The insanity of Self-Identifying

Originally, we lost the battle for truth when liberal dogma indoctrinated society into believing that there was no truth, only opinions, and that everyone’s opinion is to be respected. In such a world, there is no right or wrong, there is only each individuals narcissism, and the coagulating of like minded narcissists into militarized voting blocks demanding their 1/10,000th of the pie, and everyone else’s slice too.

Then came the attack on words themselves, and that all words must be defined based on their offensiveness to any particular group or individual, which, not surprisingly, has shown that a great many words could be offensive to a great many people (except straight white males).

And so we have reached a point where neither truth, nor words themselves, have any concrete foundation. No true definition. They mean exactly what they mean to each individual as they consider them at any given point in time, subject to change, no more, no less.

And for that reason, it is now acceptable for anyone to self-identify as anyone else, because what you are and all that you are and all the ways that you would be described and defined as what you are, if you find some or all of them to be offensive, can simply be changed to that which you want to be, and anyone who doesn’t see you for what you tell them you are, and not what you really are, must be condemned and destroyed.


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