Embrace The Suck America

ImageNancy Pelosi advised fellow Democrats to, “Embrace the suck” because the budget deal was the best they were going to get from the Republicans. Apparently the Democrats wanted to extend unemployment benefits and were upset that they did not have that provision added to the budget deal.

Want my $.02?

Bullshit. The Democrats are master card players. Demons of the head fake. Artists at the bluff. The budget deal that was accepted is mightily in favor of the Democrats, which is to say, more Socialism, which is to say, more spending of money that we don’t have, more debt for future generations to pay back, and more money to be wasted on billion dollar social programs chock full of fraud, graft and support for the victicrat mentality.

Every Democrat and Republican is hell bent on running up my daughter’s credit card. And your kid’s too. When will we protect them from these tyrants?

And what did the Republicans get for it? They promised they would cut spending in the future. And how did they do that? By cutting the spending cuts that were supposed to happen now that they promised us they would do in the past if we let them continue spending. So the precise scientific odds of either Democrats or Republicans cutting spending in our lifetime? Exactly ZERO. Odds of Republicans “promising” cuts sometime in the future during every budget negotiation? 100%. Odds of economic collapse as we spend our way into debt and national bankruptcy? 100%. Democrats, Republicans, Republicans, Democrats, what’s the difference?

Embrace the suck. If you want to play down the fact that you slaughtered your opponent, you play up the one thing, the tiny thing, the inconsequential thing that they got, or were good at, or have. Pelosi saying, “Embrace the suck” is a veiled, condescending moldy, ragged meatless bone tossed in front of the Republicans and America that says, “Hey, we didn’t get EVERYTHING we wanted…there was that ONE thing…so….we are going to be big about it and suck it up.”

Good for you. Now that you’ve handed the Republicans their ass. Again. For the 132nd time.

2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate?! The Socialists! The Socialists! Yeaaaaaaah!

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  1. The AWC continues to show we Americans are doing nothing against Congress, the House, and Senate who are controlling our demise to only profit for themselves, their families, and for their good name far beyond any of our means to truly not give a shit. Though I digress, when congress was “sent home” do you realize it was “paid” time off? So who was hurt by it, we were; the working American stuffs screwed constantly. I say to stock up dry goods, create water storage, invest in silver, and purchase your firearm with a ton of ammunition, so when the financial crisis hits you are prepared to protect your family where the government will not be able to help!

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