It’s come to this – GoFundMe Fighting Discrimination by Discriminating Against Discriminators

intoleranceThis is the “Paradox of Tolerance” – When a tolerant entity holds intolerant views towards the intolerance of another, therefore becoming intolerant themselves. The short definition is; a Liberal.

A Libertarian, in contrast, is tolerant of your intolerance since it is impossible for your intolerance to impact me in any way, unless you employ the force of Government coercion and violence to do so, which the Government is happy to do, in exchange for your vote, which is the nexus of almost all our current problems.

In a true free market in a land with the rule of law, I could own a restaurant and refuse service to blondes, short people, people named Walt, black people, white people or Jews.

There are two reasons for this. First, a free market would most likely punish me for not servicing these people, to varying degrees with varying impacts on my business based on how society perceives my discrimination. A law is not necessary. My customers will punish me enough, to the point that I may go out of business. If we had real freedom, a customer could no more make me provide a service to them than I could make them be my customer.

Second, in a land with the rule of law, my business is my private property, therefore I am free to discriminate against whoever I want for any reason I want, and, conversely, my customers are free to discriminate against me for any reason they want.

We have neither a free market nor a land with the rule of law. We have a command and control economy and a land with the rule of privileges, both administered by the Federal Government.

Christian Bakers, and non-Christian Bakers alike have the right to discriminate against anyone or anything for any reason. This is their right from birth, the same exact right we all have. We exercise this right every single day; with who we date, who we marry, which businesses we spend money with, how we treat and respond to our co-workers, our friends, even our family. We discriminate all day, every day. Discrimination is freedom.

If you are not free to discriminate, then you are not free. You are not free because your freedom of choice has been abrogated by another individual or group, which means they have the power to make your choice for you, by force, even against your will. How is that freedom?

If you decide that you think society should define freedom, then you are enslaved to the whim of society. You are no longer an individual, but simply a part of the collective will, and whenever the collective whim changes, for better or worse, you are subject to comply, by force, regardless of your own free will. Are you sure that is what you want to subject yourself and your children to? Or shall we choose FREEDOM?

Therefore, it is with incredible irony, that in order to punish individuals for discrimination, GoFundMe chooses to employ discrimination against them by removing any account related to funding their legal defenses. How hypocritical is it that GoFundMe is exercising its absolute birthright to discriminate against another individual on the basis of that individual exercising the exact same damn birth right?

For my part, and I hope for everyone else who understands what freedom, the rule of law, private property rights and the non-aggression principle stand for, I will discriminate against GoFundMe and any other site that attempts to discriminate. What I will not do, is use Government violence to force GoFundMe to not discriminate against Christian Bakers despite so many Americans approving of Government violence to force Christian Bakers to not discriminate against gays.

Discrimination is my right, just like it is GoFundMe’s, just like it is the Christian Bakers, just like it is the bakers customers, just like it is the gays.

We are born with our rights intact. Government does not give us rights. It does not take away these rights. Government is supposed to prevent others from taking away our rights and our freedoms, but instead, Government does the opposite and grants privileges to one group over another group, in return for their loyalty.

This always ends in the tyranny of one group of people over another group of people with Government in control of both groups, one by loyalty, and one by force.

You’ve been warned. Stop the path you are treading.

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  1. Woe to those intolerant of The Truth

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