Democrats & Republicans Both Support & Encourage Modern Slavery – Why your money IS your life. Literally.

The following is more than a post, it is my dissertation on why Americans do not understand what the word “freedom” means. It is in our patriotic songs and our movies, but we have been taught the wrong definition. I can say this with accuracy because until I read some years ago what the real definition was, I was also under the impression it meant something else. For those of you that make it through this post, I hope you will be slightly enlightened by the correct definition of freedom as it relates to our freedom as a free people in a free country. “Free” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

What does the word “free” mean, as in freedom, land of the free, or a free country? I can tell you right now, you have no idea what it means because I am going to explain it in a way that you have never been taught.

Americans know that something is wrong in their country, in the world, but they can’t put their finger on it. They want to believe that government is doing all it can, but they can’t dismiss the doubt and the rumors that our government is not really interested in what is best for Americans. To quote a popular movie, “You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”

The individual freedoms that were guaranteed to us by the Constitution have been sacrificed at the altars of Fear and Altruism. Fear and Altruism. Remember that.

History has shown countless times that the role of Government is to expand, regardless of political parties. Political parties only maintain the pretense of opposing visions for the future of the country to make you feel like you are making a choice, to make you feel empowered by your decision. They select, we elect. The choice is false, the empowerment is a ruse, and your decision is irrelevant. The machine will grind on with or without you. The purpose of Government is to expand, to consolidate, and to control. The purpose of Government is not what you think it is, nor what you were taught by our government funded public schools.

Expansion, consolidation and control are Government’s purpose; it’s only purpose. We ignore this at our own peril. In order to expand, Government must create a demand from the people for that expansion for that which is the only thing Government can provide; protection, and in the only manner in which it can provide it; control. In other words, as the Government does not produce anything of its own, it must have sufficient control to take what it needs from others in order to provide the protection that is being demanded by the people, and thus achieve its true purpose of expansion and consolidation.

How does Government create this demand that it needs from the people in order to fuel its own expansion?


Fear of growing old without money, fear of being sick, fear of violence, fear of terrorists, fear of being homeless, fear of the wealthy, fear of capitalism, fear of being hungry, fear of drugs, fear of bad schools, fear of being obese, fear of being jobless, fear of hurting the planet, and fear of war. The list of what we are all potentially afraid of is endless, therefore the fear Government can create for us is endless. With an unlimited supply of fear to fuel Government expansion, expansion is endless.

Government uses fears to offer us a warm and cozy blanket of safety that we role ourselves up in, and all it asks for in return is our simple, complacent, compliant, obedience. Government offers to protect us from all our present fears, and all the new fears it creates, and the solution that Government will always provide in order to offer this protection will be the expansion of their control over our economy, over our money, and over us.

If our country had not been founded as a Republic, our Government would simply have dictated what it wants by fiat, and taken it. That is what most other countries do. Fortunately for us, The Founders of America had enough foresight to know that the one true purpose of any Government is expansion and so attempted to establish significant hurdles via the Constitution that would slow the expansion of Government down to provide enough time for us to recognize the danger and react to stop it.

To recap; we have discussed that the one true purpose of Government is to expand. To achieve that purpose, due to the limitations imposed on the Government by the Constitution, Government needs the people to authorize that expansion. To coerce the people into that authorization to expand, the Government uses fear so the people will continue to support politicians, laws, and presidential orders that ceaselessly expand Government’s control over us, all in the name of protecting us from our fears. In order to pay for this expansion, Government must take steadily increasing amounts of money from its citizens, and in order to do this, Government must steadily increase control over its citizens.

The Government does not produce any revenue on its own, and must take revenue from its citizens in order to pay for its expansion, so Government will increase the amount of control it has over its citizens and the revenue they produce in direct proportion to the Government’s expansion…the same expansion that the Government’s own citizens are demanding from it due to all the fears the Government proliferates to achieve its one true purpose of expanding. Do you see the endless cycle?

