Newtown, Connecticut School Shooting – Liberals Kill Babies – Closest Gun 20 Minutes Away

newtown-flagpoleToday a young man casually walked into the Sandy Hook elementary school in a rural town in Connecticut, right next door to my own rural hometown, and shot and killed 27 people (including himself). Twenty of them were children around the age of 5.

I grew up next to this town. When I was a teenager, my friends and I would go to the church in Newtown and pay a couple bucks to watch old re-run movies while chomping down on the really good, but really cheap popcorn they sold there. Being only 15 minutes away, we would drive there when we were bored just to see the gigantic American flag they have in the roundabout in the center of town. When I am in Connecticut on business heading to my parent’s house, Exit 11 for Newtown on I-84 is the first exit where I feel I am “home again.” One of my first girlfriends was from Newtown. She was the first girl I ever bought jewelry for. Emerald earrings. Indeed, very small ones. I think her mom hated me because I was the first boy to start “coming ’round” the house. A second girl I met in Newtown moved with me to California several months after I first came here. We lived together for about a year before she got too homesick and moved back to Newtown. Newtown is a great place to avoid the cities, to live a quiet and peaceful life surrounded by beautiful countryside. It’s a textbook New England village where everyone knows everyone, all the stores are mom and pop shops and someone getting a flat tire is news. It’s a place you don’t have to lock your doors. It’s a great place to raise children in peace, and safety, and…

The fatigue-wearing madman shooter who ruthlessly gunned down 20 babies in an elementary school in Newtown, CT was the son of a teacher in the school. She was found dead in the shooters home. Presumably after shooting her, he proceeded to the school where she worked and strolled among the classrooms, focusing on two rooms in particular, taking his time since he knew nobody was going to be armed, and like shooting fish in a barrel, he casually plugged a total of 20 children knowing he had all the time in the world to do it.batmanshooting-83009203049

Without fear of being shot at by an armed teacher, the shooter casually and leisurely strolled inside the building murdering teachers and young boys and girls as he went. He was in no particular rush since the closest guns, the police, were at least 15 to 20 minutes away and he knew that the law protected him from being harmed by guaranteeing that none of his potential targets would be armed and therefore defenseless, ensuring no resistance to his whimsical dreams of infanticide.

The only thing the teachers in Sandy Hook could do was round up kids and huddle them together in different areas of the school waiting until it was either over, or the gunman found them and casually shot each one of them in turn until there was a pile of dead baby bodies. Unfortunately, none of the teachers were armed as my home State is a rabid anti-gun, anti-self protection, pro-crime, Liberal stronghold so all they could do was get all the walking dead together in one room or another and wait for their turn to be slaughtered.

Luckily for the remaining students and teachers, the shooter shot himself. Otherwise, with not much more ammunition, he could have simply continued his stroll into every room in the school and killed dozens more, if not more than a hundred babies…all because Liberals, and Connecticut, refuse to allow people to arm themselves while madmen are free to walk nonchalantly through elementary schools massacring innocent children and adults.

If just one teacher had been armed, much more positive alternative outcomes would have been possible. The armed teacher could have pinned the shooter down, delaying his massacre advancement which would have saved lives and delayed him until the police arrived or the shootout between them was done with a victor, buying valuable time. The armed teacher could have shot him, ending the entire event with many saved lives. If the shooter was pinned, he would have to re-assess his plan as he believed, and rightly so, that nobody was supposed to provide any resistance because Connecticut makes sure nobody can protect themselves. This would also have delayed him and he would either have shot himself or stood up and been shot by the armed teacher. Here’s a mind bending thought for all you Liberals out there…if Connecticut had allowed its citizens to carry guns, this shooting probably would not have happened at all since madmen shooters don’t like to get shot at. All of these would have saved innocent babies lives.

For all you anti-gun Liberal whackjobs out there, the deaths of these innocent babies are on you. YOU killed them. You need to suck it up and own it. If you are going to pass laws that strip citizens of their right to protect themselves, their families and those around them, then YOU own the deaths that happen because of your self-serving ego that forces other people to be victims because that’s how YOU want it. Dead babies bled out on the cold ground today because YOU don’t want anyone to have a gun. It’s that simple. Own it.

There will always be madmen. There will always be guns, legal or illegal. Therefore there will always be madmen with guns. Liberals have made sure that in a world guaranteed to always and forever have madmen with guns, that their victims will always and forever be sacrificed like lambs to slaughter on the Liberal anti-gun alter. Madmen will walk into schools and malls and anywhere people gather knowing they walk among lambs, disarmed by other lambs, and the slaughter will be easy, bloody and without resistance.

All anti-gun laws do, and Liberals do, is sacrifice Americans, even baby Americans, at the end of a madman’s gun so their holier-than-thou self-righteousness can fuel their self-centered, ego-centric narcissistic ignorance.

I want to ask the Liberals in Connecticut…Don’t you wish even just one teacher had had a gun today? Dontcha? Dontcha?

For more reasons why GUNS SAVE LIVES click here to read my recent post.


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  1. I’m a frequent reader and I agree with most of your political views, but I don’t normally comment.

    On another blog I read, the author wrote a one line blog post today: Gun Control Now.

    Many people on facebook changed their profile pictures to a no guns icon, the kind you see at the airport with the circle and red hash through the gun.

    All of the guns used in the shooting were legally registered to one of the victims. Perhaps she should have taken one to work today, then when her psychopath son showed up to kill her students, she would have killed him?

