Unemployment Jumps to 9.8% – Unemployed Getting Additional 13 Months To Avoid Work?

Unemployment insurance abuse is rampant and the unemployed are about to get even more money.

One person I know has been offered two jobs and turned them both down, because they can make more on unemployment insurance than the job was offering. Then she went out and paid a professional to pop her pimples. This is your money. This same person is about to get an additional 13 months of unemployment coverage on top of the 99 weeks she is already enjoying.

As predicted by….everyone…(except the government) the unemployment rate is back on the rise. There may be a slight delay or even a drop due to seasonal hiring but the reality is here, spending is not how you create jobs. Cutting taxes, cutting government spending, that is how jobs are created.

Obama is seeking to add 13 months of additional unemployment coverage in exchange for keeping the Bush-era tax cuts. Thirteen months! Those on unemployment are already getting 99 weeks and this move would give them an additional year. Three years of unemployment coverage!!

Unemployment used to be six months. At what point do we finally call this for what it is…a welfare state!

And consider, that the economy is NOT going to recover in 13 months. What then? Extend it yet again? Four years total? When is enough, enough? And the economy is not going to recover overnight…the rate will drop slowly, over several years…so at what rate will we stop this welfare state? 9.7% or 9% or 8% or what? Our politicians might think we need to keep funding this welfare state year after year to the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars for several more years.

Americans should be outraged.

For my part, every person I know (except one) that is on unemployment insurance, and I know several, are abusing it. Taking vacations, turning down jobs, getting pedicures and buying gadgety toys all using your money. I have had people leave comments about the people they know who are abusing it. I have co-workers and friends who know people that are abusing it. I know 100 times more people abusing it, than actually being assisted by it. And yet, Obama wants us to keep their vacations going for 13 more months.

Two days ago I was standing in Starbucks waiting for my coffee. On the cork board was their NOW HIRING flyer. Jobs are out there, but who wants to work as a barista when you can travel around the world for free?

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  1. Who is traveling around the world for free? Yes, some people abuse unemployment benefits but don’t many people pay into this, and are only receiving what they paid into?

    • I know someone who has traveled to Australia, South America and Alaska (same person)…all while on unemployment. This person owns multiple properties, a car, and has savings, not married, no children. I don’t think unemployment should be a “safety net” for people that have a lot of assets, no dependents and could fall back on the sale of properties, use cash or stay with family. Not to mention the fact that they have turned down two jobs.

      As far as who pays into unemployment, employees do not pay anything into unemployment insurance, only the employers do. When I did the math, the average employee, over a lifetime, only generates enough unemployment contribution (by their employers, not the employee) for 11 months of unemployment insurance payments. After 11 months, it’s all on the taxpayer, and that’s assuming the individual works until they are 65 and never goes on unemployment again. Right now, the unemployed can collect 38 months of unemployment, 27 more months than their employer will ever pay for over the employees entire lifetime.

      And since it’s been over 11 months since the bulk of the layoffs in the private sector began, it’s safe to say MOST people on unemployment right now are being paid for directly by the taxpayer. Look at California…they ran out of unemployment money a long time ago…the only thing keeping the checks coming is the loan they took out with the federal government.

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