As the Government increases its control over you to achieve its ends, then what does increased control over you mean for your freedom? Obviously control is the opposite of freedom. The Government’s definition of freedom is freedom from fear, not your freedom. In other words, the Government is willing to provide you the freedom you seek from your fears at the cost of your personal freedom.

So what is the real meaning of freedom?

Freedom means that I am free…from you. Freedom means that you are free…from me. Freedom means you cannot take something from me and I cannot take something from you. Freedom means that you and I can engage in business or commerce or trade or contracts or partnerships, or not. That is freedom. We do not have that freedom. I am not free from you. You are not free from me. We are all slaves to each other. This is the system of bondage that Government has constructed around us, quietly, slowly.

When William Wallace in the movie Braveheart screamed, “Freedom!” while he was being tortured and mutilated by the English at the gallows, he did not mean freedom from plastic bags, Happy Meals, underinflated tires, water wasting toilets, dishwasher soap phosphates, sickness, old age or capitalism, he meant freedom from being controlled by someone else. He wanted to be free from you and for you to be free from him.

So where does freedom come from? It comes from being born.

At birth you have the God-given right, the natural right, to be free. But what does that mean? It means you have the right, at birth, to survive and that all that you do to survive, as long as it does not hurt anyone else, is your right as well. The key to remember is that all that you do to survive is your right and anything that your effort to survive produces is your property. Consider what you do everyday between 9am and 5pm in order to survive and then read the sentence before this sentence again. Your income is your property, but the Government takes it away from you every week. By the time you finish reading this post, you will understand why, why it is wrong, why it is immoral, and why you are now a slave to everyone else.

It is at this point that most Americans lose their way in the definition of freedom, and the helpful guiding hand of Government quietly reaches out of the shadows and gently guides these lost members of its flock towards Government’s definition of freedom. Government teaches that whatever freedom Government grants you, is the freedom that you have. In other words, your freedom is not God-given, it is Government-given.

Recent events have shown the rapid increase in Government’s expansion which has been paralleled by Government’s rapid increase in its control over us. As I stated before, in order to increase its size, Government must increase its control, they are two cogs in perfect sync within the machine. In this case, the fear of a weak economy, fear of unemployment, fear of starvation, fear of homelessness and the fear of capitalism are being foisted upon us by the Government to coerce us into surrendering more of our personal freedom in exchange for more control over us so Government can provide its definition of freedom instead, the freedom from these fears.

We are surrendering our God-given freedom in exchange for Government-given freedom.

Like many Americans, this sudden abrupt expansion in size and control by Government has shocked us into action, and the first action is always self-education because as much as we are all aware of the symptoms of the poor economy that we see all around us, we do not understand their underlying causes. We should never be surprised that of all the reasons given to us by our Government of what those underlying causes are, not a single one has been to blame an over-reaching, expansive Government. In truth, the Government’s answer to everything has always been more Government. It should be obvious. Why? Remember: what is the single purpose of Government?

Would you trust a used car salesman when he tells you how great his used cars are? Yet we trust Government to tell us none of the problems in our society or are economy are its fault. Consider that. Self-education, without Government, is the first step. We must let go of that gently guiding hand and unwrap that cozy warm blanket and step out into the dark and the cold. We must understand the truth of the underlying causes of the symptoms we see and feel around us, only then can we begin to unravel the lies and deceit that have been built up around us, to control us, to force our acquiescence and trick us into willingly surrendering our freedoms.

Back to the original question, what is the real meaning of freedom?

As I said earlier, we are born free. We are born with the right to survive. In order to survive we must have the right to control our own bodies. We are not born as slaves. Nobody can tell us not to eat, not to drink or not to seek warmth or shelter. We need these things to survive and therefore we have the right to seek them out. I think we can agree that when we are born we have the right to survive and the right to control our own bodies and that these are not Government-given rights, but God-given or natural rights.

