The Jab

With every passing week I am reminded how important the decision to not participate in the experimental mRNA therapy treatment (the jab) was. The initial warnings that began immediately after the jab was released from respected vaccinologists, virologists, epidemiologists and pandemicists are being proven right far more often than not. In fact, I am not sure if anything they’ve said has turned out false.

We’re finding out, as weeks go by, who the real misinformation spreaders were – and it wasn’t anyone that was censored or deleted. It was those doing the censoring, the deleting, those denying the real world data, denying the existence of REAL people enduring REAL pain and death, denying the concerns that despite all their censoring and deleting, have piled up from a molehill to a mountain.

The CDC, FDA and the manufacturers told us the mRNA does not leave the injection site and only lasts days, until the Japanese and then others quickly discovered it does – and that it travels throughout the body with scientists finding the mRNA in major organs, hijacking cells to produce the toxic spike protein months after injection.

Reports now that the lipid nanoparticle of the jab are allowing the mRNA to cross the blood/brain barrier. Not. Good.

We were told for decades that natural immunity is far superior, right up until the day that the mRNA was being foisted on us. Then, suddenly, only this experimental treatment with no liability for the manufacturers that’s never been used for what it’s being used for, with very little testing, and where the control group has since been jabbed (unheard of in a trial) so no long term testing results will be forthcoming (except from the control group of millions that took the jab – they will eventually tell us how safe or dangerous it is) – is somehow, all of a sudden, better than natural immunity. Which of course, now turns out to be false.

We were told that adverse effects were rare and mild, until the numbers in VAERS and Yellow Card began skyrocketing. Then we were told those are unconfirmed reports (even though VAERS has been the deciding factor in the past for the FDA to shutdown or black box other dangerous drugs for far…far…FAR less in incident reports – only 12 reports in one case). Tens, hundreds of thousands of reports, and apparently they are all bullshit – according to the FDA and CDC. Houston…we have a problem – and nobody is listening.

We saw reports of nursing homes that got vaccinated suddenly having runaway infections of COVID. We said it was the jab, they insisted it wasn’t, now we know it was.

Then we saw the treatment of people who were injured by the jab being absolutely destroyed online. Their accounts were censored and eventually deleted. A large group on Facebook of the injured that was growing quickly was rapidly shutdown. Anyone providing alternative evidence, data, anecdotal evidence were immediately flagged and deleted by all of the major social media sites.

The injured and the families of those that died from the jab began posting their stories on Telegram and on webpages dedicated to getting their stories out. Several of the websites were subsequently shutdown.

I think a bulletproof argument can be made, that those who are willing to speak up, despite the likelihood of losing their reputation, their career, their income, their medical license are FAR more likely to be telling the truth than those that sit back and regurgitate the hypnotic talking points they’ve been spoon fed for which they risk NOTHING to repeat.

At a minimum, every single American should be terrified and angry that such a concerted effort across every media channel was made to silence or delete ANY competing data or information, all in the name of preventing “vaccine hesitancy.”

Those of us that determined quickly that the risks from the mRNA far outweighed the benefits for the 0.6% of the population which we were not a part of, were insulted by the pandering, the belittling, the sneering disdain of friends, relatives, neighbors. How about those free pizzas and hamburgers if we jab? We saw this painful future coming, and we were being offered a free hamburger to be a part of it. Ridiculous. Insulting. Infuriating.

Meanwhile, the CDC and FDA ignored all of these safety signals continuing to perpetuate the lie that these jabs are “safe and effective.”

Then we learned that the jabs don’t last. And we were told this from the beginning by those speaking truth but maligned as conspiracy theorists. It’s a “treatment,” and therefore by definition, a treatment requires recurrent use. Even in the limited uses for mRNA prior to Covid, experimental cancer treatments for example, it was a treatment that required multiple injections. That didn’t stop the online dictionaries from changing the definition of “vaccine” to fit the new evil narrative. Funny how most of the major medical dictionaries never did change it.

This is also why they wanted everyone to take two shots, a month apart. They knew the effects would wear off quickly and needed to make it look like it was lasting longer than it could. That’s also why we have now ended up with unending boosters – because it’s A TREATMENT. This was all known from Day One, but only by those listening to the experts that were doxxed, censored, deleted and had their careers destroyed.

Then we learned about Omicron, and I hesitate to say “an even less dangerous” coronavirus because the original wasn’t all that dangerous to begin with. The danger was almost exclusively for the elderly with multiple comorbidities, the immune compromised and those with specific significant medical conditions. Then comes Omicron, an even weaker strain, and still…STILL…the CDC and FDA are pushing jabs for a variant that the jab DOES NOTHING FOR. NOTHING! So for those that were like…”Well, it prevents severe hospitalization and death” – you can’t even say that to justify the continued push of the jabs for a variant that doesn’t exist. And yet, millions of Americans ambled out to CVS to take a highly experimental jab with no long term safety data for a non-existent variant. Blows. My. Mind.

We now have dozens of coroner reports showing blood clots a dozen feet long being pulled out of the vaccinated dead – clots they had never seen before.

We have all-cause mortality rates rising substantially, not from COVID, but from the vaccinated dead.

The FDA tried to block the release of their testing data for 55 to 75 years. WHAT?! I mean…I am SHOCKED that there are still people out there parroting the “safe and effective” garbage from the CDC and the FDA when the FDA tried to withhold safety data. That alone, should have been enough for people to reject the boosters, reject the jab entirely, realize they were lied to, repeatedly, and that many people died unnecessarily due to corrupt and captured health agencies, a sociopathic Fauci and an inept and bumbling government – AND a hypnotized mass of sheep, mentally pounded into submission by 24/7 panic porn.

