C’Mon you Democrats! Tell me this is EXACTLY what you expected to happen!

We were all told that participating in “The Great Experiment” would allow us to return to “normal.” It would provide us with, “our freedoms” (oh, the irony of that statement). We could travel again, visit family and friends, have gatherings, funerals, weddings and eat out again. All the pleasures of life would be ours again, as long as we roll up our sleeves and participate.

And then came charts like this one, all over the world – where despite the level of participation in The Great Experiment, the number of cases has skyrocketed. So let me ask you my Democrats…..is this what you expected to happen?

“We need as many people as possible to participate in an experiment where the long term effects are completely unknown – we have no data at all. There’s even a lot of reports of a wide variety of cardiovascular and neurological issues, sudden death, miscarriages and the like – although we keep saying they are rare, just like dying from COVID is rare. The shot will provide some protection for a minority consisting of those in high risk groups (the elderly and those with comorbidities) from severe illness or death for 4-5 months – after that, you’re basically “unvaccinated” again and will be required to take a booster shot. In fact, we would like everyone to take a booster shot every three months, like the UK is currently discussing. If any variants warrant it, you will also be required to take a shot specific to the variant, in addition to your standard four shots a year for COVID. We know that regardless of the “vaccination” rate, the number of cases will continue to climb as the “vaccine” does not stop you from catching, getting sick from, being hospitalized with, or dying from COVID. You’ll also have to keep wearing a mask, and you should continue social distancing and limiting gatherings. Thanksgiving and Christmas should still be considered localized mass spread events, even though everyone at the table has been “vaccinated.” While this may not make sense to you, it makes TOTAL SENSE, because we say it does. Now…Do Your Part!”

But wait, there’s more, once you take the first shot, there’s an increased possibility of catching COVID for a couple weeks. If you die from COVID at that time, before two weeks after the second shot, we will record that as a COVID death, not as an mRNA death. We are going to completely ignore those who do not, or should not, participate in The Great Experiment, such as those that have natural immunity, have medical issues with taking “vaccines,” or are part of a group with a less than zero chance of dying from COVID, like children and teenagers. While these are logical, rational, medically sound reasons for not taking the shot, you will be forced to take it, because we said so. We will seal some of the information you would need to discuss the safety of the mRNA for 55 years, again, because we said so. Treatments that have been working all around the world are not allowed, because, you guessed it, we said so. All examples of individuals dying or suffering from taking the mRNA and any discussions around NOT taking the mRNA, no matter how peaceful and rational those conversations may be, will not be tolerated. You will be censored, deleted, doxxed, erased.

So, Democrats, Biden fans, etc… is this what you expected? Is this EXACTLY what you thought would happen based on what you were told in the beginning? How far from “two weeks to flatten the curve” do we have to get before you realize you’re part of the problem, a BIG part of the problem. How far? Re-education camps? Unvaxxed Refugee Camps? Door to door forced vaccination squads? Stripping the unvaccinated of their drivers license, employment, insurance, social security – all their means of survival? At what point do you admit YOU WERE WRONG, and that THIS IS FUCKED? I’ll wait…..

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  1. The demonicrats have no idea how much of the kool-aid they’ve drank, as in they still believe in the Fairy Godmother, Easter Bunny and yes even the Great Pumpkin. For all those Mis-guided freaks who voted for Biden, continue to destroy America. Free medical except to the illegal aliens who are not tested for anything like TB or measles which is EXTREMELY CONTAGIOUS; yet are given free airline tickets to fly anywhere in the US and infect all those people who are flying (which a mask). Gosh let’s not even have a border, let freedom ring. However since living here as an American, we’re subjected to higher inflation, higher taxes, and being forced or intimidated to take a worthless vaccine not even good enough for a chicken or lab rat. Myself, I have to pay higher medical insurance premiums because I haven’t drank the kook-aid and taken the death shot. Let’s Go Brandon – FJB!

  2. A lot of passion in your writing.

    The adverse impacts of the vaccine are slowly coming to light but it will be a painful process for people to understand they were sold a crock. That however will not stop them trying to get those booster shots going as you can never get between a politician and a bucket of cash.

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