In order to survive we must feed ourselves, clothe ourselves and shelter ourselves. In order to do these things, we must engage in work; in an effort of manual or mental labor. We must use our bodies to generate our own food, clothing and shelter. If we plant corn, knit clothes and build a house to live in, these things belong to us because we used the freedom of our own bodies to protect the right we are born with to survive and that which we produced is the means in which we will survive.

This is why what we produce with our own mind or bodies is considered personal property, and why property rights are one of the most important elements in a free society. Property rights simply mean that if you own it, it is yours and nobody else’s, not your neighbors, not your friends, not a King’s, not a Lord’s, not the Government’s. The corn, the clothes and the house are yours and nobody can take them away from you because you have the right to survive at birth and these things that you produced or own protect that right.

What if someone, by law, could take your house, your clothes or your corn away from you? Wouldn’t that mean that what you produce or secure for your survival really belongs to someone else? Would that not mean that you are not in control of your body and that you cannot secure the freedom you are born with to survive because whenever you do, someone could take it away from you? Would that not be the definition of slavery? Please keep that in mind as you read on.

In the case of an established economy, not just a single individual but a group of individuals working together, we must use our bodies to generate a product or a service that exceeds what we need to survive and is of value to others so that we may secure what we need that we cannot or will not produce to survive through the barter, trade or sale of the excess of our own production for the excess of the production of others.

For example, if I am a corn farmer I probably have little skill or experience in building a house. However my neighbor is a carpenter and has no corn on his land. He and I, voluntarily, can enter into an agreement whereby he can have as much corn as he can consume at any time in exchange for helping me build my house. We have both agreed to use our mind and bodies, which we have a God-given right to control, to produce something, corn from me and carpenter skills from him, in exchange for something we both need to survive, an extension of the same God-given right…food for him, and shelter for me.

My example above is based on a barter economy; I traded corn for his skills. The next step is to relate this to a money economy (or fiat currency economy in our case). There is no difference…I will repeat…no difference…between exchanging corn for carpenter skills or exchanging corn for money and then exchanging that money for carpenter skills.

Using my example again, if the carpenter did not want corn in exchange for his skills because he had his own corn, then how shall I transact with him for what I need to survive? I will simply exchange my corn with a different neighbor who does need corn in return for coin (money), which I will then exchange for the carpenter’s skills to build my house. The carpenter can then use the coin I gave him to acquire whatever it is that he needs. The only purpose of money is to make the transacting and acquisition of what we need to survive, our God-given right, easier as not everything we need or produce is needed or produced by everyone else.

The role of money is to simply act as an intermediary form of a barter exchange, as it is the physical representation of one individual’s mental or physical labor in exchange for the physical representation of another individual’s mental or physical labor. Money, in itself, has no value. It only represents value, and value only represents the mental and physical effort that someone participated in to produce something that someone else wanted.

For example, when you buy a car for $35,000 what are you really doing? You are bartering. You are exchanging corn for carpenter skills. You are not really buying a car; you are trading $35,000 of value of whatever it is you do for a living between 9pm and 5pm for $35,000 of value of what groups of other people do for a living between 9am and 5pm. The money is simply an intermediary to make this exchange easier. Without money, if you were an accountant buying this car, you would have to exchange free tax return service for every individual that helped build your car. Advanced economies cannot operate this way. Money facilitates this exchange of labor, nothing more.

That $35,000 is the sum of all of the mental and physical labor of all the individuals that extracted all of the raw materials out of the earth, that took those materials and turned them into the cars component pieces and that took those pieces and assembled them into your car. This is why money has no value, it only represents the labor that individuals perform to protect the freedom they are born with to survive. Each worker who was involved in the construction of this car will take their part of that $35,000 and spend it on food, clothing and shelter. They will use it to survive. There is no difference between money and the physical efforts of the individual to perform a function to survive.