We now have the majority of the Covid infected being the jabbed. People say, “Well yes, because most people are vaccinated.” And they say this with a straight face – knowing full well that the entire purpose of the jab was to STOP TRANSMISSION. If it doesn’t stop transmission then it doesn’t stop the jabbed from catching Covid or from transmitting it to others, so no, the jabbed should NOT BE the majority of cases or the hospitalized, yet they are.

Unlike an actual vaccine which prevents transmission, the jab does no such thing, which is why it’s not a vaccine – and yet the world continued to insult us by requiring the unvaccinated to test negative while the jabbed could move about freely – even though they are both EQUALLY LIKELY to spread COVID. In fact, the CDC and FDA knew the jabbed could still spread Covid so wasn’t NOT testing them an irresponsible act by openly allowing infected yet untested people to continue to spread Covid? The pro-jab anti-unjabbed crowd never admit this obvious fact.

Testing of the un-jabbed was done as a punishment, not as any rational, logical effort to stop the spread. The unvaccinated were not complying, not being obedient to our political masters, so we were punished with testing, had our jobs threatened, our healthcare threatened, our freedom threatened – all as a punishment by our ruling class and the Democrats.

A poll showed that 59% of Democrats supported forcing the unvaccinated to stay in their house at all times, except emergencies. Almost half of Democrats supported fines or imprisonment of anyone that spoke out against the jab on social media, TV, radio, etc… More than 25% of the country was ready to lock up or fine half the population out of fear – and kneel to the State. It happens THAT FAST. No surprise it was Democrats that turned out to be the biggest irrational pussies on the planet.

Then, suddenly, the news is filled with people who “died unexpectedly” and “died suddenly” who had no prior medical conditions. These are just casually written off as “weird” and “people have died unexpectedly before.” I have never seen so many people forced to rationalize away so many things so they can stay in their comfort zone. One or two or three things, okay…but they are trying to shrug off and handwave away dozens and dozens of strong indicators that they have been lied to and injected with a toxin and they just won’t accept it.

We have a resurgence of cancers that were previously under control, of old people cancers occurring in young people, viral reactivations (I never saw so many Get Your Shingles Shot signs in my life before), myocarditis, pericarditis (particularly in young men), prion diseases, blood clots, heart attacks, sudden deaths, neurological disorders, strokes, huge changes in menstruation, and potential issues with maintaining pregnancies.

Finally, now, the CDC has admitted the misinformation spreaders were right, yet again, that myocarditis is in actual fact a significant adverse effect. How many lives could have been saved if the CDC had listened a year ago, published a warning, and that warning stopped thousands, 100s of thousands, from jabbing, enduring myocarditis, and dying prematurely from it? Unfortunately, the CDC only included myocarditis outcomes within SEVEN DAYS of injection in their report. That means the vast majority of myocarditis events were not captured as they developed weeks, or months, after the jab – making the CDC numbers, as scary as they are, significantly understated. They also called myocarditis a mild adverse effect, casually leaving out its documented high mortality rate after 5 to 10 years of the condition. And personally, I’m pretty sure it was the peer reviewed study that just came out of Europe that forced the CDC to admit what’s been obvious for a year – it wasn’t some sudden efficiency or concern on the part of the CDC. We will continue to see this. They will not acknowledge anything until their hand is forced. We said that over a year ago, nobody listened.

A hospital in Canada losing a half dozen young doctors in just a few weeks, only the vaccinated ones. They didn’t leave the hospital, they’re dead.

Teenagers and young children now having adverse effects that are, in fact, too rare to not be caused by an externality, like their recent jab.

Now we have multiple scientific studies of metal and other “unknown” contaminants being found in the jabs, several of which are very toxic and dangerous.

We’re learning that the more jabs one takes, the more immunocompromised one becomes.

Reports now that the jabs actually INCREASE your chance of getting Covid, and getting Covid more frequently, due to the hobbling of your immune system.

And poor Steve Kirsch. Labeled as a mass misinformation spreader (see his Wikipedia page). He has made so many attempts to convince the CDC or the FDA or the heads of medical departments at Ivy League universities to publicly meet with him and go on record once and for all, to show everyone just what a massive misinformation spreader he is. And none of them will. He has offered six figure rewards for anyone to meet with him publicly and show him how the (mis)information he provides is inaccurate. He’s not spreading anything new, everything he has been saying is what we ALL have been saying for over a year – so what a great chance for them to shut us all down!

Think about that. If the CDC or the FDA wanted to END the misinformation they keep accusing everyone of, and are so “concerned” about, all they have to do is sit down with someone high-profile, like Kirsch, and go over each point of (mis)information he has been spreading and show how it’s wrong. And they won’t. They won’t do it. So the reality is, they CAN’T meet with him, because the truth will come out. That THEY are actually the misinformation spreaders. And they can’t have that.

They need you to keep kneeling. They need you to keep injecting the toxin. They need you to DO WHAT THE ^&%$ YOU ARE TOLD. And shut up.

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  1. Hello from the UK

    I am glad you are angry like me. The evil behind all the vaccines etc. is immense. I wrote this on the vaccines if you are interested.

    Kind regards


  1. The Jab — Angrywoodchuck’s Blog – Undercurrents

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