How buying a house and getting a job are now Government granted privileges.

EducationNobody reads the back of the paper you get from the DMV that you sign to renew your driver’s license, but let me tell you what it says as I just got mine…

  • First, if you kill someone from a DUI, including your first DUI, they can now put you on trial for murder (as opposed to involuntary manslaughter). And they will use the fact that you signed your driver’s license renewal as evidence that you were aware of this law, and so cannot claim ignorance.
  • Second, if you fail to pay your state income tax (CA), they can suspend your driver’s license (they will soon, no doubt, require your DL to file taxes, some states already do require, for other states it is a “recommendation” – for now)
  • Third, if you fail to pay child support, they can suspend your driver’s license.
  • Fourth, they collect your social security number so that if you owe a Federal government agency money, they can suspend your driver’s license.
  • Fifth, by signing your renewal, you are agreeing to submitting to a test of your blood, breath or urine for alcohol or drugs by the police. So while one might argue that various rights are being violated by a BAC test, because you signed for your renewal, you’ve waived any such rights. But again, what choice did you have? It’s either waive all your rights or die or live in a hole  – because you can’t do a damn thing to survive without a driver’s license.

And that’s because what we have is not a driver’s license – it is a Citizenship ID Card. Without one, you effectively cease to exist – because you can no longer do any of these things:

  • Move “freely” about the country in your car
  • Get a job
  • Open a checking account
  • Use a debit or credit card
  • Enroll in school
  • Buy a house
  • Buy a car
  • Apply for government benefits
  • Apply for a loan
  • Drive a boat
  • Drive a motorcycle
  • Buy tobacco
  • Buy drinks at a bar
  • Buy alcohol at a store
  • Dance at a club
  • Get on a plane

Exactly how would you survive, if you could do none of the above because the Government took your “driver’s” license away?

The Government tells us that “driving is a privilege” when we challenge their right to manage drivers licenses. The overlooked tyranny in the Government’s argument is that a driver’s license is no longer about driving, is it?

According to that Government’s logic, opening a checking account is now a government privilege. Buying a house is now a government  privilege. Getting a job is now a government  privilege.

If you need a driver’s license to do these things, and the government says that granting you such a license to do these things is a privilege, then doing these things is now also a privilege. And a privilege, unlike a right, can be revoked.

So don’t look now citizens – but quietly and without any fuss from the proletariat, the government has converted your driver’s license into a Citizenship ID Card and secured complete control over your ability to function in any meaningful way in America without the tacit approval of your government.

Without a whimper, your natural born rights to move about your own country freely, to work and earn an income, to engage in commerce, to pursue the American Dream, to drive the kids to soccer practice – have all been converted to government granted privileges.

And you can expect that list at the top of this post, of what the government can revoke your existence for, to get longer and longer.

And all with a simple, boring, ubiquitous, seemingly insignificant plastic card with your picture on it.

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3 replies

  1. Aside from driving, can’t you do all of the rest of those things with a passport?

  2. Yes. Most or all. But a passport is also a government invention. That’s why I support the global citizen concept, where we should be able to move freely about the world without having to tether ourselves to a single geographic area that only exists as lines on a map. If a government does not provide welfare, there is no incentive for someone who would not work, or not attempt to make a living, to come to that country. Imagine if we could just hop on a plane or a train and go to any country. We would have to bring money, or earn it. They could choose to hire us, or not. We can choose to accept the pay they offer, or we don’t. But ultimately, we would exist as free sovereign individuals engaging in voluntary and mutually beneficial arrangements. That is another long discussion.

    So yes, a passport would work, but accepting one form of government issued citizen identification tracking paperwork over another is just “mas o menos” the same thing. The point is that we should not need government “approval” to do any one of these things, and more importantly, we should not be afraid of a government that can, and does, use this approval, to remove these rights when they decide to disapprove. Unfortunately, people only care about how much their government can control them, when it decides to exercise that control, and then it’s too late.

  3. To make another point….the rights that we are born with….our freedoms…the government takes by slow acquisition, one by one by one over a long period of time. They take a freedom…and then rebrand it as a privilege…then threaten us with revoking that privilege which we then don’t recognize is actually a threat against the loss of our freedom.

    Very insidious. Very cunning. Very brilliant.

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