The Determinators Documentary – When The Government Takes Over Your Health Care – Live Or Die, The Choice Is Not Yours – The Truth About Government Healthcare

If you would rather not read the following post in its entirety, I beg you to at least watch the first five minutes of this documentary, found by clicking here. If you are still interested after the video, you can always come back and read that I have to say, but right now, I am more interested in people watching this movie. It’s important. Please watch it.


With Obamacare, there are no “Death Panels.” That’s absurd.

We also know that nobody lives forever no matter how much money is spent on their medical care, and we know that there is a limit to how much money can be spent on any one particular person because, well, to be blunt, there is a limited supply of money – as we all know. Therefore, since nobody can live forever, and there is a limited supply of money to be spent on any one particular person, there must be a mechanism that controls how much money is spent on who and for what.

Previously, this mechanism was you, your Doctor and your insurance company. This has changed.

So while there will be no, “Death Panels,” what there will be is simply a legislatively enacted bureaucratic body composed of medical, statistical and financial professionals that will work together to develop a series of guidelines on what types of medical care will be covered by the Government, for who, how much each will cost, and under what circumstances they will be permitted.


Live or Die?

The medical advisory component of this body will assist with the myriad of ailments and diseases and their potential outcomes based on various treatment options that any one of us could be born with, or potentially contract or endure in our lifetime. The financial advisory component of this body will determine the costs associated with the treatment of each one of these potential ailments. The statistical advisory component of this body, mostly composed of actuaries will determine which medical procedures at the various cost levels would be statistically feasible for any given individual taking into consideration each individuals previous medical history, family medical history, costs incurred to date, age, sex, ethnicity, life style, current medications, objective factors like smoking or drinking, the cost of the medical option, the likelihood of success that each medical option will have and what potential medical complications or problems might occur in the future based on all of these factors.

For example, if you are 92 and in need of a liver transplant, there is a much higher likelihood that you will not receive a transplant compared to someone who is 35, unless you’re a 35-year-old that drinks or smokes, in which case your odds of being approved drop dramatically. If you have a history of liver problems or liver problems run in your family, if you have already had a liver transplant, or if you have another medical condition such as cancer or heart disease, any of these will further lower the likelihood of approval for the transplant. This is not based on anything personal, it’s based entirely on statistical math. What you want, is simply not one of the mathematical variables.

We were subject to similar calculations by our medical insurance companies except insurance companies in a free market (not the Government distorted market we have now) must compete with each other for our business or they will go out of business, so on a daily basis they are trying to lower costs, improve customer satisfaction and provide more covered services for less. The amount of coverage we wanted, therefore the likelihood of being approved or denied for any particular medical procedure or drug, was partially based on how much we were willing to pay in premiums, and in the end, we could pay for the procedure or drug we needed ourselves if we could afford it. On the other hand, Government is not in competition with anyone, so there is no need for them to lower costs, provide better customer service, provide more covered services for less and we don’t have an option to buy more or less coverage or pay for the service or the drugs we need ourselves. Government medical care will be run as successfully and cost effectively as Amtrak, the Post Office, the DMV and every other failed, corrupt, expensive, bureaucratically red-taped administrative branch it has created. And when its costs go up, which they will, because they always have, they will come back to the taxpayer and take more, like they always do.

Healthcare In A Free Nation

In a nutshell, our medical care will be reduced to the lowest common denominator because everyone must be treated equally, and there is not enough money to treat everyone equally and also treat them with the best medical procedures, the best doctors and the best medicines – because as noted earlier, there is only so much money.  We can not have both. It is like promising every American a car. Those Americans who were previously willing to pay more in premiums or who belonged to a highly competitive “car provider” could have received a Cadillac Escalade but will now only be given a Ford Fiesta, because there is not enough money to buy Cadillacs for everyone and everyone must be treated equally, so Ford Fiestas for all!

How Government-Run Healthcare Will Start

For the evil Altruists who demand that we take care of everyone, they must accept the fact that they are condemning many men, women and children to unnecessary pain, early death and are denying them access to medicine and procedures that they could have had if they were free men and women in a free country with a free economy, not enslaved by Altruists and the Government to wear the chains of redistribution where we are all slaves who only produce for the collective, not for ourselves. As Karl Marx once said, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

Most Americans are able to produce enough to receive a Cadillac but under Government healthcare they will only get a Fiesta…just like everyone else. Over time, people will simply stop producing since all they will ever get is a Fiesta. Then what? I can tell you the first thing that will happen…as the producers stop producing, there will be less money to redistribute and our Ford Fiestas will be replaced with Yugos. As the money to redistribute continues its inevitable decline, there will be less and less money available to research new medications, to invent new medical technologies and to create new medical procedures. Possibly the greatest loss not only to Americans, but to the People of the World, will be the medicines, technologies and procedures that are not created as a result of Government-run healthcare. Without competition, without the possibility of failure, without profits earned and made available to spend on research and development; pain will be felt and lives will be lost because of what didn’t happen. It will be impossible to prove this negative, but this is as much a fact as all the other negative consequences we are about to suffer from.

