, to centralize our power structure. That would be stupid, obviously. Big Government will always pass little laws about little things that can then be connected together, slowly, later, over time with much bigger consequences that we did not see coming. That is why even slight efforts to abridge our freedoms, our constitutional rights, must be absolutely denied. We must prevent them from threading the net, so they can never cinch it. Do you understand?

We gave, and are giving the silent Socialists the very rope from which they will hang us.

Hillary was a devout follower of Alinsky’s “community organizing” tactics and wrote papers in college about him while Obama was his student and later taught Alinsky’s methods during his brief career as an “educator.” Knowing this direct relationship between Obama and Alinsky, there should not be a citizen alive that does not see the writing on the wall. Everyone should clearly see now why Obama creates socialist laws and attempts to tear down capitalism at every turn. He admired, respected, was mentored and trained by a known socialist agitator and then later taught those same methods to others.

In the book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage (highly recommend) the author explains how Obama’s father hated capitalism, hated any wealthy country and denounced them as “imperialist” nations that were an enemy of the people. Obama wrote an uplifting book about his father called, “Dreams of my Father.” So if these were in fact his father’s dreams, and Obama writes a book about them, what does that mean to you?

Why is there any surprise that Barack Obama, a self-proclaimed “community organizer” that worked with, learned from, and personally knew Saul Alinsky, another self-proclaimed “community organizer” and a socialist agitator, would attempt to dismantle capitalism at every turn? Why is there any surprise that Obama writes a book about his father’s dreams, dreams about his hate for capitalism and imperialism, and then shows his hate for America by the laws he tries to pass, the controls he tries to implement? Why are we surprised that the socialist moles already in government support him at very turn? Why are we surprised when the non-Socialist politicians take one look at us obsessed with Khloe’s divorce from Lamar, then look back at a resolute Obama and his determined and entrenched socialist supporters, and they decide to support them and not us?

And here we sit. The net cinching. The noose tightening. The water boiling. What will YOU do to stop it? YOU too, must do something. Donate to the cause. Create a blog. Educate others. Forward or Facebook blogs and websites about these actions against America. Listen to Peter Schiff radio, read at least one of the books on my blog and talk to others about it.

But please, do something. Anything. It’s time to get in the game, before the game is over and we’ve lost.

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