Implant RFID Tracking Chips Inside Your Child or Force Them to Carry Them? There’s No Difference – Texas Children Subjected to RFID Tracking

A Texas school is implanting RFID transponder chips subcutaneously in students to allow the school to locate them on campus. Oh…wait, did I say implant? Sorry. That’s the next step, right now they are only making the students carry RFID chipped ID cards with them so the school can locate them on campus. Got ahead of myself there, sometimes the “Big Government Supporter” in me gets carried away.

A Texas school district, as of October 1, is requiring all students to attend class with their RFID chipped ID cards on their person. They must have them at all times or they will be denied participation in certain school activities. Some students have been told they will not be allowed to vote for the school’s homecoming King and Queen if they do not carry their ID card while others have been denied access to certain areas of the school such as the cafeteria or library.

The school claims that the RFID chip will, “increase safety.” However, for $30 sexual predators can submit a Freedom of Information Act Request and be provided the name of every student attending any of the 112 schools that will ultimately be impacted by the RFID program. The RFID card for students contains a battery, so unlike passive RFID chips that need to be pinged to transmit, this RFID ID card actively transmits a signal. Combined with an easily attainable RFID receiver a predator can easily track and find the location of fresh young targets to abduct, molest, sodomize, rape or murder.

The school however is disinterested in this safety concern, dismissing it for their more important and immediate concern of securing $2,000,000 in additional federal funding they will receive by improving their truancy rates; 25% of the funding has already been spent creating the RFID system in the first place.

Truancy rates will improve, but not because students are attending class again. They will improve because students are giving their RFID cards to other students on campus so they will appear as if they are at school. The school only needs a means in which to prove their truancy rate has improved in order to secure the additional taxpayer money, so providing a system-generated report to the Federal Government showing an “improvement” in truancy will be sufficient, despite the fact that no actual change in truancy occurred. In other words, the school will receive additional money by proving how many ID cards remained on campus, not students. For our Government, notorius for not being interested in enforcing social welfare handout participation rules, this will be more than sufficient to secure the $2M.

When the parents of one student protested the system and supported their daughter’s right not to carry an RFID chip, the Deputy Superintendent, Ray Galindo, issued a statement to the parents:

We are simply asking your daughter to wear an ID badge as every other student and adult on the Jay campus is asked to do. I urge you to accept this solution so that your child’s instructional program will not be affected. As we discussed, there will be consequences for refusal to wear an ID card as we begin to move forward with full implementation.

Got that? Urge you…accept this…there will be consequences for refusal…full implementation. Also note that, “every other student and adult” is wearing them. This is a typical Statist tactic. The one thing Statists fear the most is independent thought. In order to crush this and turn the herd against you, they must publicly condemn and shame you for not following the herd, for not doing your part for the collective, for thinking on your own.

This Government representative is threatening the parents that these Government schools will refuse to educate their child (despite the tax money they are forced to pay, or be imprisoned, to provide that education) if they do not agree to force their daughter to be tracked and monitored regardless of the parent’s safety or Constitutional violation of freedom concerns.

This is greed. This is abuse of authority. This is corruption. This is tyranny. This is………Government.

The parents have been stripped of their right to decide what is best for their own daughter. They must succumb to Government mandate or they and their daughter will be punished by the State. If they keep her at the school she will be denied access to various areas and events as punishment, and it appears even more dire consequences will ensue for failure to comply if they  persist. If they remove her from the school they will either have to move her to another school district, enroll her in private school, or home school her, all of which carry substantial costs to the family in addition to the taxes they will be forced to continue paying that provide for a public school education that they have had to abandon to protect their freedoms.

Big Government always takes your freedoms under the flag of, “your safety.” That is why we are now subject to Constitutional trampling by The Patriot Act and the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) where American citizens can be held indefinitely without cause, a trial, or a warrant – a complete violation of our Constitutional rights of “innocent until proven guilty,” but the Government simply responds with, “it’s for your own safety.”

The bill [NDAA] allows the government to hand over suspected terrorists to the military for indefinite detentionincluding U.S. citizens. Suspects are also subjected to potentially being held on foreign soil in facilities like Guantanamo Bay. People under scrutiny by the NDAA are tried under a military tribunal instead of a judicial court, violating their Fourth Amendment rights…and are denied their right to habeas corpus (Link).

Habeas corpus is your Constitutional right to be brought before a Judge for your alleged crime. NDAA nullifies that right. NDAA is current law.

Nullification of our 4th Amendment protections and habeas corpus, indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, unwarranted wire taps and sneak and peeks into citizens’ private homes. It doesn’t matter if any of these have been used yet, it only matters that the laws are on the books allowing future Presidents and politicians to use them when the time is right, as they see fit, for any reason they feel is necessary, “for your safety.” And now…”for your safety,” we have RFID chips for our children.

If you are willing to look the other way on RFID chips for our children, just like you did for the abuses of the TSA, just like you did for The Patriot Act, like you did for NDAA, just like you do for all the things the Government is going to do and does “for our safety” or “for our own good” then you must be willing to accept complete Government domination.

