Jefferson Memorial – One of the Founding Founders – Why is it so out of the way?

mallWhen I was in high school I went to Washington D.C. with my high school to compete at the national level for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). I visited many tourist points including Arlington Cemetery, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Vietnam Memorial, the White House, Congress and the Reflecting Pool. I remember thinking to myself even way back then, more than 20 years ago…that the Jefferson Memorial was oddly out of the way of everything else. I saw almost everything there was to see, but the Jefferson Memorial was so far away, we never went there.

If you look at the map above, you can see that almost everything you’d want to see stretches between #1 to just beyond #5. All of that is walkable, including to the White House and the U.S. Capitol. But then there is #3, the Jefferson Memorial, very out of the way, and all by itself and not as readily walkable.

I went again while I was in the area while on vacation, and yet again, I did not make it to the Jefferson Memorial because once you are on The Mall, most everything is within walking distance from you. I went yet again several years later when I was with my wife while attending two Tea Party rallies on The Mall by the reflecting pool and we visited many of the same monuments as she had never seen them, but again, the Jefferson Memorial was just not convenient to visit with everything else located so close together by The Mall. However, due to my new found loathing of Big Government, I did manage to visit the IRS building so I could seethe with scorn at its edifice, and reverentially gazed upon the Constitution at the National Archives. It took a Big Government abusing me, Obama’s socialist policies and The Fed’s destruction of the dollar to incentivize me to learn about Jefferson, and why his memorial is the most important in Washington D.C. despite being the hardest one to visit.

My high school (Government-provided) did not add that to the list of, “must see” places we went to, and all the other times I have been to Washington D.C. it has been so, “out of the way” that I could just not get to it, and lets face it, I had the same thought millions of other Americans probably had, and still have, when visiting D.C. My thought was, and I am not exaggerating or making this up…my thought when I visited D.C. all those times was that if Jefferson were so important, he would not be so far away. That clearly our Government, made of our duly elected representatives (i.e. educated), must think he is not that important, but rather of some mediocre significance, and as a result, they reluctantly gave him a monument way out in the middle of nowhere as a weak acknowledgement of some contribution or other that he may have had at some time, but not really relevant for current citizens to bother themselves with. I swear…that is what I thought. I am sure many other Americans succumb to the same fallacy. If he was so important, why is he not with the Lincoln Memorial or the Washington Monument? Clearly…he must be irrelevant.

Ninety percent of what there is to see in D.C. is within walking distance of each other, or a short cab or subway ride. But the Jefferson Memorial is way out in the middle of nowhere off a freeway exit ramp on the other side of the tidal basin. 4BP2D00ZMost Americans stay within the 90% tourist zone, and having the same thought about the Jefferson Memorial as I did, I am sure they never visit it, or learn how important Jefferson was, and is, today. I am a Libertarian, and a Jeffersonian…but most people don’t know what that means.

Jeffersonians fight against Big Government, endorse smaller government, limited government, and more freedom for the individual. Jeffersonians advocate charity and benevolence and taking care of your fellow man. Jeffersonians are against the partnership of corporations and Government, who will work together to suppress The People and take away their freedom. Jeffersonians hate central banks, and know the destructive powers they can wield against the citizens of America. Jeffersonians respect the individual, the one….you. Everything Jefferson feared, has come true. Jefferson had a nightmare that was the future of America, and we are now living within it. His nightmare is our reality.

Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson, an enemy of the State

Being the Libertarian that I am, and knowing how much Government hates anyone that hates Government, I can’t help but assume that Jefferson’s Memorial was relegated to a distant, out-of-the-way, hard-to-get-to location, sitting all by itself with no other reason to go there…because Jefferson is the strongest representative from the Founding Fathers of all that is wrong with Government (FYI – Founding Fathers has been removed from the White House website and changed to Founding Founders since our insane and priority-stupid Government found the term, “Fathers” to be gender offensive…not kidding…read it here). Jefferson loathed Big Government. He warned future citizens (us) in his letters and memoirs that Government would eventually come calling for all our freedoms, using any scare tactics and means necessary to do it. Not only has Big Government come calling, they’ve moved in with us.

The next time I am in Washington D.C., the only memorial I am going to visit will be Jefferson’s. Indeed, as far as I am concerned, it is the only memorial worth visiting for anyone who calls themselves an American.

Most of the other memorials are mere propaganda.

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  1. It’s a great memorial. I got a little bust for my desk and a pin up of TJ’s best quotes. Well worth the trip.

  2. The Government is providing no shortage of reasons for me to return to D.C. so I am sure I will be back, and you can be sure, the JM is my first stop. I like that idea of getting a bust or statue…hmmmm….time to Google….

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