November 6 – Time To Choose The Lesser of Two Tyrannies

Today AWC will hang a chad for Gary Johnson.

What does the future hold? AWC predictions…




President: Gary Johnson

Congress: Republican Controlled

President Johnson would attempt to reverse many of the Corporatist and Socialist reforms that we have allowed to take control over the past 60 years such as high taxes, deficits, debt, entitlement programs and reversing Obamacare, but would be stymied in many instances by a Republican Congress that would want to maintain the status-quo of Big Government, corporate favoritism, and entitlement programs. Therefore he would only be 50% effective in eradicating the cancer that is destroying the United States and re-instilling the original Libertarian concepts of The Founders. Johnson would also appoint Conservative Judges to The Supreme Court. Ironically, The President is was the weakest branch of the three branches which was done purposely by The Founders to prevent the creation of a Monarchy or Dictatorship, but this too has been destroyed by the line item veto and the executive order. The Constitution requires that Congress (The People) vote to pass a Declaration of War, but the last Declaration of War was for WWII. Can you name all the “wars” we have had since then? All unConstitutional. So Gary Johnson would really be nothing more than a Libertarian Dictator much like Obama is currently a Liberal Dictator. I would hope Gary’s last days in office were spent returning the Presidency to its humble ‘bark with no bite’ roots.




President: Mitt Romney

Congress: Republican Controlled

President Romney would serve The People best by not serving The People at all. My hope if he’s elected is that he’ll stay out of the way. In watching the Congressional races in 2010 and again this year, it is evident to me that The People have much more control over who is elected to serve in Congress than who is elected President. I have seen some very grassroots, home grown Libertarians manage to be elected to serve in D.C. and I can tell you in all sincerity that I believe this is our only hope. The RNC (Republican National Committee) and the DNC (Democratic National Committee) control the Head Muppet, but we have significantly more influence on our local Representatives. Some of you may even remember many of the news articles about Libertarian candidates running and winning as Republicans in local primaries in 2010 only to discover that the RNC abandoned them as “spoilers” who “upset” the election, pulling all financial support from them, because the RNC’s candidate was ousted who was usually an incumbent whose voting record had looked no different from a Democrat’s.

If we are to take back control of our own Government, it will only be through Congress ~AWC

Will Obamacare be repealed? I do not believe that Romney would repeal Obamacare wholesale. To repeal Obamacare would be an implicit admission by Romney that Romneycare in Massachusetts was wrong as well. If Obamacare is repealed I believe it will come from Congress IF enough Libertarian-based Congressional candidates are elected today in combination with some converted RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) that have gotten an earful from their constituents at home. Otherwise I believe that RINO’s in Congress and Romney will simply make minor tweaks to Obamacare arguing that they are removing the most destructive elements of it and making it more “free market” and whatever other rhetoric makes it sound like they are doing something. If the American people are still sufficiently angry about any lack of action to unplug Obamacare after this election, we may see a ground swell movement in 2014 when a significant number of Libertarian Republicans are elected to Congress in an effort to overwhelm the system and force the Obamacare repeal. If neither of these things happen then you’ll need to accept Socialized Medicine and all the destructive elements of it that will lead to higher costs, higher taxes, fewer choices and less freedom as we all become our brother’s keeper.

What about taxes, deficits and entitlements? We can expect pretty much the same from Romney as we got from Obama. Sure he will lower some taxes in some areas and maybe raise them in others, a little shuffling of the deck is all I am really expecting. Deficits will continue to be incurred, the National Debt will continue to rise, The Fed will continue to debase the currency and create inflation and entitlement programs may be reshuffled to some extent as well but no meaningful reforms will be achieved. The United States is the Titanic and all Romney is going to do as the iceberg approaches is reduce speed from 10 to 9. We’re still going to hit it and we’re still going to sink, so my long term prediction is an undo in 2016 when Liberal Democrats re-take the Presidency blaming the lack of any real change in the economy (and more likely the worsening of it) on failed Republican leadership. If this comes to pass, then the United States will complete its conversion to Corporate Fascism/Socialism Lite and continue full speed to Socialism proper.

