Stupid Citizens Make Stupid Juries Make Tyranny

The following is a real case that occurred recently in the American court system. I am changing some of the unimportant details to maintain my anonymity but the facts needed to see the dangers of our uneducated, government-school indoctrinated citizens will remain.

The case involved a black man who was visiting a coffee shop. The coffee shop was located in a strip mall. The coffee shop did not own its property, it was renting it and it did not own the strip mall.

The black man visiting the coffee shop had a coffee and upon leaving, got into an argument with another black man in the strip mall parking lot. Both men got in their cars, pursuing and harassing each other, as they drove out of the strip mall parking lot and down the street. It turns out, the first man went home to get a gun.

Not too much later, they both came back up the street and the second man shot the first man in the street outside of the strip mall that the coffee shop was located in. The first man was bleeding out in the middle of traffic on the public street outside of the strip mall. The second man fled the scene.

The coffee shop had a night-time security guard that rushed out of the coffee shop and across the strip mall parking lot out into the public street and applied a tourniquet to the man thus saving his life.

In return, the man who was saved by the coffee shop security guards sued the coffee shop in court stating that he was denied a lucrative sporting career due to the coffee shops failure to provide a safe environment for its guests. He won several million dollars, awarded to him by a jury of his peers, stupid American citizens all.

How did this happen?

The Judge for whatever reason, mandated the jury to accept several assumptions during their deliberation. The first assumption was to assume that at the time of the shooting, the Jury must accept that the man who was shot was a patron of the coffee shop at the time he was shot. The second assumption was that the Jury must accept that the area of the public street outside of the strip mall outside of the coffee shop was property of the coffee shop. I’m not making this up.

All of you reading this should be picking your jaws up off the floor. Clearly, the man was NOT a patron of the coffee shop as he had left long ago to participate in a violent shooting out in public and public streets are just that…public…they do not “belong” to any one business that is leasing space inside someone else’s strip mall. This is common sense.

But by the Judge forcing the Jury to accept these ridiculous assumptions as FACT, the Jury was no longer deciding if a man who happened to get shot while participating in an act of violence out in a public street was owed money by someone, but deciding if a man who was on private property inside a coffee shop and who happened to get shot for no good reason in that coffee shop was owed money. With such ridiculous parameters to decide by, the Jury supported the guy who got shot.

Now imagine that precedent for future cases. Anyone who happens to get hurt by accident, or intentionally, in any of the lanes of a public street as they happen to be going by McDonalds, Bed Bath & Beyond, Chevron, etc… would be able to sue whatever unlucky business happened to be adjacent to the part of the public street where the incident occurred. This is insanity.

But that is not the real shame of this case. The shame is on the Jury. Americans have been so dumbed down, stupefied, cowed, and brain washed, we are all now nothing more than little sacks of money for the government that work like cogs in a machine, blindly taking orders from our “betters” in government. THIS HAS TO STOP!

The Founders made Juries the last line of defense against tyranny. Do you know how? Because Juries can tell any Judge to F*** OFF. When a Jury hears a case, the Judge can say anything he wants, in the case of this trial, rather than tell the Jury how to decide he simply created rules for the Jury which would make it impossible for them to rule any other way but the way he intended. A Jury does not have to follow anything any Judge says…EVER.

This STUPID Jury decided that this government “better” must know everything and followed him like lemmings to his ultimate conclusion. If they had accepted their own common sense, they would have tossed this case out and ignored the Judge completely.

Any Jury, on any case, is free to rule any damn way they want. This is how The Founders created this country and the Constitution. This is of ultimate importance because we the citizens are the last check and balance against unjust or unfair laws or activist judges or weak lawyers, or tyranny, or a host of other evils.

If we believe that a law, AN EXISTING LAW, is unfair or not being applied correctly, we as Jurors have the right and the DUTY to nullify that law by ruling in such a way as to prevent its application. When enough Juries do this, the law, BECAUSE OF US…becomes VOID…because at the end of the day, what makes law is how Juries decide.

If a bunch of politicians get together and make a law that driving more than 45 mph anywhere is illegal, and people who violate this law go in front of a jury that is tasked with deciding these people’s fate, they will be told by the Judge to rule based on the law, in other words, did he drive more than 45 or not. BUT…the Judge will always conveniently leave out the fact that the Jury is also fully empowered to ignore the law completely and rule based on what they feel is right, and just, and fair. I recently served on a Jury, and the Judge never made me aware that I have this right. As citizens it is our responsibility to know we have this right, this ultimate power over our government.

It is called “Jury Nullification” and it happens when enough smart Juries rule against a standing LAW enough times, that the law becomes null and is no longer enforceable.

If you are ever on a Jury, it is paramount that you understand that the Judge, the Lawyers, the Law…they can say whatever the hell they want, but if you feel that the law is being applied unjustly it is your duty to secure JUSTICE based on what you know about the case and you are fully within your Constitutional rights to tell the Judge, the Court, the Lawyers and the Law to go F*** themselves and rule any damn way you want, because you are a FREE CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and YOU decide how citizens will be governed…not the politicians, not the judges, not the laws, not the lawyers…YOU.

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