If you have high blood pressure, the Government will take your guns eventually.

It’s pretty obvious how the Government, mostly Liberals or Democrats, will take away your guns or ban you from getting any. And I am sure the Republicans won’t get in the way – I have yet to figure out what the Republicans actually do in Congress.

The first, is by simply expanding the conditions for which you will be ineligible for guns. I have talked about this before, where anyone who is prescribed psychotropic drugs, or any mind impairing drugs, will eventually be barred from applying for, or retaining a gun permit, and will have to surrender their guns to the State.

Liberals will say this will never happen, that conservatives are crazy, but thankfully, Hawaii is already doing this if you have a medical prescription for pot. For every thing that has happened that conservatives have warned about, there was a Liberal that said it would never happen. So the writing is on the wall, and the path is clear.

As mass shootings continue, and as they continue to be tied to people who are on psychotropic drugs, the connection of these dots on how to ban guns is pretty clear. This will include, at some point, anyone who has taken an anti-depressant, or who has ever attended therapy for various reasons that will be be determined by the Government as making you unstable or of a questionable mental state.

Considering how many military Vets are on some kind of anti-depressant, it’s a great way for a State to completely disarm the warrior class of “free” citizens, the most dangerous class of citizens for the government to deal with.

Interesting if it were planned…let me put my conspiracy theorist tin hat on….the State maintains an endless war so every warrior-type male goes off to fight, some being eliminated in the process (full bonus for the State), others physically disabled in the process (half-bonus for the State), with many more mentally distraught by the whole ordeal and on anti-depressants for possibly the rest of their lives (quarter-bonus for the State once they ban guns for anyone who has ever taken an anti-depressant).

Eventually, the ban will be expanded to anyone on any drugs for any medical condition that may have an “adverse effect” on your mental cognition. Certain heart medications, blood pressure medications, cancer treatment drugs, and a multitude of other prescriptions for various ailments, if any of the side effects include some reduction in your cognitive abilities, will be added to that which can get you banned. DUI is not just for alcohol, in fact more people are receiving DUI’s for prescription drugs than for alcohol in many counties, so if prescription drugs can make you lose your driver’s license, then it’s not a long walk to losing your gun license too, and under the same premise – you’re unfit to engage in the responsibility the Government has permitted you to have, so it must be taken away from you.

This is also why (one of the reasons) the Government wants; a) a national gun registry and, b) to take over healthcare. Once they have access to your health records AND access to who has what guns, the twain shall meet in some government database, and millions will find themselves being barred from gun ownership.

Any misdemeanor or felony conviction will ultimately ban you from guns if the crime is associated in any way with an event associated with a reduction in your mental health or a lack of self-control. For example, a misdemeanor DUI (alcohol) will eventually ban you from owning a gun as you have shown that you are not capable of self-control and allowed yourself to become impaired from a chemical dependency. The possession or use of marijuana will ban you from guns (like in Hawaii), as will any rehab you have undergone, or even any calls to your house for a domestic disturbance, even if nothing came of it, as will any child custody judgement against you if your wife/husband claimed (unsubstantiated of course) that you were violent or a drug user  – all because you allowed your mental state to be altered, in which case, you are unpredictable and dangerous to society – so the State will say.

If you are ticketed for “reckless driving” by going over 100mph for example, this will be sufficient to show your reckless behavior which is grounds for banning you from guns. If you collect several speeding tickets or other moving violations, or your credit score is too low, or you’ve declared bankruptcy, or can’t keep a job, or are receiving welfare, or defaulted on creditors…all of this will eventually be used against you, in order to prevent you from gun ownership, by showing these criteria as proof that you are not a responsible person. If you can’t pay your bills, or stop speeding, or commit to work – how can you be trusted with something as important and dangerous as a gun?

Did the doctor ever tell you that you were overweight? Obese? Clearly you have a lack of self-control if the doctor does not document that it is hereditary or due to some ailment. No self-control? No guns for you!

Do you gamble? Have you ever lost money at the casinos and filed losses with the IRS from gambling? Yet again, a lack of self-control. No guns for you!

It won’t come all at once. They nibble. They take a little here, and a little there. Maybe it will start as a point system. One point for speeding, three points for a DUI, and if you exceed 5 points then your gun permit is revoked and you must sell, transfer or turn in your guns. Maybe there is an appeal process, maybe there isn’t. Maybe the points fall off like they do on a driver’s license, maybe they don’t. Either way, the government and liberals will argue that the second amendment is not impacted because as long as you meet the “right” criteria, as defined by the State, then you can have a gun, therefore your rights are not being violated and look, there is even an appeal process.

It’s not unlike the process now, where in many parts of the country you have to “show a need” for a gun, and Liberals say, “Look, your constitutional rights are not being violated, as long as you can prove a NEED for the gun, you can have one.” It’s this slippery slope that will continue until most of the population fails to meet the criteria the State will create over time.

If you think how a Liberal thinks, this is not that hard to believe. It will be sold to the population as a necessary control to prevent people who are routinely in an altered state of mind due to their dependency on drugs OR need for prescription drugs due to an an existing ailment, through no fault of their own. Should we really trust anyone with something as deadly as a gun who is routinely not in their right state of mind – will say the State.

It will also be sold as a necessary control to prevent irresponsible people who make poor choices in their life, and have been shown to have a history of constant contact with, or occurrences of, a lifestyle that deems them unsafe to society and a threat to yourself and your children. A conservative who tries to argue this will simply be labeled as someone who wants irresponsible people to have guns, and wants children to die at the hands of people that can’t make good decisions and that owning a gun is a privilege, not a right, and is one bestowed upon someone by the State who has shown a history of exemplary behavior, and without any question as to their mental health, and can be completely trusted with that awesome responsibility.

There – I just wrote the first ad campaign against guns for the Democrats. You’re welcome.




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