We all caught Covid! And we aren’t vaxxed!

In the winter of 2021, my entire family caught SARS-CoV-2 and we are not vaccinated, primarily because we agreed that injecting an experimental treatment typically used in cancer research that had terrible animal testing outcomes and had never been proven safe enough for mass human trials was a bad idea. Color us crazy.

Let us begin. On a Monday, my wife complained of a mild headache and some fatigue, which we summarily ignored. On Tuesday, while out at Happy Hour, she noticed that she could not taste or smell the appetizers we were having at our local watering hole. Interesting, but we are not prone to panic.

I mean, after all, we are the family that took advantage of the WFH requirements, bought an RV and fled CA during the height of the 2020 winter Covid wave so we could be our own mobile mass spreader event spending nine weeks on the road in 15 states totally unmasked (except for LIBERALLY INSANE Ashville, NC where we were forced to stop for food at a Trader Joe’s) while participating in foam parties at the beach in South Carolina, Halloween in my CT hometown (which completely ignored the COVID “control” nonsense for Halloween trick-or-treating), dozens of packed pools all over the country, and a week in Disney World! The parents had nine weeks of fun but the kids had an EPIC EXPERIENCE. But I digress….

So the following day, Thursday, she was extremely fatigued, had a low-grade fever, a headache, and no taste or smell. Towards the end of the day I gave her a Covid test and she was positive.

As far as I know, Delta is responsible for lack of taste and smell, not Omicron, so we assume she contracted Delta. By Thursday, she was down hard. Could not get out of bed the entire day, did not want to eat or drink, was sore throughout, tremendous headache, alternating chills and overheating, nausea, fever, no taste or smell.

Following the FLCCC protocol I administered Ivermectin (the prior year acquisition of which is a story in itself) based on her body weight, in addition to zinc (which is to be used in conjunction with Ivermectin). It’s important to begin Ivermectin before the 7th day of symptoms as its efficacy declines beyond that. I also continued the vitamin supplements which we had started in the summer of 2020 which I will document in a separate posting.

Since summer of 2020 we also routinely used an 02 meter several times a month to establish a baseline. Her and I both average around 96 and 98 and she was still posting those numbers on Thursday.

The following morning I woke up to sounds from the kitchen. She was making breakfast for the kids and said she felt perfectly fine. Her fever was gone and her 02 was at 100, and held there. In the year and a half of using the same 02 meter, neither of us EVER hit 100, ever, let alone hit and stick. Aside from being a little tired and a slight headache the following several days as well as one month for a full return of taste and smell, there were no other symptoms and no relapse.

The following day, my youngest reported feeling tired and her head hurt. She had a 101 fever. We had her rest, gave her fluids, medicine, and waited. The following day, she spent the entire day in bed feeling nauseous with a low grade fever. I prescribed her Ivermectin in the early afternoon, following the protocol. At dinner time that evening, she was up and running around, playing with toys and chasing the dog. She said she felt fine and her fever was gone.

My other daughter and I both got sick within days of that. Hers only lasted a day and was gone, so I gave her nothing. Mine was two days, was slightly more severe (I was extremely tired, headache, but no fever), and it was gone on its own by the third day so I also took nothing.

It appears the entire family caught Delta, and the worst of us was only impacted for four days. Did Ivermectin help my wife and youngest? Anecdotally, based on the speed and quality of recovery for both of them, that my wife had been declining for four days straight, that her 02 spiked like never before on the day she got better (it returned to her baseline two days later), a conclusion could be drawn that it did, but who knows. The advantage with Ivermectin however, is that the risk of harm from taking it is statistically zero, while the benefit is somewhere between none to total curative. The same cannot be said for the jab. So why not take Ivermectin?

There’s a medical term for that actually, which says doctors should prescribe a medication that has been proven to have little to no risk to the patient and it is unclear if it has any benefit for that particular use but there is a possibility. The logic behind this is obvious. If it doesn’t work, then it does nothing, good or bad. If it does work, then it does good. Therefore, on net, it does nothing or saves millions (by total accident). The medical profession abandoned this logic en masse out of fear and coercion.

We now all have long-lasting natural immunity, which published studies continue to report is more robust than the mRNA jab, and we are free of any of the short and long term adverse effect risks that continue to be reported with the jab and will likely continue to be reported for years to come.

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