Gordon Ramsay’s troubles are a teachable moment for us about the Deep State

I heard about Gordon Ramsay getting in trouble for comments he made nine years ago on the Tonight Show and it reminded me how useful the governments data mining on all of us will be in the future when they can retroactively sift though everything they’ve collected about us and reveal it to the world whenever one of us gets a wee bit too uppity for the State.

As each member of the ignorant public that’s lived life accepting the last 50 years of oppression as acceptable, finally wakes up one morning and decides that yesterday, the government finally did something oppressive (because it oppresses that individual) and decides to join the ranks of those infamous tin hat wearers that have been calling out the oppression of the last 50 years.

Because humans, you know, they don’t give a shit until it hits home.

There are some people, dumb ones, that say “if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide,” in response to concerns about governments assault on our privacy. I’m sure Ramsay didn’t think he was doing anything wrong in 2010, until it became wrong in 2019.

What you have done in the past, and whether it’s wrong or not, works the same way with your Government. One day it was fine, the next day it wasn’t. One day you have nothing to hide, the next day you’re a felon or a racist, or bigot, or elitist….or even worse…a dissident.

I think what people that are not capable of critical thinking fail to consider, is that the Government you have today, is not the Government you will have tomorrow, and if we choose a trajectory for the Government we have been watching the past 100 years, I think we can safely say the trajectory is more control, more Statism, more nationalization, more privacy invasion, more authoritarianism because in that 100 years, that is the only direction we have ever seen it go.

Since we must agree that this is the only direction we have seen our own government travel, then we must admit that it is possible, if not likely, that the government will one day have all of the information on everyone in the country; where you live, what you earn, all your emails, all your texts, all your phone calls, everywhere you’ve been, everyone you’ve talked to, emailed or met, everything you own, everything you buy, everything you say (we already know Facebook eavesdrops your phone so it can hear everything you say – if they can do it, so will the Government).

And we have observed, both for Democrats and Republicans, that the government protects its own. We have not seen anyone in power in our government, go to jail, or made bankrupt, or face any real consequences from any of their crimes. Anyone who attempts to call out the government on their expansion of control and authority, or who has challenged them, has been investigated by the IRS, regulated or fined into oblivion, imprisoned, attacked and shamed in the news and on social media, and has been forced to give up.

We know all attempts have failed because of the trajectory. It has never changed. Therefore, any attempt to change it has failed.

So what we have then, is a predictable trajectory of further invasions of privacy and more control over the public from an organization that has thwarted all attempts to alter this trajectory and does whatever it has to in order to protect its own.

Therefore, the only individuals that would say something like, “If you’re not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to hide” must admit that they would prefer to be completely controlled by their government, because they appear to not care about where this trajectory will go, up to and including being told what schools they must go to, what jobs they must take, how many kids they can have, how much of their income they are allowed to keep, how many hours they must work, how much vacation they can have, which doctor they can use, which medicines and medical procedures they are allowed, what cars they can drive, where and when they can travel, and ultimately the elimination of cash so all transactions can be recorded and monitored (and taxed). That is the trajectory we are on, and many of these controls are already in place. I see no reason why the rest of these controls will not also happen.

Now these same people may say, well, no, I would not agree with x or y or z of those controls, and I would argue, well, you can stand up against the government at that time, when you wake up that morning and make that decision, when they implement whatever level of oppression you decide is one level too many, for you personally, but when you do, be aware that every email, text, phone call, place you’ve been, everything you’ve said to anyone you’ve known, every picture, every tax filing, every letter, every doctor visit, every purchase – is known to the government, and in 100+ years, they have never shown any restraint in using whatever means are available to them to suppress dissent from the masses they control and to protect their own – and you will be no different.

When you finally decide to stand up and say “no more,” your entire existence can be reviewed by the Government not of today, but of the Government 10 years from now, and are you sure that everything you have ever said or done will still be “socially acceptable” or even “legal” in our world, with this Government, on this trajectory, in 10 or 20 or 50 years?

Can you guarantee that what you don’t have to hide today, you won’t have to hide in the world of 10 years from now?

I think that is the future, and Ramsay just got a taste of it.

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