Seven Republican Socialists join Democrats in supporting Socialist Labor Unions at Boeing – They must be removed from office immediately!

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is attempting to prevent Boeing from moving their operations to North Carolina because they feel that the move will cause Labor Union jobs to be lost in Washington state where Boeing currently has its operations. The House passed a bill limiting the NLRB from these actions yesterday. Seven Republicans joined the Democrats in voting “No” on this bill. These seven Republicans have shown their true colors as Socialists and must be voted out of office as soon as possible:

First off, damn right Labor Union jobs will be lost! And we should all thank Boeing for doing us a favor. I’d also like to point out that this is how Big Government gets around the Constitution. Congress is supposed to be the one that passes all laws, right? This gives the People a chance to see what the law will be, what it will do, and to ask their Representative to support it or not. But in the world of BIG GOVERNMENT, what you do is create a “Board” or a “Committee” or a “Department” and e-m-p-o-w-e-r them to make all the laws they want, thereby circumventing the Constitution. So Big Government will always create these departments and boards and then they run off and start pushing us around like the Wild West. This how Big Government do. Understand?

During WWII, Labor Unions reached a maximum rate of 35% within the private sector. Ever since then they have been steadily on the decline to their current 6.9% of the private sector. The reason for this is simple. Labor Unions have the power to threaten the companies they work for with a strike and all the associated bad publicity unless that company gives them whatever they are asking for. In a word, we call this blackmail.

As a result, and due to the greed of human nature, Labor Unions have demanded far more than their companies can provide for them, and still remain competitive. So naturally, these companies go bankrupt.

Labor Unions are an economic Cancer.

They eat from the inside out of whatever entity they belong to demanding more money, more benefits, more health care, more vacation time, more pension benefits, earlier retirement, fewer hours and more breaks until eventually the company is destroyed by its competitors who do not have to lavish their employees with this largesse. So in the end, just like cancer, Labor Unions feed voraciously upon their host until it is dead. That is why private sector Labor Unions have fallen from 35% to 6.9%. Most of the companies that had Labor Unions have gone bankrupt and the ones that are left are well aware of the consequences if they ask for too much.

That leaves Big Government. That is why the majority of Labor Unions have taken over government (thanks for nothing JFK!) where unlike a company that can go bankrupt, the government can just raise taxes, or print more money, or run trillion-dollar debts and deficits. Since we the taxpayer are the ones who pay for the Labor Unions, they can continue to ask for everything they have ever dreamed of, and we are expected to pay for it.

In the case of Boeing, I am sure the Labor Unions in Washington state are once again crushing the life out of this company and are making them uncompetitive. Moving to North Carolina will create thousands of non-Labor Union jobs in that state and will keep  Boeing competitive, which means the company can expand, hire more people in the future and take market share away from Airbus and its other competitors.

Obama, the Socialists in the Senate, and the seven Socialists of the Republican Party don’t want that. They want the Labor Union to get what it wants and to use government muscle, in direct opposition to the Constitution of the United States and crush Boeing, a private company, into submission by using the NLRB to force Boeing to stay in Washington state and give the Labor Union whatever it wants.

If we want to create jobs, and be a competitive country once again, and lower unemployment and raise the standard of living of all Americans, we must eliminate the Labor Union from the face of the planet. Nothing less than complete eradication will be enough if we want a return to prosperity.

An article on the evils of Labor Unions can be found here.

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