Guns Save Lives – Politicians Kill

Update: Dec 14, 2012 – Shooter Massacres Babies in Connecticut – Politicians Kill Again – Read Post Here

Guns save lives…period. Even the anti-gun establishment can not deny this. Most of the people who I have met that are anti-gun have never seen, held or fired one and grew up in an area where guns were not common. Their personal beliefs about guns are almost entirely based on what the anti-gun media tells them to believe and watching countless action movies where only the good guys and the bad guys have the guns. Comically, these same people never stop to consider if all the villains in the DieHard movies swung by the gun shop on their way to the final climactic uzi-fest warehouse shoot-out to make sure all their guns were legally registered. To many of these people, guns are dirty, dangerous or just…icky.

The truth is, we can’t even stop drugs from being sold inside our own prisons which are filled to the brim with cops and yet anti-gun people think we can somehow stop guns from being brought into this country and sold illegally to any criminal that wants to use one on us. As sure as alcohol ran like the Mississippi during Prohibition, and the fact that I can call at least three people I know and have pot in my hands within 30 minutes, illegal guns will always be widely and easily available. The harder it is to get illegal guns, the more expensive they will get which just means the criminals have to steal more from us to buy them. There is no stopping it.

The media is a complete vacuum when it comes to stories about people using guns in self-defense because the media supports the Government’s efforts to disarm you completely, even though there is nothing the Government can do to disarm the criminals. Gun control is not about guns, it’s about control. If the English Government could have removed guns from the hands of the American colonies like our Government wants to do now, we would never have had the means to fight the American Revolution. Obviously the English learned from their gross negligence in how to be a proper totalitarianist state and have since stripped every English citizen of their gun rights. I’m sure they decided they don’t need another “revolution” on their own island. Well, our own Government wishes to do the same thing.

In light of this media blackout on the millions of times guns are used to protect children, women, the elderly and everyone else, I am publishing the samples each month from various NRA magazines. Each sample has a brief recount of the incident and cites the local paper you can find the story in if you want to know more.

Ask yourself when you read this, if Mark had not had a gun while hanging out at Bonnie’s Food & Spirits, could that not have become a mass murder rampage with a dozen killed like Virginia Tech? What about Brianne’s two-year old daughter? What do you think would have happened to her if Brianne had not stopped the male intruder from taking her daughter back to his house where he could do whatever he wanted to her? Ask yourself…would you still be willing to take these people’s guns away from them, knowing what would have happened at Bonnie’s Food & Spirits or to Brianne’s daughter?

When you vote “no” to guns, remember that is a “yes” vote for….Murder. Robbery. Child Rape.

Here is this months… (click to enlarge)

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  1. Guns are not the issue. It is the media who produces the fear from the criminals, who at anytime can get just about anything to cause more harm and truly not suffer the consequences.

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