COVID Mandates – Don’t Make a Damn Bit of Difference

The data has piled up all over the world showing that masks, lockdowns, distancing, capacity limits, deep cleaning or how people behave didn’t make a damn bit of difference in the spread or severity of COVID. The media, bless its soul, continues its criminal negligence of not reporting on any of this information because, as we all know, there is only “The One True Narrative” that is to be spread far and wide from the Cathedral.

It didn’t take long actually. By late summer of last year I was looking at dozens of charts comparing states, countries, counties with or without masks, blue states or red states, lockdowns and no lockdowns, and it was overwhelmingly clear that masks and “bad behavior” or participating in the criminal acts of visiting family for holidays, weddings or attending funerals were not making ANY difference in the increase or decrease of COVID cases.

But, the lie must live on, and the acolytes must continue to believe it because as long as it’s not Trump saying it, then it can only be the truth. AMIRIGHT?

Here’s two charts that drive a rusty iron railroad spike right through the deep black heart of the stupidity we are being drowned with.

Oh no, it acts like a seasonal virus – just like what the unzombies were saying last year. And our stupid narcissistic delusions of God-like grandeur in our attempts to outsmart an organism thats existed before bacteria – particularly with a solution that consists of a dirty sock over your mouth strapped to your face – have all failed to yield any results.

Guess all those Spring Breakers in 2020 should get a formal apology from the CDC, the FDA, Fauci – and every Karen.

Categories: Government Failures

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