A montage of Ron Paul’s views on everything from gay marriage to the economy.

If you listen carefully to all of Ron Paul’s positions, unlike other politicians we have grown up with that say, “I believe this…” or “I believe that…” and then we struggle within ourselves which “beliefs” to sacrifice to save others and choose one of them, Ron Paul argues that it doesn’t matter what the federal government believes, or your future President, because they shouldn’t be involved. The States and the People should make those decisions.

YOU should make those decisions for yourself and the federal government should stay the hell away from you. That is what Ron Paul believes.

As Ron Paul says in this clip, “it’s not an accounting issue, it’s a philosophical issue…as to what kind of country we want.” In other words, do we want to decide what we can and can’t do, or do we want the federal government to do it for us? Right now, we’re heading like a bullet train down the latter.

Here’s something to wrap your mind around…if Ron Paul was elected President and he was allowed to pass every bill he wanted that strips the centralized federal government of its powers and returns those powers to the States and their People, do you know who the weakest man in government would be by the time he left office?

The President of the United States.

That’s right! Prior to the last 100 years of the federal government usurping power away from us and the States, the President of the United States had about as much authority to make laws, or interfere in your daily life, or impact the economy in any way…as a traffic cop. That is exactly how the Constitution wanted it.

Everyone worries so much about who our President will be because the federal government has accumulated so much power (illegally) that a President can wield that power like a King. If the founders wanted a King, like the one they left behind in England, that’s what they would have done. But they didn’t want a King, they wanted a President…a weak, powerless one. What we have now, and have had for many decades now, is a King.

A weak President. A strong Congress. Powerful, independent States controlled by their People. That is the Constitution.

Ron Paul 2012.

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