    I too am very saddened by this tragedy and it’s hard not to have someone to direct your anger toward so I can appreciate your frustration. However, this is not the gun control issue so many people on both sides are making it out to be. Why can’t people just grieve and mourn the terrible loss at the hands of a psycho? To point the finger at your community and call them baby killers is a bit harsh and mean. I don’t want to get all pychological, but sometimes fear forces us to search for the answer, look for how to prevent something like this, for someone to blame. We can’t wrap our minds around the possibility that something like this can happen in our schools or our communities. Sometimes, unfortunately, there’s no one left (he’s dead and doesn’t care) to blame. It was a senseless act of violence. Don’t try to make sense of it. Yes, it is scary.

  2. Thanks for reading, and commenting. To answer your primary question…it’s hard for me to only mourn when a tragedy was preventable. It’s one thing to read about a tsunami in Japan, or a volcanic eruption, or some other event where there was no foreseeable way to prevent it or the losses. This was preventable by just one person having a gun which means it was prevented by the politicians in Connecticut that support anti-gun laws and the citizens of Connecticut that support such politicians.

    In my other post that I link to in this post called “Guns Save Lives – Politicians Kill,” there are many stories every month that never made the news and that we never had to mourn over, because someone had a gun to stop the tragedy before it happened. Knowing that, and seeing this today, only enrages me. This should have been one of those stories that never saw the light of CNN.

    I also know that every anti-gun blogger, liberal activist and politician will be out in force in a matter of hours based on how soon each one determines that it is no longer “too early” to leverage a tragedy into a political asset. Good, honest, patriotic Americans will mourn this tragedy first and argue later. Meanwhile the political and activist machine with axes to grind will start working this event into a political football to gain yardage as soon as possible by making sure the group-think machine is in full force.

    I would like to have worn the white hat first, but being surrounded by those who only pretend to care about this event, and other events like it, but will then use it for their own purposes, I decided to put on the black hat and get out in front of them. I know that makes me as bad as them, but we have lost too much ground by playing fair already and I am tired of it.

    Group-think is the challenge to overcome. It’s the hearts and minds. If you put 8 people at a table in a restaurant and someone reflects on the events in Newtown and says that we need more gun control, the other 7 people will nod. Some of them will agree with the statement and nod but a few will not agree but nod anyway because it is deeply ingrained in humanity as social creatures to want to be accepted.

    In our culture, as we each grow up throughout our lives, we find ourselves in these social circle situations all the time, and after many years what was once one person’s opinion metastasizes into fact simply by the consistency of every group we are ever engaged in over time agreeing with that original opinion.

    Absent the occasional dissenters, without someone questioning the opinion or challenging it with facts, the group-think that made the opinion a “fact” is reinforced every time this happens to the point that even those who did not originally agree, through the pressures of geologic time, are slowly bent into the agreeable position of the group. Upon the next group setting, all 8 people nod in agreement and all 8 people believe it.

    It is hard and painful and ostracizing to be the dissenter because being anti-gun is the socially acceptable, non-confrontational, emotionally satisfying, group-think response. It is a painless, and emotionally rewarding way to be accepted by most groups. Dissenters on the other hand, risk being ejected from the group, or worse, being publicly labeled with a scarlet letter that follows them whenever they happen upon related circles. Dissenting goes against the fiber of the social animal that we are and most people are simply not willing to go against their own instinctual grain.

    For these reasons, despite my sadness at this tremendous loss, I wanted to post something that would strike as soon as possible at the group-think machine that at this very moment is being mobilized to make sure that all the groups in our own personal lives that we socialize with have sufficient support from anti-gun politicians, bloggers, liberal altruists and activists so they will feel completely justified in their desire and outspokenness to ban guns while sitting at a table among their peers.

    This machine will also make sure that the wall that dissenters must climb to break this politically fueled group-think is so high, and so daunting, that even the slightest effort to question the group would be met with swift and furious retaliation based not on facts, but on emotions, on political correctness, on altruistic self-righteousness, on the monolithic tonnage of group-think that crushes even the strongest dissenter into a heartless, cruel, evil, right-wing, militant, imperialist, capitalist, ignorant shill of a singularity.

  3. An additional thought…

    You commented that people on Facebook are changing their profile picture to guns with circles and hash marks, the “ban guns” symbol. This is a beautiful example of the group-think, social animal I am talking about.

    Instead of one person at a table talking about how important it is to ban guns to seven of his peers and watching them nod in agreement, we now see on Facebook one person in their own circle of peers making the same statement by changing their profile picture. And why? Because they expect most, if not all of the people in their circle to agree with them. And why is that? Because the group-think machine has conditioned most people over their lifetimes to agree with the anti-gun position, so nobody is going out on any limbs, or taking any risks, by endorsing what is a commonly held, albeit incorrect, position.

    In another post I did called, “Facebook & Instagram: Signs of Social Narcissism…” I explain how Facebook is nothing more than a platform for an individual to stroke their own egos. A popular and easy way to do this is what I call, “stating the obvious.” You simply take a widely held and socially acceptable belief, no matter how wrong the belief actually is, and state that you agree with it. Then wait and watch everyone agree with you until your ego is sufficently inflated and you feel like an undiscovered genius.

    If people are changing their icons to the ban guns logo, they simply believe that every one of their “Friends” will agree with them (or say nothing-like the head nodders that don’t actually agree) in which case there will be plenty of thumbs-upping and self-centered ego-stroking to go around and this individual (and I am sure the thousands of idiots that did the same thing) will go about their day feeling very proud with themselves having asserted to their peers their self-rightousness for all to see and fawn over.


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