You must agree that you are okay with RFID implants at birth, “for their safety” and to “protect citizens from terrorists,” as well as warrantless searches of private homes, cars, property and random searches of individuals on the street, at school, at work, as long as the Government deems it necessary, “for your safety.” If you support RFID chips on campus, The Patriot Act, the NDAA, then you must by default accept complete Government control over you, your children, your family and your property as long as the Government claims the need is, “for your safety.”

Anyone who supports this constant and abusive destruction of our rights and freedoms is a traitor to the United States. If you are willing to allow Government to do anything it wants, “for your safety” then you will get your wish – Government will do, anything it wants because there is no limit to what can be done for you, and to you, in the name of, “your safety.”

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  1. You are an idiot and have no idea how this technology works. It is literally impossible to track someone with this type of RFID chip outside of the school. It never ceases to amaze me how when people like you cannot find real evidence to support your wild idiotic theories you will simply lie and make up any idiotic thing you can think of In the hopes that other people equally as idiotic as you will believe it. Furthermore, children do not have an expectation of privacy while they are attending a public school. We entrust the school every day to keep our children safe. They are allowed to use any tool in the arsenal to accomplish this task.

    • Were you raised by wolves? In a civilized society where we use forks and knives and not our hands to eat our food, we don’t talk to each other like that. Didn’t your mother teach you the basics? Do girls swoon over you when you talk like that to them? CLASSY!

      It is not, “literally impossible” to track someone with an RFID chip outside of the school. It is at a minimum possible to track an RFID chip within 30 feet of the chip, and that distance can be greater depending on how big the chip is. Assuming the school would want to minimize costs, it would be cheaper to use bigger chips and so fewer trackers, and therefore the range may be even greater. There is a product called the Finder that is no bigger than an iPhone, and half as thick, that can find your keys, your wallet, etc… anywhere in your house based on an RFID sticker that you could fit two of on your pinky nail.

      According to an AT&T marketing piece on the units they sell, specifically for tracking students in schools, “RFID tags come in two varieties: passive and active. Passive tags carry very little information about the person or thing being tracked. Lacking an independent power source, they’re unable to transmit signals over long distances. In most applications, therefore, students carrying passive tags cannot be tracked continuously, only when they pass close to readers at doorways and other checkpoints. Compared with active tags, Carman says, “they’re a little less Big Brotherish.” Active tags are powered by self-contained batteries and can transmit signals to standard Wi-Fi access points hundreds of feet away. As a result,they’re better suited for tracking the exact location of visitors or physical assets like computers and projectors.”

      So in “most” applications, students cannot be tracked continuously, which means if the school wants them tracked continuously, it is possible. And even in the “most” applications, the RFID chip can be picked up as it passes a reader, like a reader in some perverts car, or a reader or readers they left somewhere along the paths that kids take to walk home that transmits to the pervert that a child, alone, just walked by a particular reader pinpointing the location to the perv who got the signal. And in the other case, active tags, they use a Wi-Fi access point HUNDREDS of feet away. HUNDREDS of feet! And it’s Wi-Fi, which as we already know, is easily hacked and tracked, so with an active tag a kid could be continuously tracked from hundreds of feet away as they walk home.

      Clearly, it is not “impossible” as you claimed. Nothing is impossible. There are people that skim personal data off WiFi signals outside of people’s homes and at coffee shops, networks are hacked all the time, there is radar, radar detectors and radar detector detectors, but you think that someone who wanted to track a kid would suddenly be at a loss for a way to do it? That somehow, for this ONE THING, the technological possibilities would break down? That is short sighted and lacks imagination.

      You’re going to say that children don’t have a reasonable expectation of privacy at school but not cite anything to prove it? Okay, well now is your opportunity, cite something that proves that.

      Your premise is wrong anyway. You assume they want to use these trackers to keep children safe, but so far most of the articles I have ever read on this involves money. The schools are paid on attendance, and they want a way to track those little warm bodies of cash so they can cha-ching on their presence in the building. Safety is not the reason they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on these systems, it’s the almighty tax payer dollar. So, are you saying that you are willing to sacrifice SOME safety for your children, that could potentially be tracked on their RFID chip so your school can get more of your tax dollars? Is that what I am hearing here?

      Pascual Gonzalez, Northside’s communications director, estimates the entire district has been losing about $1.7 million a year because of underreported attendance. He says the RFID system, which costs $261,000, should pay for itself in the first year.

      “We entrust the school every day to keep our children safe. They are allowed to use any tool in the arsenal to accomplish this task.” <- Wow. Are you a Socialist? Does this apply to adults too, to keep us safe? Do you agree we should have the TSA at train stations and cruise terminals as well? Do you think we should be required to show our "papers" when asked by an "authority?" I mean, if all of these are to "keep us safe" then should we allow Government to use, "any tool in its arsenal?" Following your logic, that is what you are saying. Is that what you are saying? Wow…if it is. WOW.


  1. RFID Pflicht für alle Babys ab Mai 2014 ? | Reichstageszeitung

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