Canceling Obamacare is more hellish than signing up…

Running HealthcareIf you thought signing up for Obamacare was bad, try canceling. Here is the official position of Obamacare on trying to cancel your Obamacare insurance…

“Listen,” she said, “All I can do is help you sign up. That’s all anyone here can do. I can’t help you cancel, and I can’t help you make changes to your account. You’ll have to talk to a specialist for that.” When I told her that I waited more than two hours for a specialist the day before, she promised that someone would be with me quickly. That, it turned out, was just another in the long line of Obamacare lies. I waited on hold to speak with a specialist for two more hours, suffering through the synthesizer-pan flute duet until the line was again disconnected.

Aren’t you so excited that these same people will be running your healthcare soon? How great will it be trying to get approved for a procedure, or to request another doctor, or call to see if something is covered, or to change your address, or call to schedule an appointment with a specialist, or…oh my God…call to cancel an appointment.

How great will all of that be, when it takes someone three days to simply cancel their policy, something that should be as easy as hitting UNSUBSCRIBE on the bottom of an email? When you have to wait hours on hold, only to be disconnected, twice. And that is for us, the taxpayer patient, but what about the hospitals and doctors and life-saving surgeons calling these people to ask questions, file paperwork, follow-up if something was filed or approved, etc…

And wasn’t Obamacare supposed to just add coverage for those “uninsurable” people? Everything else was supposed to be exactly the same. Did we forget that little tidbit in the whirlwind of the millions of cancelled plans that people were happy with, and the layoffs and reduced hours of employees by companies trying to avoid Obamacare, and the doctors and plans people aren’t allowed to keep even though Obama promised they would be able to? Instead of just adding a few people to insurance coverage, Obamacare is fundamentally changing the landscape for hundreds of millions of Americans forever, permanently altering and limiting their choices in managing their own health. Do you think if Americans had been told the truth, if they had been told everything that has happened in the past year is actually what they were “voting for” with Obamacare, that they still would have supported it?

Hey you, Obama voter, would you still have voted for it? If not, then what are you doing about the mistake you made that is screwing us all? Anything?

Thank you Obama supporters. Thank you so much. The only Machiavellian joy that I can glean from this nightmare is that you are going to suffer from what you have done right along with the rest of us that you have enslaved to your irrational, sentimental utopian fantasies.

Read the article here.


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