Government Healthcare Rationing Begins – Meanwhile The Post Office, Run By The Same Government, Is Defaulting On $10 Billion by September. Still want Government-run Healthcare? You Suckers.

Many states in the U.S. are realizing that 30 million additional people will be coming onto their Medicaid roles due to Obamacare. In order to control costs, socialist style rationing, as predicted, has begun.

These states are now limiting prescriptions to four per individual. If you need six prescriptions for your heart disease, too bad so sad, you will have to pay for the remaining two out of your own pocket. Many will not. Too bad the Government has made affordable insurance impossible to purchase. With Obamacare, all of our decisions will eventually be made by Government including which medicines we can get (not just for free, but actually have access to even if we wanted to pay for them), which procedures we qualify for, how many procedures we can have, and ultimately whether we live or die.

This is just the beginning. This is how Government-run health care works. It works as efficiently and cost effective as other Government run businesses like the Post Office which declared today that they will not be able to make their $5.5B retiree benefits payment, and will miss another $5.6B payment in September. In the end, we will create inflation and print the money, or take on debt from China which we just pay back later, to bail out the USPS so we will all end up paying for these retiree benefits whether we want to or not.

With health care, the Government can simply cut back on what medications you can get, the quality of your care, the frequency of your care, the speed of your care, how long you can live, etc… There are plenty of ways for the Government to reduce costs of your health care, all of which reduces the quality of your health care, but that’s not the Government’s problem, that’s only YOUR problem.

And despite all of this, there are plenty of Altruists running around begging for “free” government health care and that we must all participate in it whether we want to or not, making us all slaves to each other’s health. If you can tell me I have to pay for your medical procedures and prescriptions then I want the right to tell you want you can eat or can’t eat, what you can drink or can’t drink and how much exercise you should be doing to lower MY BILL for YOUR healthcare. Think I’m kidding? This is just another way for Government to control costs…limiting what foods you can eat or offering incentives or penalties if you are too fat, etc… These controls will become reality too. Slowly at first. They won’t seem so bad initially, but eventually… That is how Government works. How it gains control. Slowly. Quietly. One small step at a time.

We need to return to free market health insurance with Government not preventing us from buying policies in other states like they do now, with Government not requiring insurance companies to provide coverage for things we don’t need like they do now, with Government not preventing us from buying just major-medical insurance like they do now, with the Government not forcing us at gun point to buy insurance like they are trying to do now.

Everything Government has done to “improve” health insurance has made it so expensive that nobody can afford it. That was the plan. That was the plan all along. The solution of course proposed by Government, is more Government. No surprise there. The Government says, “See…look how unaffordable insurance is…you should let US run your health care.” And Americans fell for it.

So prepare for more posts of rationing, increased wait times, unnecessary deaths, inability to access new possibly life saving medications, etc…

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