And the Supreme Court? This may be the only saving grace of having Romney as President. He will most likely appoint more Constitutionally oriented Supreme Court justices. The Supreme Court is not supposed to engage in Judicial Activism, they are only supposed to weigh questions of law against their Constitutionality, but again, this Founding control has been lost. It is evident that all of the “Liberal” justices support liberal laws regardless of their Constitutionality. I am not excusing the Conservative judges from activism either, but when it comes to questions of Constitutionality the Conservative judges have ruled correctly based on the Constitution more often than all the Liberal judges combined.

Businesses see Romney as more business friendly and less likely to pass radical, high-impact socialist reforms and as such, business activity should improve somewhat under Romney. We will probably see the unemployment number (U6) come down or stay flat so over his term but not in the long term, I think, as long as Obamacare stays intact as the business ramifications of Obamacare are extreme and become fully implemented starting next year. The stock market will rally for a short time under a Romney win, but it will not be a long term rise. For these reasons and The Supreme Court nominations, I believe this scenario will increase prosperity by 25% in the short term, but due to the likelihood of a lack of any material structural changes by Romney or Congress even this prosperity will be nullified by the impending Titanic impact and economic failure as the debt, deficits and entitlement programs swamp the ship.




President: Barack Obama

Congress: Republican Controlled

If Obama wins another term, he will have not have to worry about re-election again and so will focus all his time and energy on Corporatising and Socializing the country. Unfortunately, with a Republican controlled Congress he will be blocked on most of his more radical ideas but will probably be able to pass most of the smaller, yet still damaging ones. Basically it will be another four years of economic coma except Obamacare will become fully implemented and we will be well on our way to Socialized Medicine. In addition, we will have four more years of people abusing the system and signing up for entitlements which will be that much harder to reverse four years from now, if we can reverse them at all. Taxes, deficits, inflation and debt will all go up. Entitlement programs will expand. The Supreme Court will be stacked with more Liberal justices making sure any socialist law that is Constitutionally challenged is rubber-stamped “A-Okay” by the Judicial Branch.




President: Barack Obama

Congress: Democrat Controlled

In this scenario every Socialist dream will come true. Massive overhauls to our economy and our financial sector will be imposed. Additional Government invasion of our personal lives and severe erosion of our liberties are guaranteed. Taxes, inflation, deficits, debt will all go up significantly. Entitlement programs will expand like Arnold on steroids. In this scenario, Obama will not only leave the throttle of the ship at 10, he will point the Titanic directly at the iceberg and smile.


In my opinion, aside from Scenario I, Scenario IV may be one of the best outcomes we can hope for. Neither Romney nor Obama will make any structural changes that will prevent us from adopting the full Socialist playbook or steer us away from the iceberg of financial collapse. Since the American people have been dumbed down and will not act to save themselves and since human nature guarantees that we do not change our behavior until we are faced with a crisis, then it will take a crisis to bring about the changes needed to return us to prosperity.

So while I may daydream of Scenario I, I secretly hope for Scenario IV which will probably lead to my unemployment, losing my house and a significant drop in my standard of living, but if that is the price that must be paid so that our children can be free, so that they are not slaves to each other with half of them working to provide the taxes that the other half live off of, then I would rather be the generation that was remembered for sacrificing our own prosperity that only exists by standing on the backs of our children than be remembered as the generation that continued a long line of generations that condemned their children to debt service and slavery.

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2 replies

  1. All hope I had for a positive outcome for this election has been dashed away :-\
    I was horrible and didn’t vote this morning and do not plan on voting this afternoon. I know, I know…. but I can’t honestly cast a vote right now. I’m tired of voting for the lesser evil. I had hope last election. This one, not so much.

    • I understand your frustration. I think many Americans are feeling something similar. Obviously I am too involved to not vote as inevitably people will ask me who I voted for and it becomes a soap box upon which I can stand and attempt to educate others and reverse 12 years of public education brainwashing. If I said that I did not vote, I would not have a defensible position and I always have to position myself in such a way that a Liberal can not flank me by attacking who I voted for or my failure to vote. Most Liberals attack the messenger to take down the message, so I can not afford that. Aside from that, I’ll cast my vote today for Gary Johnson as I see him as the only candidate that I can defend and represents most closely the Founding Principles. Perhaps if enough people vote for him, there will be a surprise increase in third party voter turnout that may, if we’re lucky, make the establishment nervous and encourage others to abandon the Republicrat one-party system.

      I failed to mention who I voted for in my post, so when I said lesser of two tyrannies I only mean that in that I know that is what most Americans will do today. I updated the post to reflect my vote.

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