Therefore, the definition of freedom includes the use of our bodies to produce the physical and mental labor that we all undertake every day from 9 to 5 to produce a product or service for our employer or our own business that we then exchange for money which we only do to make transacting for that which we need to survive easier, which all falls under our God-given right at birth.

The Founders in writing the Constitution explained to the People and the Government, that the People, “are born with certain inalienable rights” which means these are rights that are not granted by our Government to the people, the people already have them from the moment of birth, and that any usurpation of these rights by the Government is a destruction of our birth rights to survival and the control of our own bodies, and by extension all that we produce with our own bodies and therefore any money that we acquire through the exchange of that production so that we can survive.

If we agree that we are in control of our own bodies and all that we produce to survive then why does the Government have the right to take some of what we produce and give it to others? If freedom is defined as being free from you and you free from me, why are we now, not free from each other?

What is the difference between the Government requiring me to surrender part of my money, my income, or part of my corn to its control for redistribution to others? If you are an accountant or a car mechanic or work at an IT Help Desk, can you imagine having to show up at someone’s house, a stranger you have never met, and do his income taxes for him, fix his car, or fix his computer…for free…because the Government forced you to? How is that different than the Government taking money from you that you earned with your body, to survive, in exchange for your mental and physical labor in accounting, car repairing or computer fixing and just giving it to the Government who then gives it to this stranger instead? The reality is…there is no difference.

In the first instance, we would call that slavery. In the second instance, we just call it Government. This is wrong. It is slavery. We are now all slaves to each other.

To put it another way, the money you are paid is in exchange for the skills you have performed and the hours of your life that you have sacrificed in the performance of your work. You cannot ever recover those hours of your life, but you chose to exchange them for food, shelter and clothing using money only as an intermediary to faciliate the exchange. So what does that money represent, in essence? It represents the hours of your life that you have lost and can never have back again that you exchanged for your God-given right to survive.

Your money literally IS your life.

If your money is your life, then there is no difference between the government taking hours of your life away from you directly, which we call slavery, versus indirectly by taking your money away from you that represents those hours of your life. Government control is slavery. Slavery is the opposite of Freedom. You are a slave.

This is the biggest problem facing Americans today. Americans need to understand why this is wrong so they can understand what needs to be done to fix it.

This is how we have all become slaves to each other. This how we have lost our freedom. This is how we have lost control of our God-given rights and now our rights come from only one place…Government.

So what have we learned?

We have learned that the true purpose of Government is to expand through which it achieves by coercing its citizens to help it circumvent the Constitutional limitations imposed upon it and surrender their personal God-given freedoms in exchange for the freedom from the fear that Government saturates us with, and in order to secure us from our fears and pay for that security, Government must continuously expand its control over us so that it can force us to surrender part of our income, which is only money, which is only a physical representation of the mental or physical labor we exert every day to protect our God-given right to survive which we are granted with simply by being born free.

There is no difference, no difference, between the Government forcing us to surrender our income or forcing us to surrender our labor. If the government can take our money, then it can take our labor which produced it. It is the same thing. Is this not slavery? If this is not slavery, then what is it called?

If a man worked on a plantation and the plantation owner gave him $1 a day for a seven-day week, but then took $5 back at the end of the week to feed the hungry in the next plantation, that means the man was “free” for two days of the week and a slave for the other five days. Our Government treats us the same way.

In 2012 you were a slave for 78 days. Your first day of freedom from slavery was April 17, a total of 107 days (I removed weekends). It is called Tax Freedom Day, and it is the first day in which you have paid, with your own sweat and time, the tax burden imposed upon you by your Government to pay for itself, and all of the social programs for all the people that have chosen to enslave you to them.

We are all being driven like cattle towards greater enslavement to each other so the Government can gain ever increasing control over our lives, our labor and our income and thus redistribute the fruits of our labor throughout the population to provide them the security they demand because of all the fear they feel which the Government perpetuates to its advantage.

