Permits Required for Road Kill

In today’s “There should be a law!” post, someone decided that there should be a law that requires individuals to secure permits to pick up and eat roadkill.


As a Libertarian, I fully understand that one of the prime directives for all Governments is to saturate its population with so many laws, rules, taxes, regs and codes that you can’t wake up in the morning and brush your teeth without committing a misdemeanor, or worse.

So why this law? If someone picks up roadkill and eats it without the States permission, what will happen? Absolutely nothing. There is no violation of the NAP (non-aggression principle). An animal died, by accident, on a road. Someone decided to clear the road and eat it. No individual rights were violated. No aggression was applied.

Society benefits because a hazard on the road was removed. The individual benefits by gaining food for himself and his family. I suppose some would even say the animal benefits in that it was not wasted, although I would argue it’s morally irrelevant whether a human benefits from eating it, or the creatures of the planet great and small all benefit in their own ways as they help decompose the animal and return it to the earth. The only one who stands to lose is the butcher, as the roadkill became a substitute for what he would have sold to this family instead – but the permit does not prevent the activity, only monitors it (for now), so economic considerations were not relevant to the State anyway.

So why do we need  a permit for this? Why must all our activities, great and small, be judged, regulated, taxed, monitored, reviewed or PERMITTED by the State?

They (the State) are flawed, imperfect people, just like us. They go to the bathroom like we do, eat hamburgers like we do, bingewatch Netflix, get colds, run late for meetings, eat too much bacon, spill milk on the floor, bake cookies for the holidays – but unlike us – they get to pass laws rules to tell us what to do, what to eat, where to go, where not to go, and how much we have to pay them to do all of this to us for us.

If the parents next door to you came and told you that you must send your child to the public school down the street, you would laugh in their face and tell them to *&$^# off. Nobody tells you what to do with your child!  But if that same mom and dad worked for the government, and they helped pass a law forcing you to send your child to public school…you kneel before them and accept it. Thy will (of the State) be done.

Why do we allow this?

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  1. Since this change applies to deer and elk, it is probably related to all the rules around hunting. They probably want to use the data for population estimates. There’s no fee for this permit, so revenue doesn’t appear to be a motivation. states that you have to turn in the antlers and head of all salvaged animals within 5 days to be tested for Chronic Wasting Disease, so it looks like another motivation is to increase awareness about what to do when picking up one of these animals.

    Whoever wrote this page emailed all 50 states to ask about picking up roadkill. If you really want to know, it seems that you could reach out to the relevant parties.

    Have you looked into the history of how laws against picking up roadkill got established in the first place? That would probably shed some light on the situation.

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