Obama Administration Limits Shower Usage For Americans

Obama, The God King, and his Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu are displeased with how much water Americans use when they take a shower.

And their gas fireplaces.

Secretary Chu declared last year, “The American public, just like your teenage kids, aren’t acting a way that they should act.” So now, Obama is going to tell you how to act because he and Secretary Chu think you are all acting like children…spoiled teenage children.

In question are shower heads such as the ones pictured in this post that act like rain, or waterfalls, for the amount of water they use. As Frederick Desborough of California Faucets said in a Wall Street Journal article, “”It was not the legislative intent of Congress to authorize DOE to regulate the bathing habits of Americans,” and yet, that is exactly what Obama is doing…telling you how to bathe.

And that is Obama’s intent.

So the most important issues to Americans must be the housing bubble, the economy, unemployment, a nuclear Iran and according to Obama, shower heads and how you spend your time in your own bathroom.

As a result of this new regulation, thousands of faucets became illegal overnight and Americans are not allowed the freedom to choose what kind of faucet or shower head they want in their homes.

If Obama is willing to control your shower head, there is nothing off limits. Everything you do is now subject to Obama’s review and approval.

There is no difference between this law and Obama telling you how much electricity you’re allowed to use in your house everyday, how many miles per gallon your car must have, what the minimum temperature your A/C can be set to, a limit on how big your TV can be, what kinds of lightbulbs you can buy, how often you’re allowed to run your dishwasher or washing machine and how many times a year you can have your car washed. Think about it. Those all sound like good ways to save power, to conserve, so if Obama can force you to limit the water coming out of your shower head, then obviously Obama could easily pass laws to enforce all these other things.

We are under attack by a Socialist President who does not believe in capitalism, freedom, personal liberties and who believes, and I mean this in all honesty, that you and I and all Americans are too stupid to run their own lives.

The United States is under assault by a massive, coordinated and aggressive power grab to socialize as much of our way of life as possible, as quickly as possible. Please do not fail to act. This man has a dangerous vision and he is willing to use force to make you yield to his vision of how this country should be, according to him, and him alone.

Obama must be removed from office in 2012. He is a threat to the American way of life, the Constitution, our safety and our civil liberties.

Meanwhile, we must take control of the House and the Senate this November.

Please take action. Make donations to non-incumbent party candidates. Do not allow anyone in the current House or Senate that has supported Obama’s destructive policies to stay there this November by voting them out. Spread the word. Teach others. If there was ever a time to not be indifferent, this is the time.

P.S. In researching images for this blog, I also discovered this: “In April, DOE issued a new rule that gas fireplace logs cannot use more than 9,000 BTUs per hour, which is about one-tenth of what current gas logs require. This new rule will wipe out the gas fireplace industry, and the gas log in my home would become illegal.”

As I said, nothing is off the table for Obama. Everything you do is fair game for him to judge and pass a law to control you. And he’s only just getting started…

This is Obama’s vision for America…

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  1. This is disgusting! Have they banned Ferrari or Lamborghini cars for using too much petrol?

    Obama should not be allowed to ban anything, we live in a capitalist society, and if we can afford a luxury shower or a luxury car, we should be allowed to buy it!!!!

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