Those receiving that security become dependent on it, and will always vote for more of it, which in turn creates increasing demand for the freedom from fear which drives more Government growth to satisfy that demand which requires Government to increase its control over you, thus reducing your freedom, to secure more resources to redistribute, and on and on this cycle continues.

The solution, which many of you are seeking, depends on how well you understand and accept the problem. As I have explained it here, the Government has no more right to your money that it has rights to your corn or your skills or your mind or your labor or your body. The Government has no right to the freedom to survive you were born with.

But you are not free. You are my slave and I am your slave. This is what Government has done to all of us.

So what does all this mean?

This means that any Government program that requires you to surrender a portion of your income is unconstitutional and an abrogation of your God-given rights to the control of your own body and your own survival. It violates your freedom. Period.

This includes all of the programs that have become so ingrained in our culture like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, WIC, subsidized housing, unemployment insurance, food stamps and includes bank bailouts, stimulus programs, green energy subsidies, agricultural subsidies, the list goes on. It means that any time a penny is taken from a citizen by the Government and is given to another citizen directly, or indirectly, it is the destruction of our God-given birth rights and freedoms guaranteed to us by The Founders through the Constitution.

Having started down this path 79 years ago we have allowed it to continue unabated and if there is anything in this world that I can promise to anyone, it is that there is no stopping it. Once you agree to surrender your birth rights of freedom and survival in exchange for Government protection, then Government will endlessly consume more and more and grow larger and larger until there is nothing left. That is its purpose. That is the path we are on.

People ask for solutions. I have a few that would return us to the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth. The problem is that our Government stopped listening to us long ago and whatever we ask for will fall on deaf ears. Government only hears us when we ask for more protection from our fears and accept their answer that it will require more control and less freedom for us. Anything else is ignored.

The most obvious solutions all require the dismantling of all of the aforementioned programs, as well as a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, a complete audit of The Federal Reserve which will hopefully lead to its dissolution, the overturning of Wickard vs. Filburn, the repeal of the 17th Amendment, the disbandment of the Energy, Education, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce and Interior Departments of the Government, a significant reduction in the size and scope of military spending, and that the Federal Government exit all involvement in any matter that is not specifically authorized to it by the Constitution, returning all control back to the individual States, and the People.

This would also include, but certainly not limited to, the involvement of Government in all social issues. Gay rights, abortion, environmental and educational regulation to name just a few are not under the authority of our Federal Government, only to the States and the People. The Government uses social issues to divide and conquer us by pretending they do have this authority, forcing us to choose political sides to protect those social issues that are most important to us while surrendering the rest, which is a lie, they do not have this authority, but the lie is very successful in executing its purpose of division among us.

What is more powerful than the Federal Government? The States.

All social issues must be returned to the States, where the Constitution put them, so as a free people we can move among the States to the ones that hold social views that are most similar to our own. When social laws are passed at the Federal Government level, then everyone who does not agree with that law can not escape from it outside of leaving the country. America is not a Democracy, it is a Republic. It is not up to the majority to tyrannize the minority. A Democracy is 11 wolves and 1 sheep voting on what’s for dinner. That is why in a Republic, these laws are left to the States so there is freedom for Americans to move among the States or to have more influence within their own State on creating, changing or removing laws that citizens do not agree with that live there.

When States compete for citizens and businesses, which will occur as citizens and businesses migrate to States they prefer, each State on the losing side of that migration will be forced from time to time to reasses its laws and determine the reasons for the migration. Are the taxes too burdensome? Are the social programs too expensive? Are there not enough social programs? Are the roads and airports not being maintained? As States compete against each other, efficiency and appropriate levels of taxation and spending will occur naturally. We have lost this, as now we allow these decisions to be made at the Federal Level so no citizen or business can escape to anywhere, and States fight for taxpayer money from taxpayers in every other State and there is no control over inefficiency, rampant spending and runaway social programs.