How Government-Run Healthcare Will End

In addition, most people attempt to maintain their health to some degree not only to live longer, but to prevent costly medical care. If you have to pay something, anything, to see the Doctor, you will make sure a need exists before you go, but if cost is not a factor, the reasons to take care of oneself are diminished and you will visit the Doctor for everything that ails you whether you actually need care or not. Many services and products that will be covered will also be abused by people who don’t really need or want them but get them because they are free. All of this increases everyone’s wait times, increases costs and reduces everyone’s quality of care.Ultimately, whether we live or die will be the result of an individual within a large group of individuals in a cubicle farm that work in something akin to a National Health Services Administrative Office somewhere in the country in charge of processing our application for a particular treatment or medicine by plugging all of the various actuarial factors noted above into a software program that was written based on all of the information provided by the medical, financial and statistical members of the aforementioned body, which will then, after calculating all of the information provided, create a report with a recommendation that will either support or deny the claim that was presented.

There will probably be some method of appealing the recommendation and certain applications will be reviewed by a human in certain unique situations, but ultimately, in order to maintain some level of consistency and attempt to control costs to some degree and as Obama is so fond of saying about raising taxes, “to be fair,” whether you live or die or receive a treatment or medication will be decided by an Intel processor.

In the end, as you sit in a chair in a cold clinical office faced with a serious health concern, your Doctor will not advise you what your options are, he will advise you what the Government’s options for you are.

So will there be a “Death Panel?” Silly goose, of course not. But there will be a “Death App.”


As to the argument about those with pre-existing conditions, this argument is a Red Herring. According to the GAO (Government Accountability Office), between 36 million and 112 million people have pre-existing conditions. That is between 12% and 36% of the population. So what is a pre-existing condition anyway? It can be hypertension…diabetes. Some plans consider acne, asthma or high blood pressure a pre-existing condition. It’s amazing that it’s only 112 million, when it should be everyone. And yet, most of us can still get insurance. In fact, most states already limit how far back an insurance company can look for pre-existing conditions, the majority of them range from a few months to a few years, and many States ban it outright – even before Obamacare.

I have high blood pressure. I also wear contacts, which is by both commonly accepted definitions, pre-existing. It is unknown how many of the 36 to 112 million people are currently uninsured because, “most people get their insurance through an employer, and employer plans are already available irrespective of pre-existing conditions.” So in reality, most people with pre-existing conditions are already covered because we are not required to have an exam before we sign up for our employer’s health care coverage. So even though I have high blood pressure, poor eyesight, might be considered slightly overweight and have a history of heart problems and cancer in my family…guess what…I still have private insurance.

So if States are already limiting or banning “look-back” periods for pre-existing conditions and since most Americans already have one and can still get insurance, is Obamacare really for our benefit or what is more likely, simply a power and control and money grab by the Federal Government?

The truth is, Government has created tax incentives that encourage businesses to provide health insurance rather than pay us more in income so we can buy it ourselves because they can reduce their tax exposure based on how much they spend to provide our coverage which they can not do if they just paid us the money. This Government manipulation, among many others including limiting our choices of insurance to those within our State, and requiring insurance companies by law to pay for things like back massages, psychotherapy and acupuncture whether we want those coverages or not, have astronomically driven up the cost of healthcare in the private sector forcing all of us to get it through our employer.

And because we get our insurance through our employer we are exposed to the risks of re-applying for health insurance whenever we switch jobs or become unemployed. If it were not for government, we would buy health insurance just like car insurance or home owners insurance, or life insurance and retain that insurance for years and decades…in many cases our whole lives…so preexisting conditions would matter even less because eventually, as we get older, we are bound to develop something, but through job changes and rough patches without work, for decades of healthy living, we’ve always had the same health insurance and they will have to pay out as agreed. Government…stole that safety net from us.

Like cattle being prodded towards the slaughter-house, Government has setup the system to fail and is now offering us itself as the only solution. It is as much brilliant as it is frightening.


That leaves only those who are born with a condition or have a severe condition that may need assistance. That number will be a fraction of the population and easily paid for by private charitable organizations, churches, corporate donations, individual donations, healthcare professionals and volunteers that donate their personal time, hospitals that donate equipment and services and pharmaceutical companies that donate medication. We do not need Government to take care of anyone. We the People…can do it OURSELVES. And those that want and can afford better care, are free to work as hard as they want to get it.

If Government takes care of The People, decisions about your healthcare will be out of your hands. Before the Government manipulation and takeover of healthcare, we could switch insurance companies to ones that provided better care or ones that were more likely to approve various medical procedures, or ones that only covered major medical expenses, insurance companies competed against each other to provide the most care and the best care at the lowest cost to us, we could choose to pay higher or lower premiums based on how much coverage we wanted at that time in our lives, we could choose which medical options we wanted and even pay for them ourselves if they were not covered. We could control our own fate.

Now, all of these options will be taken away from us, the Government will control our fate and in the end will cost us more than if we had paid for it ourselves but with decisions made by them, not us, and the standard of care will be reduced to the lowest common denominator. We will not be able to buy better care even if we wanted to. We will all be treated exactly the same, processed as part of an algorithm within a computer program based on information provided by hired bureaucratic consultants who don’t know us, the outcome of which will be a binary recommendation of 0 or 1. Live or die, the choice will not be yours.

Watch the trailer below. Watch the full documentary for free by clicking here. Continue your self-education and unwash your brain.

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