Lastly, a word to the Altruists

Rather than donate their own money from their own checking accounts to help all of the individuals and families they believe deserve help, Altruists vote for politicians and support legislation that permits the Government to circumvent the Constitution and reach into your checking account and take your money that you worked hard to earn for your own survival, for your own freedom, so the Government can redistribute it to someone else.

If you resist, you will be put in prison. You have no say in how much money is taken from you or who it goes to or how it is spent. You are a slave to everyone else.

Altruists are all around you. They saturate our population. They talk about all the “good things” the Government can do for the needy, the homeless, the hungry, the young, the old, the sick, the wounded, the pregnant, the students, the environment, the children, the list is endless and so is the list of “good things” that could be done for all of these groups. However, rather than support their beliefs with their own incomes, Altruists insist that the Government takes your income too, whether you want to participate or not. If you cannot avoid participation, can you really say you are free? Or are you a slave?

Altruists are not deep thinkers. They believe what they believe because they feel better about themselves by maintaining the moral high ground of helping others. It is an emotion. This supports their own egos and elevates the view they have of themselves in their own eyes. It is a variation of narcissism. Because they support these beliefs, they believe that if you do not, then you are not a good person. They do not see your resistance to their calls for more social programs and increased funding as an assault on your God-given freedom to not be enslaved; they only see it as your contempt and obvious hatred of the needy, the homeless, the hungry, the young, the old, etc…

They do not understand that supporting legislation in order to further their beliefs that increase taxes on you directly, or on businesses or capital investment which taxes you indirectly, that they are using Government as a tool to enslave you not only to their beliefs which feed their own egos, but to all of the individuals they believe should be supported.

Simply put, Altruists enable the Government to enslave us all to each other.

To all the Altruists I have only two things to say…

First; you have a deplorable and misguided judgment of the American people who have sent billions of dollars every year, over $300B in 2010, much of it after taxes, to help complete strangers in other countries who have suffered great tragedies. If Americans can send that much money abroad, how much more do you think they would be willing to spend on their fellow Americans if they didn’t think they already “paid at the door” because of oppressive Government taxation and redistribution?

Second; if you insist on maintaining your Altruist vision of the country then I ask that you also admit that you agree that all men must be slaves to all other men because in order to maintain the redistribution of resources that you claim is the only way to help the needy, then you must admit that it can only be achieved by force and coercion and fear and that people are only born with as much freedom of their own bodies and labor as that which is in excess of what they must do to provide for others. In other words, we are slaves to each other first, then free with whatever is left. To not admit this is a contradiction and therefore a lie.


So now you should understand why your income is money and that money has no value of its own except what you give it through your efforts. When you go to work, you are exchanging hours of your life before you die, of which there are a limited amount, in combination with your mental and physical labor (your skills), in exchange for money. The money you receive only represents the hours of your life and your skills expended while you work. Since you are born with the right to survive, you are simply trading hours of your life, and your skills, in exchange for food, clothing and shelter – money only acts as an intermediary to facilitate the transaction.

Since your money has no value of its own, and only represents the value of the hours of your life and your skills that it took to acquire it, how does the Government have any right to take any of it without your permission? Does the Government have any right to take hours of your life from you? Can the Government come to your house and tell you to start performing your work for someone else, a complete stranger, for free? The answer is no, but that is exactly what the Government is doing to you. Just because they take your money instead of your life makes no difference.

Your money IS your life.

That is why the neverending cycle of social programs and the socialization of our country which requires the Government to take increasing amounts of your income in order to pay for it, is no different than the Government using you as manual labor, taking hours of your life directly, as a slave, to perform work and exhaust hours of your limited lifetime in order to provide Government with whatever it is that it wants.

I have defined freedom and how it differs from slavery. As you can see, we are not free, we are all slaves. So the question now is, what will you do about it?

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